Thursday, February 17, 2011

20 Most Heroic Dogs On Earth

Deaf dog adopted by deaf kids after learning sign language

20 Most Heroic Dogs On Earth

‘Voldemort Cat’ Awaits Release from Southampton Shelter

Jack Russell in the dog house for his drinking

California man's dogs chew off three of his toes

The Dog Chapel

10 Downing Street Gets a New Pet: Big Pic

Down Boy: Investigating the Domestication of Dogs through DNA

Westminster Dog Show 2011: New Breeds Welcomed As Other Dogs Euthanized (VIDEO)

The status dog flooding into our dogs homes

You Want Me To Go All Catzilla On You?

That’ll Teach You to Mess With the Birds

Bizarre mammals filmed calling using their quills

Pioneering surgery for moon bear by Edinburgh vet

Week in wildlife – in pictures

Warming Arctic brings invasion of southern species

How to fight off a crocodile

Starling flocks: how they form into incredible wildlife spectacles

The Oriental Turtle Dove, or Strettopelia orientalis

Four-hour operation to help polar bear with a sore tooth

Big Squirreltail Evolves to Fight Off Fiery, Invasive Cheatgrass

Biologists Help Endangered Penguins Find True Love

Lions Freed From Circuses Bound For a Better Life

Pulling Out Feathers: Group Living Stresses Ravens

How Dinosaurs Handed Down Their Fingers to Birds

Zoo officials team up for lion's root canal

Everything You Wanted to Know About Dinosaur Sex

Cheetah Cubs Get Their Own Webcam

Can a moose be used as a "beast of burden" ??

7 Animals Humans Brought to Extinction

8 Animals Believed to Predict the Weather

It's not only the humans who have lost their homes in the Australian floods

Gwinnett teen -- and bird -- credited with saving family from fire

Tiger Mom? Teen Girl Sleeps With Pet Tiger

Wounded goose still on the loose

The 8 Most Romantic Creatures In The Animal Kingdom

Would-be wildlife smuggler gets three bags full

Horsewhipping Study Whips Up Controversy

55-Year-Old Woman Saves Husband From Tiger Attack With Soup Ladle

Judge Charles Lovell Permits Bison Slaughter In Yellowstone

White-Nose Syndrome Bat Disease: An Unprecedented Epidemic

10 Hibernating Animals Climate Change Could Wake Up (Slideshow)

The Week in Animal News: Penguins Showering, 82 Whales Stranded, Baby Gorillas, and More (Slideshow)

8 Amazing Ways Sheep Are Smarter Than You Thought

Chinese bear-bile backlash

Animal Asbos: from fighting bees to runaway pigs

Night time hunt of ghostly gecko

In pictures: Malaysian wildlife caught on camera

The boar war: Barcelona aims to control its wildlife

New to nature No 31: Chlamydoselachus africana

The sperm whale works in extraordinary ways

Popular Hamelin Bay stingray slaughtered in front of screaming kids

Scientists discover how to make squids go completely berserk

Shark Attacks Hit 10-Year High

Turning the Tide to Protect the World's Sharks

Shark fishing in Japan – a messy, blood-spattered business

Climate change forces UK rare fish reintroduction further north

Weymouth welcomes giant Japanese spider crab

Beetles staging a comeback

Save the Great British Bee! Why the mysterious disappearance of billions of bees could mean us losing a third of the food we eat

Namibian Fog Basking Beetle

How to Photograph Army Ants

Spiders Love Sweaty-Sock Smell, Research Finds

Lowly Worms Get Their Place in the Tree of Life

16 Beautiful Swallowtail Butterflies

Baby Gorilla 'Tiny' Takes First Wobbly Steps and Stumbles at the London Zoo (Video)

Japanese 'doll' is actually monkey waitress wearing creepy human mask

The Monkey Who Went Into the Cold

Orangutan Couple Marries in Thailand

Gorilla Stud Stars in Sexy Animals Exhibit

Promiscuous apes make more sperm

Rare gorilla twins born in wild

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