Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spiders of Britain and Europe

Deadly Australian spider comes to Britain

8-Legged Sex Trick? Spiders Give Worthless Gifts, Play Dead

Mishap freezes to death 800 rare New Zealand snails

Ancient Moths Reveal Their True Colors

12 Incredible Praying Mantis Photos: Mantids Devouring Their Prey

New York City Buzzing With New Bee Species

The Buzz Around Beer: Why Do Flies Like Beer?

Ants Beware! Spider Protected by Burglar-Proof Web

The Challeges Faced by the Magnificent Monarch Butterfly

Bees Protect Kenyan Crops From Elephants

Edible Insects: Getting to the Good Stuff

Microscopic Monsters: Gallery of Ugly Bugs

What's the World's Ugliest Bug? Contest Aims to Find Out

Ancient Mite Caught Hitching Ride on Spider

Man Single-Handedly Saves a Species of Snail

Ladybug after the rain

New "Albino" Spider Found in Australia

Invasive, Fragrant Ants Crash Hawaii

Insects Are Scared to Death of Fish

Fossil feast for 'zombie worms'

Discovering 'Warrior Wasps'

High-Living Spiders Make Skyscraper "Like a Haunted House"

Why Spiders Will Always Find You

Diesel Fumes May Be Behind Global Collapse Of Honey Bee Colonies

Bee thought to be extinct found in East Sussex

Chivalry Not Dead: Male Crickets Risk Lives to Protect Mates

Snails Sail Through Life on Bubbles of Mucus

Amazing Mollusks: Images of Strange & Slimy Snails

Venomous spider's nest found in Buckinghamshire garden

The Most Surreal Insect on Earth

Rare flame brocade moth is established in the UK

Department of Defense Spends Thousands to Save a Butterfly

Spooked Spiders Weave Weird Webs

Danger! The bee-killing Asian hornet is set to invade Britain

Male Spiders Give "Back Rubs" to Seduce Their Mates

Sussex South Downs is home to 'extinct' bee species

Giant New Wasp Bites and Stings

Foreign ladybirds devour our native species

Moth invasion could kill off our trees in 20 years as they spread to every county in England

How to Get Rid of Roaches: Testing 8 Odd Ways

Invasion of the Earthworms!

I think I'll have the fish for lunch: Praying mantis tucks into goldfish after LIFTING it out of bowl

Assassin bug sneaks up on spiders

Male bumblebees seek mates on the hills

Zombie Caterpillars Rain Death From Treetops

Don't be caught by the buzz this month

How the Emerald Ash Borer Threatens North American Ash Trees

The Beautiful Beetle that Causes Blisters and Cures Warts

Freaky Beetle Babies Turn on (and Devour) Froggy Predators

How ants build nest-ventilating turrets

Strange Glowing Millipedes Ooze Cyanide to Foil Predators

25 terrifying microscope images of common critters

Hairy, crazy ants invade from Texas to Miss.

Fossil beetles show true colours

Sexy Serenades Turn on a Gal's Immune System

Dragonflies: The flying aces of the insect world

Stag Beetles Locked in Mortal Combat

Bees on a plane panic as two hives swarm business class cabin

Ancient Daddy Longlegs Come to Life in 3-D Images

15 Insects You Can Use To Cure Wounds And Diseases

Parasite uses the power of sexual attraction to trick rats into becoming cat food

Bees' Beelines Could Yield Faster Internet

Dew-Covered Insects Sparkle in Stunning Photos

French Snail Racing Championship: Ready, Set, Slow!

Extinct bumblebee to be reintroduced to Britain

Wasp numbers rise 40 per cent after warm spring

It's spider season!

Newly Discovered Warrior Wasp Has Giant Jaws

Alien worm invasion 'threat to forests'

Early Daddy Longlegs Revealed in 3-D—Bugs Evolved Little

Long-lost ladybird species discovered breeding in UK

Hydrothermal Worm Viewed Under An Electron Microscope (PHOTO)

Can 'super-bees' solve the world's food crisis?

Rare bog spider found at Wester Moss reserve

Stick insects survive one million years without sex

Beehives stop elephant crop-raids in Kenya, Africa

Ancient 'Frankenstein' Insect Discovered

Snails Survive Being Eaten and Excreted by Birds

It's been simply marvellous weather . . . for insects

New to Nature No 47: Peripatus solorzanoi

The Invading Pest That's Destroying Florida's Citrus Orchards

The curse of the moth

In defence of the solitary bee

Urban beekeeping: the latest big environmental movement

Megabugs: The World's Largest Insects

Why Giant Bugs Once Roamed the Earth

Pictures: Wasps Turn Ladybugs Into Flailing "Zombies"

Honey ant queens share a throne

Mexican cure for deadly scorpion stings

Surviving Sex With Black Widows

How to save a bug's life

One bite from disaster after black widows invade factory

'Supergene' behind butterfly wing design

Cloned Fathers Mate With Insect Daughters—From Inside

Rare ladybird spiders released in Dorset

Sex-Crazed Insects Whip Up 'Bugnadoes' In Iowa

Deadly Killer Bees!

Synthetic Skin From Spider Silk Heals Wounds

How One Expert Creates Beard of Bees (Very Carefully!)

Weird Worms Eat Bones

Moth Crawls into Boy's Ear as He Sleeps

Insect trappers profit from Uganda's taste for grasshoppers

Warring ants know their enemies

Inside a tarantula spider's beating heart

The Maggot Mass

Inter-species Insect Threesomes!

Swarming bees trap staff in Leominster shop

10 Ways to Get Rid of Ants in Your House

Monarch Migration – Staggering Spectacle of Nature

A rare he-she butterfly is born in London's NHM

4 Species of Jewel Beetles Discovered

Mystery of Fast-Spreading Snails Solved

British conkers under threat from alien moth invasion

Tiny Snails Can Survive A Bird's Digestive System, Japanese Research Shows

California Releases Wasps to Control Apple Moth Infestations

10 Most Poisonous Spiders on Earth

Experts puzzled by big decline in honeybees over winter

Gruesome Tale: Why Wasps Live Inside Zombie Ladybugs

Rare bee unreported for 60 years spotted in Sheringham

Ant workers carry over friends to help forage for food

The harlequin ladybird is coming

Flying Ants Use Legs, Butts to Steer

The Benefits of Studying Bees

How social huntsman spiders live and hunt together

Deadly black widow found in Kent

Photographer captures flies in exquisite detail

How the diving bell spider uses physics to breathe underwater

The 10 Most Spectacular Butterflies in the World

First ladybird study shows decline in some species

The 10 Most Diabolical and Disgusting Parasites

Underwater Gallery: Diving Spiders

Rare dragonflies hatch at reserve following reintroduction

Stinging Caterpillars of the United States

Butterflies close wings to avoid sex

Worms from Hell? Deepest Multicellular Life Found

Gender-Bender Bugs Impress Collectors

How to keep moths at bay

Saltoblattella Montistabularis, Jumping Cockroach, Found In South Africa's Table Mountain National Park

Spiders, Too, at Risk in Human-Altered World

Mosquitoes Fooled by Smelly Molecules

Mosquito Prevention: The 10 Most Bizarre Tips

Ghost ants change color according to the food they eat

Return of the Giant Carnivorous Hermaphrodite Snails

Looming spider: a hunt like no other

Murder Mystery Grows: Viruses Attack Healthy Bees, Too

Buzz Killer: Special Smells Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

15 Most Awful Bee Stings

Tables Turn as Beetles Kill Toads & Frogs

Gallery: Spooky Spiders

Cicada molting animated gif

How Ants Tame the Wilderness: Rainforest Species Use Chemicals to Identify Which Plants to Prune

Spiders protect webs with decorations

Face of 49-Million-Year-Old Spider Revealed in 3-D

New species list features bugs that feed on 'Titanic'

Honey, I saved my first swarm...

Spiders Feeling The Bite of Human Encroachment on Habitat

Heatwave brings explosion of rare butterflies in Cotswolds

Caterpillar infestation causes concern on Canvey Island

Tarantulas eject silk from feet

The world's ants captured in 3D

Extreme Weather Strikes Blow to Monarch Butterflies

Why the Full Moon Makes Scorpions Glow In the Dark

Bali Coral Reefs Reveal Nine New Species

Human vs. Alien: Contest Pits Divers Against Spiny Lionfish Invaders

Why butterfly lovers are never happy with the weather

Rare marsh fritillary butterfly thriving in Cotswolds

'Monstrously big ant' fossil found in Wyoming

100,000 bees attack homeless man: report

The Life of an Ant
Insect fossil discovery at Museum of Somerset

Bad Gets Worse: Bedbugs May Bring Deadly Bacteria to Bed

How Zombie Ants Lose Their Minds

Fashion Forward: How Some Insects Grew Strange Helmets

New to Nature No 41: Siphonocryptus zigzag

Are butterflies the UK's most beautiful endangered species?

The Amazing Power of Ants in Maintaining the Planet's Biological Balance

Cicadas In U.S. South Emerge After 13 Years Underground (VIDEO)

Beekeepers Battle 'Perfect Storm'

Poisonous caterpillars infest London estate

Largest Spider Fossil Ever Found: Nephila Jurassica (PHOTO)

Devon under siege from rise of the toxic caterpillar

Brown Recluse Spiders May Invade Northern U.S. as Planet Warms

Giant ants spread in warm climes

The Amazing Power of Ants in Maintaining the Planet's Biological Balance

Itsy Bitsy, Teensy Weensy, Polka-Dotted... Bugs

Who Knew? Cute Spiders Exist

Desert dragonflies arrive in UK

Fire Ant Secret: How They Create Life-Saving Rafts in Floods

New Goblin Spiders Sure Can Spin

For Flies Hooked on Meth, Sugar Delays Death

Meet the barefoot beekeeper

Amazing Monarch Butterfly Migration Rebounding Now

Peering into the Amazing Underground Architecture of Ants

Trees cocooned by spiders could reduce malaria risk

Government asked to investigate new pesticide link to bee decline

European tick established in UK

UK's oil beetle search under way

Angry Wasps Capture Intruding Ants, Fly Away, Airdrop Them

Unsolved Mystery: Why Are Moths Drawn to Artificial Lights?

Fire Ants Go Global: Mapping an Invasion

Why the Venomous Daddy Long Legs Can’t Bite Humans

Parasitic Fly Helps Revolutionize Antenna Technology

Masculine Female Insects Scare Off Potential Partners

Hissing Cockroach Giving Birth to Hundreds of Her Crawling Offspring

40-Million-Year-Old Sex Act Captured in Amber

New Zombie-Ant Fungi Found

Mind Control: Gallery of Zombie Ants

How Mites Serve As Maids for Bees

UN report into mass honeybee deaths provides no simple solution

Moth of all battles

Moths: First flutterings of the spring

Listen to a Fly Love Song

Conkers on horse chestnut trees threatened by moth pest

New mosquito type raises concern

Madagascar's elusive shell-squatting spider filmed

"Death Of A Forest" Documentary Details The Killing of Keystone Species by Pine Beetles

Ancient Carnivorous Insect Sported Snowshoes

Einstein was right - honey bee collapse threatens global food security

How to embarrass a bee

5 Awesome Parasites That Torture Animals (That I Hate)

Tiny Flea Has More Genes Than You

Beepods Bring Back an Old Design for Better Beekeeping

Beetles staging a comeback

Save the Great British Bee! Why the mysterious disappearance of billions of bees could mean us losing a third of the food we eat

Namibian Fog Basking Beetle

How to Photograph Army Ants

Spiders Love Sweaty-Sock Smell, Research Finds

Lowly Worms Get Their Place in the Tree of Life

16 Beautiful Swallowtail Butterflies

Pesticide linked to bee deaths should be suspended, MPs told

Male-producing worm sperm are 'paralysed'

Parasite turns host caterpillars red to warn predators

New atlas catalogues UK's large moth species

Species of Invasive Bee Leaves Carnage in its Wake

Bedbug Scourge: Gene Study Traces Pesticide Resistance

Male and female butterflies 'take turns courting'

Leaf-cutter ants retire when their teeth wear out

10 of the Biggest Bugs on Earth (Slideshow)

The beauty of British butterflies

Nick's Spiders of Britain and Europe

Without Lizards to Latch Onto, Lyme Disease Ticks Depart

Mitchell's Satyr, One of World's Most Endangered Butterflies, Gets Wing Up

The 3,000 Mile Migration of the Monarch Butterfly

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