Thursday, January 27, 2011

Secret of the Sea Horse: How Creature Got its Curve

Dolphin, Manatee Deaths Baffle Scientists

Dolphins Save Doberman From Drowning in Florida Canal

Asian Carp Almost Migrate from U.S. to Canada, in a Big Truck

David Place Sentenced To Prison For Trafficking Sperm Whale Teeth, Narwhal Tusks

Endangered Sea Turtles To Be Killed After Experiments At UBC

New 'Jaguar' Catfish Found in Amazon

Whale found dead off UK coast

Whale Shark Feeding Frenzies Mystify, Enlighten Scientists

Marine Shutterbugs Take Note: Underwater Photography Contest Nears

Critically endangered monk seal pup rescued

Hunt widens for 'killer shrimp' in Wales

How my family and I hatched a plan to keep lobsters alive

Dead Anchovies Wash Up On Redondo Beach

Who Knew Sea Slugs Were This Gorgeous!

Calif. Great White Shark Count Down to 219

Rescuers try to capture Hanoi's sacred turtle

New to Nature No 33: Keuppia levante

Sea Lion Silhouetted Against the Waves

Slideshow: Stunning Sea Slugs

First Census of Great White Sharks Counts Only 219 Individuals -- A Species In Peril? (Video)

Well-Endowed Frog Bounces Back in California Forest

Endangered Hawaiian Sea Turtles Surfing, in Stunning Underwater Photos (Slideshow)

Moby Dick More Than A Book? Sperm Whales Might Have Individual Names

Sea Lion Silhouetted Against the Waves

Costa Rica's Cocos Island Protects Marine Life (PHOTOS)

Two-headed turtle discovered in Slovakia

Wind farms blamed for stranding of whales

Millions of sardines die in Californian marina

Vietnam fears for life of 'sacred' national turtle

Beaked whales 'scared' by navy sonar

Ancient Swimmers

5 New Species of Fish Discovered

Whale shark feeding frenzies mystify, enlighten scientists

Two new species of stingray discovered in Amazon

New shrimp named after University of Aberdeen scientist

Giant Jellyfish Jam the Sea of Japan

Baby turtles tagged, charting 4,500 mile journey

How my family and I hatched a plan to keep lobsters alive

How the Cleaner Fish Shows it Pays to be Selfless

Ocean Film Fest 2011: Great White Sharks Disappearing Into Soup Bowls? (Video)

SeaWorld Releases Its 1,000th Rescued Turtle (Video)

Can Whale Strandings Help Predict Earthquakes?

Top 25 Most Endangered Turtles Named

Hudson River Fish Evolve Toxic PCB Immunity

Fewer Big Fish in the Sea

Dolphin Deaths In Gulf Region Spike, Probably Because Of That Massive Oil Spill That Happened

Years After Mating, Stingrays Finally Give Birth (Video)

Japan recalls whaling fleet from Antarctic

Australia: Great white sharks kill deep-sea diver

Whale sharks: Biggest fish could be even bigger

EU urged to overhaul fishing policy

Whaling in Japan is on the verge of collapse

Sharks Up Close: 'shark shepherd' Jim Abernethy photographs the fearsome predators

Fears for tourists as Florida invaded by Portuguese Man-of-War

The Strange Beauty of the Glaucus Atlanticus Sea Slug

Oysters May Be Functionally Extinct Throughout Much of the World

Hawaii Breeding Sea Urchins to Gobble Up Invasive Seaweed

How squid hear: It's all in the motion of the ocean

King Crabs Invade Antarctic Waters

U.S. Tops Worldwide Shark Attack List

82 Pilot Whales Stranded in New Zealand

Volunteers Arrive in Droves to Save Stranded Whales

Ready to acquire a taste for the 'vacuum cleaners of the sea'?

New to nature No 31: Chlamydoselachus africana

The sperm whale works in extraordinary ways

Popular Hamelin Bay stingray slaughtered in front of screaming kids

Scientists discover how to make squids go completely berserk

Shark Attacks Hit 10-Year High

Turning the Tide to Protect the World's Sharks

Shark fishing in Japan – a messy, blood-spattered business

Climate change forces UK rare fish reintroduction further north

Weymouth welcomes giant Japanese spider crab

Fish that regrows cardiac tissue could mend human hearts

Are Shark Bites Killing California Sea Otters?

Most Shark-Catching Nations Are Failing On Their Promises for Sustainable Catches

Seashells Get Their Strength from Interlocking 'Bricks'

Artificial Reefs: Sunken Ships, Tanks And Other Underwater Paradises From National Geographic

Klamath Chinook Salmon Groups Seek Endangered Species Act Protection

Whales Burp Plastic in the Great Lakes

Sharks Do Their Hunting Without Sense of Color

The Strange Beauty of the Glaucus Atlanticus Sea Slug

Oil exploration runs into a whale of a problem off Russia

Last refuge of rare fish threatened by Yangtze dam plans

Inuit's risky mussel harvest under sea ice

Fish threatened by global warming to be moved north

Secret of the Sea Horse: How Creature Got its Curve

Having a whale of a time: The British underwater cameraman who got more than he bargained for when encountering a playful calf

Endangered Baby Monk Seals Recuperating in Turkey

Tiny Floating Animals 'Grab Lunch' from Land

Peter Tyack on Marine Mammals' Struggle with Human Noise Pollution

Do you want fries with that? Australian spots a 6ft bull shark swimming in McDonald's takeaway

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