Thursday, January 27, 2011

Polar Bear Observed to Swim Continuously for 9 Days Over 426 Miles

Chain-eating deer at Nara temple amuse tourists, puzzle experts

Chevron's dirty fight in Ecuador

Koalas bellow to attract a mate

Animal pictures of the week: 18 February 2011

Bears take three weeks to wake up from hibernation

Not in Vain: Roadkill Yields Valuable Clues

Black Bear Hibernation Mystery

The 8 Most Successful Politicians (Who Weren't Human)

Huge Sydney bat colony to be evicted

Man-Eating Elephants in India?

How a Dead Elephant Is Consumed In Under Two Minutes

Life at the North Pole and Life at the South Pole slideshows.

Owls Change Color to Cope With a Changing Climate

Wolverine Ditches Idaho, Ends Up Lonely in California

The Week in Animal News: Top Chefs Eat Endangered, Baby Gorilla Walks, and More (Slideshow)

Island's Invasive "Killing Machine" Finally Captured

Moloch Horridus: The Thorny Mountain Devil

10 Incredible Animal Hybrids

The Fossa: Madagascar's Strangest Predator

Tiger SOS: three steps to saving the Sumatran tiger

Sydney Botanic Garden bats to be forced out

Solving the mystery of the bizarre deformed frogs

Badger cull decision delayed

Waves of sleep wash over seagulls

Snake-bites: a growing, global threat

Night time hunt of ghostly gecko

Labord's chameleons of Madagascar live fast, die young

Penguins: The luckiest birds alive

Wild swans under threat as numbers begin to decline

'Perfumed' parasitic plant lures in pollinating mammals

The 'weird' predatory fossa of Madagascar is threatened

Deer... can't live with them, can't live without them

Bird kills man at cockfight

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Pole to pole: Daniel J Cox photographs Arctic polar bears and penguins in Antarctica

Nature's strangest seduction techniques revealed

Nepal Successfully Relocates Wild Tiger For First Time

13 Snapshots of the World's Rarest Birds

Adorable Piggies Rescued From Factory Farm Celebrate Four Months Of Freedom In Chile (Photos)

Hibernating Bear Chased Off With Country Music

7 Shocking Snake Stories

Pulling Out Feathers: Group Living Stresses Ravens

Wild Bald Eagle Obsessed with Zoo Female

How Snakes Lost Their Legs

Mice trained for airport security

Parasailing donkey dies of heart attack

Elephants, dolphins, primates and now bats have been shown to form human-life friendships

Dapper Blue Penguin: Tux Is a Feathery First

Adorable Rockhopper Penguins Shower Just Like Us (Slideshow)

Amateur Wildlife Photo Saves an Injured Tiger's Life

The Week in Animal News: Chimp Mourns Child, Sled Dogs Slaughtered, and More (Slideshow)

10 Most Beautiful National Birds on Earth

Parrots 'are left handed'

Animal pictures of the week: 4 February 2011

Wildlife and pets check in at the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre

Hundreds of Yellowstone buffalo face slaughter

Crows surprise researchers with advanced tool use

Chernobyl birds are small brained

Alien invaders: American mink removed from Scotland

Six tiger reserve helpers kidnapped

Flying tonight? Bats under threat

Horse and carriage

That’ll Teach You to Mess With the Birds

Bizarre mammals filmed calling using their quills

Pioneering surgery for moon bear by Edinburgh vet

Week in wildlife – in pictures

Warming Arctic brings invasion of southern species

How to fight off a crocodile

Starling flocks: how they form into incredible wildlife spectacles

The Oriental Turtle Dove, or Strettopelia orientalis

Four-hour operation to help polar bear with a sore tooth

Big Squirreltail Evolves to Fight Off Fiery, Invasive Cheatgrass

Biologists Help Endangered Penguins Find True Love

Lions Freed From Circuses Bound For a Better Life

Pulling Out Feathers: Group Living Stresses Ravens

How Dinosaurs Handed Down Their Fingers to Birds

Zoo officials team up for lion's root canal

Everything You Wanted to Know About Dinosaur Sex

Cheetah Cubs Get Their Own Webcam

Can a moose be used as a "beast of burden" ??

7 Animals Humans Brought to Extinction

8 Animals Believed to Predict the Weather

It's not only the humans who have lost their homes in the Australian floods

Gwinnett teen -- and bird -- credited with saving family from fire

Tiger Mom? Teen Girl Sleeps With Pet Tiger

Wounded goose still on the loose

The 8 Most Romantic Creatures In The Animal Kingdom

Would-be wildlife smuggler gets three bags full

Horsewhipping Study Whips Up Controversy

55-Year-Old Woman Saves Husband From Tiger Attack With Soup Ladle

Judge Charles Lovell Permits Bison Slaughter In Yellowstone

White-Nose Syndrome Bat Disease: An Unprecedented Epidemic

10 Hibernating Animals Climate Change Could Wake Up (Slideshow)

The Week in Animal News: Penguins Showering, 82 Whales Stranded, Baby Gorillas, and More (Slideshow)

8 Amazing Ways Sheep Are Smarter Than You Thought

Chinese bear-bile backlash

Animal Asbos: from fighting bees to runaway pigs

Night time hunt of ghostly gecko

In pictures: Malaysian wildlife caught on camera

The boar war: Barcelona aims to control its wildlife

Unlucky python ends up in tug-of-war between two leopards

Is an Owl Really Wise? Four Animal Myths Debunked

Lost flutter: Abandoned budgie found at bookmakers

Tiny Chameleons Use a Different Kind of Camouflage

Black Rhino Calf Born at the Saint Louis Zoo (Photos)

New Baby Penguin Is a Big-footed Fuzzball

A bird or two at hand

Rare and enigmatic fishing rat soon becomes nuisance

Week in wildlife - in pictures

The Week in Animal News: A Baby Black Rhino, Beavers Helping Bats, and More (Slideshow)

200 Dead Cows Mystery Solved In Wisconsin: Toxic Moldy Potatoes To Blame

Life at the North Pole

Year of the Rabbit or the Year of the Cat?

Twitter in the city: The urban life of birds

Pigeons Use Right Nostril to Sniff Their Way Home

Monogamous Animals Often Have Unattractive Partners

Alien invaders: American mink removed from Scotland

Bird watchers flock to dump to see rare bird

Studying Nature in the Middle of Manhattan

Crows surprise researchers with advanced tool use

Taiwan endangered species focus of new awareness

Animal Photos Of The Week

13 nations agree on program to double tiger population

Jumping rabbits in Harrogate for 'grand national' event

Mama Bird Skips Out on Chicks for Sex

Tiger, tiger, moving right: Pioneering hip operation gives Girl a new start

Robin becomes surprise addition to the flock at historic castle church

Last refuges of England’s rarest species revealed

Asian Tiger Population Could Triple by Expanding and Linking Preserves

Standing at 11 Feet: World's Largest Known Bear Unearthed

Castration could save reindeer in warming Arctic

Some Zoo Animals Enjoying Recent Winter Storms

Frogs re-evolved lost lower teeth

Hand Preference in Humans, Animals Explained

Nature reserve's gamekeeper accused of killing wild bird

Tough Conditions Favor Giants

Wild Bald Eagle Falls For Zoo-Kept Female, Visits Her Twice a Day

RSPB Birdwatch: Europe's big freeze brings flocks of rare birds to Britain

Remarkable animal journeys

9 People Who Have Lived with Animals, Changing Our View Forever (Slideshow)

Cuban Frogs Hitched Rides to Florida

Study shows canid is 'wolf in jackal's clothing'

Groundhog Alternates Step Up to Predict Spring

New to Nature No 30: Pycnonotus hualon

Carnivorous Plant Lures Bats to Feed on Their Guano

Elephant Underpass Created In Mt. Kenya Succeeds

Light pollution disrupting sleep and wildlife, says rural body

Eyewitness: Mongolia's pony express

A new exhibition shows what a beastly business animal reproduction can be

Bats in Borneo roost in carnivorous pitcher plants

Wild Tiger Found in Hotel Becomes First Translocated in Nepal (Slideshow)

Triceraaatooops, I Am Your Faaather

Why this crane is dancing

Africa's Lone Wolf: New Species Found in Ethiopia

Yellowstone's roaming buffalo stray into trouble

Surprising Truths About Santa's Reindeer

Tennessee man dies from poisonous copperhead snake bite

Opposites may attract, but they aren't better parents

Grief of the penguins: Scores of birds bowed in mourning after the deaths of their chicks

Top 20 Insane Pet Products for Crazy Owners

Letting pets sleep in your bed makes you ill

Know your garden bird song

The world's rarest birds photo competition

Beach Babe: The happy pigs that love to swim in the Caribbean (and we're not telling porkies)

Why do they fancy pigeons?

Bats in Borneo roost in carnivorous pitcher plants

Snow takes heavy toll on barn owls

Meet the World's Newest Cat, the Sunda Clouded Leopard

Nepal Successfully Relocates Wild Tiger For First Time

Polar Bear Observed to Swim Continuously for 9 Days Over 426 Miles

Man hunted after sex attack on lamb

Out in the open: The baby wallaby who hid in his mother's pouch surprises safari staff

Iran's endangered cheetahs are a unique subspecies

Eyewitness: Natural born killer. Photographs from the Guardian Eyewitness series.

The Tasmanian Devil in the Wastewater

There's life in the old donkey yet: At 54 Eeyore is the world's longest lived ass

Plastic adorns the nests of birds fit for a fight

UK wild bird numbers continue to fall

Remarkable animal journeys

11 intriguing transparent animals

Biological Clock Ticks Slower for Female Birds Who Choose Good Mates

Call of the wild: crocodile swallows mobile phone

Toad road signs in Burry Port and Ammanford

Birds in mid-flight photographed by Roy Hancliff

Catch of the day: Dramatic close-up pictures of wild bears fishing for survival

Lion cub triplets born in German zoo

25 Ex-Circus Lions to Be Air Lifted from Bolivia to Colorado

Extinct Woolly Mammoth May Be Resurrected by Scientists

A twist in the tale of the squirrel and the RSPCA

European Beavers Build Better Bat Habitats

3 Awww-Inspiring Animal Friendships

Feeding garden birds such as tits delays dawn chorus

Scheme to reintroduce the world's heaviest flying bird to the UK has received £1.8m from the European Union

World's rarest bird pictures: A dance in search of a partner

Finally Baby-Making Time For One of a Kind Tortoise?

Bears in the wild photographed by Sergey Gorshkov at Kurile Lake in Kamchatka, Russia

For Sale Cheap: House infested with slithering snakes

France warned by EU court over rare hamsters

First Known One-Fingered Dinosaur Found in Mongolia

Will Lonesome George finally find a mate?

Curious crows use tools to explore dangerous objects

Complexity of Polar Bears Revealed in 10 Rare Videos (Slideshow)

Meet 'Mrs. T': Ancient Flying Reptile Found with Egg

Kingfisher dive captured on camera

Two forms of world's 'newest' cat, the Sunda leopard

Liberia has Lost 95 Percent of its Elephants to Poachers

The Polyamorous Mating Habits of the Red Squirrel

Bird Sound Database Contains 67,000 Songs and Calls

Brilliant feathers of white snowy owls dazzle rivals

Big Garden Birdwatch: Look out for unusal visitors

7 Sleepiest Animals on Earth

Turkey's Scientist of the Year on Butterflies, Banding Birds, and Eco Tourism (Interview)

Hyenas 'greet friends' to ask for their help

Animal Aid: Shocking Images from Inside Britain's Slaughterhouses

Big Garden Birdwatch: More than 60 prisoners to take part this year

Hedgehog 'rescue plan' unveiled

The week in wildlife – in pictures

Builders stumble across ice age 'graveyard' filled with fossilised remains of dozens of huge animals

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