Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hitler-mocking dog enraged Nazis

Top 10 Breeds of Guard Dogs

20 Strangest Gadgets For Your Dog

wake up your cat .com

Healthy Cats Act Sick When Upset

Cat fashion calendar 2011: pets modelling United Bamboo's winter collection

Police drug dog Ellie is Bone Idol

Reconvilier, Switzerland Threatens To Kill Dogs If Owners Don't Pay Tax

What Are Cats Really Thinking?

Great Dane Helps Stop Sexual Assault

Border Collie Comprehends Over 1,000 Object Names as Verbal Referents

12 Bookstore Cats

New documents: Hitler-mocking dog enraged Nazis

8 Terrifying Animal Swarms Created by Human Stupidity

11 Amazing Animals That Saved Lives

Boxing Kangaroos!

17 Adorable Porcupines

15 Pictures of Pandas Playing in the Snow

'Satanic' gecko is San Diego Zoo's first baby of 2011

Shocking Mass Animal Deaths Around The World (Slideshow)

70-Year-Old Woman Discovers World's First Orange Alligator

Bardot wants end to religious animal slaughter

Animal pictures of the week: 10th - 17th January

Moose clears car in a single bound

Mr Fox has a fantastic sense of direction as he uses the magnetic field to hunt

Leopard attacks lead to calls for proper shelters for labourers

Heart-warming pictures of injured polar bear who has had twin cubs in Alaska

Mystery: Thousands of Dead Crabs Litter England's Beaches

6 Amazingly Intelligent Animals (That Will Creep You Out)

Dying Wolf Given Stem Cells Stuns Vets With Recovery

Top 10 Animal Recruits in War

One man and his big cats: The lion and tiger cubs that herd sheep

Wisconsin lab says it solved blackbird die-off

Mysterious, Mass Animal Deaths Continue

Leopard runs amok in Karad, shot

South Korea Buries One Million Pigs Alive

Heidi the cross-eyed opossum charms Germany and Facebook. See also Heidi the opossum - Leipzig Zoo

Bizarre Frogs, Lizards, and Salamanders

New Pterosaur's Jawbone Found in Storage Cabinet

Giant pandas come to Britain under historic deal with China, A history of Panda Diplomacy and In pictures: the history of giant pandas in the UK.

Python Constricts and Swallows Mouse Whole

Animal pictures of the week: 7 January 2011

The Week in Animal News: Vulture Accused of Espionage, Potty-Trained Pigs, and More (Slideshow)

Counting the animals: the annual stock-take at ZSL London Zoo

The truth about ferrets

Giant pandas 'need forests that are at least a century old to thrive in the wild'

Two Japanese men arrested for trying to smuggle live TURTLES into the U.S. in cereal boxes

Cutest Pets Of 2010

Animal Photos Of The Week

7 Prickly Facts About Porcupines

Panther Chameleon: Nature's Master of Disguise

6 Animals Humanity Accidentally Made Way Scarier

Cow critically injures St. Lucie man, wife hits animal with truck to get it off her husband

Ginger Could Be the Key to Saving the Stag Beetle

4 Bumblebee Species on the Decline in North America

Biologists Discover That Some Ants Eventually Retire

The Sex Life of Adolescent Spiders

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Bumblebee

Florida's Manatees Head for Refuge of Industrial Outflows

Concerned Leopard Seal Tries to Feed Photographer Live Penguins in Unbelievable Photos

Bold Beachgoers Save a Stranded Great White Shark

Coral species may be extinct within 50 years, warn scientists as they reveal most endangered

Turtles' cross ocean navigation tracked

Ancient 8-Foot Sea Scorpions Probably Were Pussycats

Ten most important coral species in the world revealed

Fish Swam the Sahara, Bolstering Out of Africa Theory

The Strangest Citizens of the Sea

Is your goldfish right or left-finned?

Ancient Squid-Like Creature's Last Meal Revealed

You never saw Tarka like this

Whale Saved 10 Years Ago Reunites With Rescuers

Stuffed Sea Lions to Keep Frisky Males From Humans

Why Humans are Far Deadlier than Sharks

The Colorful Mating Habits of Sea Hares

Big tuna fetches record $396,000 in Tokyo

Gorillas in a frizz... or how the early morning mists play havoc with their hair-dos

How Critically Endangered Mountain Gorillas Are Battling Extinction

Face to Face with the Mandrill

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