Thursday, December 02, 2010

Woman adopts 1,500 stray dogs

Dog Waiting To Get Frisked

10 Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than Cats (via)

Jack Russell chases mountain lion up tree

‘Man selling the Big Issue sold my dog’, says Sherry Sourena

Agoraphobic dog saves diabetic man

New 'dog only' beer hits shelves

Britain's biggest dog Tiny dies - now Samson takes crown

Dogs and Fear of Strangers

Cats In Hats, Not For Sits and Lipstick On My Collie ...

Woman adopts 1,500 stray dogs

Polar bears develop new tactics to protect their cubs from the chill... and it's all down to global warming

Bird watchers find heaven in 'superhighway' Israel

Unique mammals struggling for survival

Mercury 'turns' wetland birds such as ibises homosexual

Brotherly (And Sisterly) Love In The Animal World

Roman emperors' horses to be recognised as distinct breed

Meet the Bengal tigers who just love splashing around

Attack of the rats

Extinct animals come to life with augmented reality

'Agoraphobic' hare becomes family pet after a narrow escape from farmer's plough

Hillwalker fights off reindeer attack with walking pole

Chicken sore after laying 4 inch egg

'Panther' attacking sheep in Wales

Dolly reborn! Four clones created of sheep that changed science

Polar bears Walker and Mercedes in 'shouting match'

Size of Mammals Exploded After Dinosaur Extinction, Researchers Confirm

Bizarre beaked toad one of three new species discovered deep in the Colombian jungle

Inside the Minds of Animals

The one-eyed horse: Starvation to 'princess of the herd'

Activists call for changes after pictures on Facebook show animals drugged, abused at shelter

Indian dentists repair elephant's cracked tusk

Top 10 Strangest Animal Behaviors

Study sees polar bears losing out to grizzlies

Bionic Animals Show Nature Knows Best

Amok otter attacks two people, dog

incredible moment a wolf catches a salmon using fishing technique copied from a bear

8m crocodile lurks in river in Normanton, pastor says

Elephant embryo pictured inside womb

Knock, knock. Moo's there! The runaway cow who ended up staring down a shocked housewife

DiCaprio, Putin and the all-star plot to save tigers

Dinosaur demise allowed mammals to 'go nuts'

Animal pictures of the week: 26 November 2010

Radioactive Mouse on Loose at Nuclear Test Site

10-day-old Cheetah Cub Catches his First Glimpse

Stunning image of flamingos gathered as one flamingo the 'holy grail' of wildlife photography

Mischievous cheetah cubs enjoy play time

Crazy crocodile crosses river on the back of a hippo

In search of the lost frog of Colombia

Meerkats and monkeys on sale in Blackburn pet store

10 Beautiful But Dangerously Toxic Caterpillars

'Old maid' butterflies fly more frequently

Macaques eat at a buffet during the Lop Buri Monkey Festival at a temple in Thailand

Rare Birth of A White-Collared Mangabey Monkey

Cheetah family photo gallery by Paolo Torchio

Apes unwilling to gamble when odds are uncertain

Seven Amazing Walking Fish

Japanese whalers to face new enemy in 'Godzilla'

Scientists fear mass extinction as oceans choke

Novice angler catches monster halibut worth £25,000

How Shark Scales Give the Predators Deadly Speed

Poached egg? No, it's a rare jellyfish that looks just like it should be on your breakfast plate

Crazed Otter Has it Out For Dog

14 Most Beautiful Jellyfish on Earth

Should Sealing Off Seals Get the Seal of Approval in La Jolla?

Loch Ness monster: new pictures and sighting of Nessie

Fish shrink during harsh winters

Invasive 'killer' shrimp found at two sites in Wales

How flying fish got their 'wings'

Teenage great white sharks are too weak to stalk big prey

Eyeless cave fish among new species discovered in eastern Papua

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