Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ten Weirdest New Animals of 2010

Dog in China trained to go shopping for owner

Ginger the cat dials 999, police roll out 'purrfect' pun in response

Woman Claims Cops Beat Her Over Dog Poop

By George, that's a rare dog

Putin's puppy is renamed Buffy

Marine fights Vietnam's dog-meat tradition

What do you buy for the pet who has everything?

Reunited after five years, a family and the cat they lost in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Man castrates neighbour's 'pestering' pet dog

Pepper the cat proves he's hot stuff in daring blaze heroics

Polar bears can be saved by emissions cuts, study says

Jaguar defeats caiman in battle of predators

In Pictures: The week in wildlife

Beauty Of Nature: 100 Brilliant Examples Of Bird Photography

Using hi-tech camouflaged cameras, a new shows reveals how polar bears are adapting to their shrinking habitat

Musk Oxen Live to Tell a Survivors’ Tale

Meet Mirrhi, the Orphaned Wombat Baby

Kangaroo industry's sham science hides ugly truth

Pictures: 14 Rarest and Weirdest Mammal Species Named

Parrot Echoes Dying Pleas of Neglected Elderly Woman

Ten Weirdest New Animals of 2010

18 of the Most Expensive Exotic Pets

Some frogs eliminate foreign objects via their bladders

5 Most Badass Ways Humans Have Defeated Animals

No time to lose your head! The anonymous march of the penguins (thanks to their double-jointed necks)

The round robin: Roly-poly bird who looks like he's swallowed a Christmas bauble

Enough With Black Swans; What About Good Old-Fashioned Whoopers?

BBC showcases decade of wildlife discovery

Elephant tails, bloody sheets and dried hedgehog found in traveller's bag

Lion Decline Map - National Geographic

Puma v capybara photo gallery by Stefan Grol

Photo Gallery: Big Cat Cubs

Massive online database of bird calls unveiled

Two unusual albino blue-winged kookaburra chicks found in Queensland, Australia

Two panda cubs play in Chengdu

Jet-propelled calamari: Rare photos of squid species that can leap through the air to dodge predators

Kent swimmers beware: Three toe-splitter shrimps netted off Dungeness coast

State troopers escort wayward sea lion off Oregon highway and return it to ocean

The Whale that Started the Green Movement

How Did Whales Evolve?

Pictures: Nine Fish With "Hands" Found to Be New Species

Manatee deaths set a record this year

Terrible hairy fly rediscovered

Butterflies: a stunning new film gets close to these elusive insects

21 Things You Didn’t Know About Honey Bees

Leaked Memo Shows EPA Doubts About Bee-Killing Pesticide

Why bees that are too tired make mistakes with their 'waggledance'

Aww…Are you my Mommy?

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