Thursday, December 09, 2010

Squirrel Jump Fail

When I die, so does my dog: Some pet owners take animals to their graves

Best Cat Picture Ever

Dog Attacked by Deer in Backyard

From racehorse to pet: The story of Spot the Diplomat

Hill walker endured a two-hour attack by a reindeer

Poetic Images Celebrating the Harmony of Man and Beast

10 Huge Prehistoric Cats

Squirrel Jump Fail

Giant panda breeding breakthrough in China

Trunk and disorderly: elephants kill three in boozy rampage

How birds see magnetic fields – an interview with Thorsten Ritz

Tube-nosed bat which bears striking resemblance to Yoda discovered as scientists find hundreds of new species

Two unusual albino blue-winged kookaburra chicks found in Queensland, Australia

How the giant panda lost its taste for flesh

My mum swears she's a panda, but I'm not sure: Why scientists are dressing up to fool bear cubs

The week in wildlife

The tiny chameleon from Madagascar that's no bigger than a human fingernail

Bird watchers find heaven in 'superhighway' Israel

You'll be a giant one day: Nameless newborn baby panda is unveiled at zoo

Strange 'long-whiskered owl' spotted in Peru

Extinct animals come to life with augmented reality

Meet the Bengal tigers who just love splashing around

Snakes on a plane passenger held

Abandoned white lion cubs being brought up by nurse

Man can't shake off pigeon friend

Unicorn cow becomes tourist attraction

The dancing praying mantis and his insect friends as you've never seen them before

The surreal treehoppers (via)

Leaf Mimics - Animal Camouflage (via)

An entire world follows the march of the army ants

Scientists untangle spider web stickiness

The microscopic Advent Calendar: Scientist discovers 'the 12 plankton of Christmas'

Teenage great white sharks are too weak to stalk big prey

Scientists fear mass extinction as oceans choke

Scientists Attempt to Crack Secret Code of the Axolotl

Wayward Sea Lion Found Near Brentwood To Be Euthanized

Meet the squidworm: half-worm, half-squid… er, actually all-worm

New Zealand seals clubbed to death in breeding colony

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