Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Real Story Behind the Famous Fainting Kittens

Dog Eats 31 Nails

Dog lover jailed for death row dodge

Illegal Dumping of Dead Dogs - The Latest Puppy Mill Atrocity

The Real Story Behind the Famous ‘Fainting Kittens’. Here is the video if you have not seen it Fainting Goat Kittens - original video.

Chicago Chi Saved by CPR: Do You Know Doggy CPR?

Man Sorry For Puppy Attack

Cotswold flasher bitten by victim's dog

Royal Mail refuses to post family's letters due to household cat

Pet cats and dog 'ate each other to stay alive' after owner moved house

Blind German Spitz dog uses echoes to find his way round

'Fainting goat' kittens could be unique in UK

The dog rescuer

This column will change your life: The truth about cats and dogs

Meet Jack, the sheepdog that was so good no one knew he was blind

Missing Half of Husky's Body Found

Chinese pandas enjoying a baby boom

Lion cub is less than impressed after dip in zoo moat

Study: Conservation Efforts Face Uphill Struggle

Decoding Bird Calls to Avoid Plane Strikes

Critterati 2010: Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions

Liger keeps watch on vegetable field

Amur tiger cub and Sumatran tiger cub come to (playful) blows in German zoo

Climate Change Blurs Definition of Native Species

Central Park Zoo Welcomes Mongoose Pups

Grizzly numbers hit new high in Yellowstone region

Animal pictures of the week: 29 October 2010

Elephant v crocodile

Animals perform tricks for Halloween treats

Lonely Livestock: The Only Cow in Manhattan

More than 50 years after his TV debut, David Attenborough remains Britain's best-loved broadcaster. Here, on the eve of his new series, the great naturalist answers a host of questions from our readers and from public figures, including Bill Oddie, Ray Mears and Jilly Cooper

World's rarest snake fights back from brink of extinction

How ostriches use their 'springy' legs to help them run faster and longer

Gaza's donkeys under threat from tuk-tuks

Sydney's jumbo joy: another baby elephant born

Woman gets pet python trapped between her bangles

Pigzilla on loose

Officials Say Photo of Bear Chasing Half-Mauled Bison in Yellowstone is Authentic

Tiger Habitat Saved From Logging

Barman eaten by lions after party

Right, who's next? Evil-looking giant frog pictured eating tiny rodent alive

Why the resurgence in kingfishers in the UK?

Indian police crack elephant smuggling ring

Harrowing footage of dying mountain bear forced to drink Coca-Cola to amuse cafe customers

The Tortoise And The Solar Plant: A Mojave Story

Oh pretty Flamingo: Birds use make-up to brighten their feathers

Last duck standing: Clipped-wing mallard dodges predators

ARKive: unique wildlife in the British Overseas Territories

China issues new suggested practices for zoos following allegations of widespread animal cruelty

Walking with wolves

A baby dolphin’s fishing lesson has been caught on camera for the first time

Octopus a sucker for pumpkin

Million dollar otters

The world's top 10 Halloween fish

Cheeky monkey cannot help showing ‘the finger’ to visitors at his zoo

New species of monkey sneezes when it rains

First gorilla to be born at London Zoo for 20 years... but he will never see his father

Bees: man's best friend, provider and protector

Bees Best Computers in a Math Showdown

Hundreds of prehistoric insects found intact within huge amber deposit

Ugly Bug Contest 2010

How British ants say Long Live The Queen while in Spain they're hot-headed revolutionaries


Jar(egg)head said...

Saw that basset hound story on local news last week. Pretty typical for Bassets.

We had a basset hound who died a couple years back, (of natural causes, not nail eating). I can attest that they will attempt to eat almost anything. Their life philosophy appears to be that one should try to eat everything at least once -- it might be tasty!

ILuvNUFC said...

I used to have a labrador many years ago now and his philosophy was exactly the same.
Kind of like, if it fits in my mouth then I must eat it. :)