Thursday, October 21, 2010

Swedish couple take dog custody battle to court

Audio slideshow: The Dog and the Whale

Pedigree dog has 'extreme' facelift that allows her to open her eyes and see for the first time

The dog who wouldn't die: Family's beloved Rottweiler wakes up after being put to sleep with TWO injections

Swedish couple take dog custody battle to court

Dog ate my pension

Winston, The Cop Car-Eating Dog, Passes Away

A leaking boat and a naughty dog are all in a days work for Penlee RNLI

Bird of prey snatches puppy from Nelson garden

109 Cats In Sweaters (via)

Police call off man-hunt after tracking down car-wrecking squirrels

Leopard rescued from spot of bother

Hiker gored to death by angry mountain goat

Goat sacrifice 'triggered stampede'

Boy watches in horror as gator eats pet turtle he gave Gulfarium

Lion movie highlights dangers in SAfrica

The week in wildlife

Pigeons have urge to gamble

5 Creepy Ways Animal Societies Are Organizing

Top 10 Worst Man Eaters In History

Spider-Goats go grazing on near-vertical dam

Siberian Tigers

Bears take stroll in town centre

Can biodiversity conservation reduce poverty?

Man attacks croc

Sensory Deception: Lab Mice Can 'Smell' Light

Cane toads are evolving into super-invaders

Indian villagers poison elephants: officials

Russian tiger summit offers 'last chance' to save species in the wild

Compare the pumpkins! Meerkats get into Halloween spirit by taking over the patch

A Kind of Hunt That Even Deer Can Get Behind

Ireland's homeless horses face mass cull

Boxing Kangaroos!

Cane toad tadpoles relish cannibal caviar

This calf is barking mad - it thinks it's a dog

Going, going, GONE! Pigeon shuns chance of great escape after being scooped up by hungry pelican in London park

Giant pterosaurs 'were capable of flying 10,000 miles non-stop to other continents'

Revealed: The ten farmland species that will be extinct within just 25 years

Siberian swans fly in early with an icy omen for winter... as forecasters say snow will be here by Friday

Vegemite for breakfast, the odd game of football and a few ciders in front of the TV: A day in the life of Beemer the pet kangaroo

Two Baby Two-toed Sloths

Polish bear 'that fought Nazis' to be commemorated

Budgie dies on Royal Navy warship after alarm bell gives it heart attack

Man flushes, finds squirrel in toilet

Scientists study peregrine falcons to determine effects of Gulf oil spill

How the leopard got its spots

Breeding budgerigars might seem a harmless pursuit. But the recent theft of some of the finest birds – and the killing of a champion – changed all that

Germany frets over 'bullied' Knut's love life

Amazing close-up macro photographs of insects and spiders by John Hallmén

Top 10 Body Bugs

Even bees lose their memory: Older honey bees 'find it hard to remember where a new hive is located'

Chimp attends Gaza university lecture

RIP PG chimp. Star of tea adverts dies at 34

Tiny Baby Marmoset Fits Nicely on Your Finger

British fisherman grapples with ferocious 'giant piranha'... which has been known to eat crocodiles

Minnesota Zoo's Dolphin Calf Is Ready for Visitors!

Scientists discover new species in one of world's deepest ocean trenches

Record number of humpback whales have been found dead on Brazilian coast in 2010

Loro Parque Welcomes Killer Whale Calf

The world's deadliest animals: Great white sharks


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