Thursday, October 07, 2010

Photobooth Dogs

Puppy 101: Why Your Dog Won't Come When Called

The 7 Most Incredible Crime Sprees Carried Out by Animals

'I drowned eight cats' admits mum who now faces jail

Woman hit by truck saved by landing on Amber the 15st dog

Dog makes a creative escape

A Breed Apart: Boning up on Man's Best Friend

This Old CRT Monitor Is A Cute Dog's Bed

Photobooth Dogs by Cameron Woo (via)

Paladino’s Pet Pit Bull Adds Teeth to Campaign

Boston firefighters get oxygen masks for cats and dogs

Rabid dogs bite a chunk out of Bali's tourist trade

Confused cat found wandering streets with tin on its head

Owner's warning after cat is crushed to death in reclining chair

Pillion Dogs

Cockerels shot dead after four month hunt

Man accidentally shoots himself in face while fighting off skunk

Sacramento Valley: A haven for birds – and birders

Toiling to Save a Threatened Frog

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 kicks off with jaw-dropping images

Pet alligator seized, owner thought it was a lizard

Predatory Cats Return to the Harz Mountains

Baby squirrels share a kiss as they shelter in a tree

Orphan Cougar Cubs in Oregon

How to help toads survive crossing roads

Fear for wolves over calls to strip them of protected status

Why Can’t We Be Friends? Top 10 Interspecies BFF Videos

Amazing Animal Heroes Rescuing Humans

20 Absolutely Cute Cygnets Photographs

Council considers using bulls to stop 'doggers'

Gardener loses fingers in freak mole-killing bid

Pig learns to walk on two legs

Ancient giant penguin unearthed in Peru

Bear robs store in Radium Hot Springs, B.C.

You too, can swim with a tiger!

Whipping up spot of fast food horseplay

Researchers Using Rat-Robot Hybrid to Design Better Brain Machine Interfaces

'Bugs Bunny Gang' Leaves French Wine Producers Hopping Mad

What California students learned photographing desert tortoises could -- and did -- fill a book

Superpowers, science and sex: the panda story

The p-p-p-perfect baby penguins who love posing for the camera

Panda Dies at Japanese Zoo: $500,000 Compensation for China

Amazing pictures that show why summer is snow joke for starving polar bears

Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 highly commended images

U.S. Navy bombs Guam with frozen rodents filled with poison to rid island of treesnakes

Pygmy rabbits denied Endangered Species Act protections by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Lions turn on trainer at Ukraine circus

Asda sued over frog in wine bottle

Wild deer befriends herd of cows


Not Gonna Get Us

Going for first Date

Monkeys See Selves in Mirror, Open a Barrel of Questions (via)


Top 10 Creepy Creatures of the Deep

Census of Marine Life: Large animals in danger of dying out

Ocean Drifters, a secret world beneath the waves

There is a Jellyfish whose biology allows it to go from a fully mature Medusa, to its polyp stage and back again indefinitely

Mutant Worms Produce Piles of Spider Silk

My search for the purple emperor butterfly

Girl finds eight green-fanged spiders in her house (and yes, they do have a nasty bite)

Extreme Insects by Richard Jones

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