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Music 5

Why Kraftwerk are still the world's most influential band

The 8 worse acts of censorship in TV history

The 6 Most Hilarious Failures in Music Censorship History

The Psychology of Music

Strange Album Art Choices, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to GNR

Can You Learn To Like Music You Hate?

10 Ruthless Rock Managers

New-found Pictures of the "Rolling Stones"

Album Sleeves In Their Original Locations

Fartbarf, Neon Piss, and more: the year in band names 2012

God Save the Eight-Track

New music survey: P2P users buy the most, no one wants disconnection penalties

Jonathan Coulton Explains How Glee Ripped Off His Cover Song — And Why He’s Not Alone

Leaked Report Reveals Music Industry’s Global Anti-Piracy Strategy

All the songs DO sound the same: Modern pop is louder, less varied, and uses less chords than classic albums of 50s and 60s

In a rare interview, prog rock legend Robert Fripp speaks about standing up to the music industry

Dublin buskers must have 20 songs

The state of the music industry - The Oatmeal

Cassette Tape Ribbons Create Portraits Of Famous Musicians [Pics]

Famous album covers recreated with my socks

The 20 Worst Hipster Bands

100 saddest songs

The 21 Most Memorable Songs Written By Hal David

Elvis Presley Bible sells for £59,000 at Stockport auction

How recordings have changed perceptions of classical music

The 10 Most Ridiculous Album Cover Trends of All Time

Unpublished Jimi Hendrix photos

Blind jazz prodigy takes Bolivia's music scene by storm

9 Non-Jazz Artists Heavily Informed By Jazz

How The Music Industry Is Killing Music And Blaming The Fans

The 40 Most Ratchet Music Rumors

The Stories Behind Donna Summer’s Biggest Hits

9 Classic Songs You Didn’t Know Were Covers

30 Beautiful Song Lyrics

7 Famous Musicians Who Stole Some of Their Biggest Hits

6 Popular Upbeat Songs You Didn't Realize Are Depressing and 5 Upbeat Songs You Didn't Realize Are Depressing (Part 2).

The 5 Most Unintentionally Scarring '80s Music Videos

The 10 Most Infamous Love Triangles in Music History

I Can't Quite Tell If This Guy Likes Nickelback

Five Best Internet Radio Services

Live concerts and audio from the King Biscuit concert catalog

Legally resell used MP3s? Yes. Judge hands round 1 to ReDigi, not Capitol Records

The 6 Most Baffling Classic Rock Songs About Women

The 8 Best Musician Autobiographies of All Time

9 Rock Stars With Advanced Degrees

Dudes Look Like Old Ladies. Poking fun at Aerosmith.

Cameron ready to give graphic pop videos an 18 rating to stop children watching them

The 13 strangest composer deaths in classical music

Gran, 87, gets Asbo for radio noise

Slightly Depressing Facts About Popular Music

Musicians Wage War Against Evil Robots

Bad Romance: The 33 Bitterest Songs Ever

Motorhead: Don't buy our new box set

A Selection of the Weirdest Political Endorsements by Musicians

NME: 60 years of rock history ... and four front covers that define their eras

10 Bands Known Only for a TV Show Theme Song

Michael Jackson’s Back Catalog Downloaded by Hackers?

Earworms: Why songs get stuck in our heads

9 Movies That Never Should’ve Become Musicals

10 Incredible Musicians With Physical Handicaps

Cliff Richard dying inside

10 Songs for When It Feels Good to Be Sad

11 Album Covers With Dead Band Members Removed

The Evolution of The Rock Concert Audience [Picture]

When Did The Remix Become A Requirement?

ABBA to launch revamped final album, with new track

9 Rock Songs from the 1960s About Superheroes

10 Musicians Who Got Their Start Playing in the Streets

The 6 Most Elaborate F-Yous From Musicians to the Industry

Elvis' Swedish 'daughter' sues Presley estate

Music Tidbits: Iggy Pop

Furnishings from Michael Jackson's last house on sale

Anonymous Hacker Arrested for Attack on Gene Simmons’s Website

Foo Fighters rocked Auckland! Literally.

Rock Star Deaths: Is the 27 Club for Real?

The 25 Most Powerful Songs of the Past 25 Years

Vogue Picture Records: Vinyl Romance

The 50 Most Anticipated Albums of 2012

The Embarrassing Day Jobs Of 5 Famous Rappers

10 Songs With Lyrics That Are Impossible to Understand

EMI sells music unit to Universal for £1.2bn

Fans of The Smiths horrified as 'anti-establishment' band allows John Lewis to use song in Christmas TV ad

The Worst Song Of The '90s? A Line-By-Line Dissection Of Alanis Morissette's "Ironic"

The Clash's Paul Simonon jailed while working as undercover Greenpeace activist

“Grooveshark Bosses Uploaded Music” Say Universal In Massive Lawsuit

The Evolution of Western Dance Music!

The 25 Greatest Love Songs of the 1990s

8-Bit Music Videos: 8 Pixel-Perfect Examples [VIDEOS]

Parody band with millions of fans but no record deal

Readers' Poll: The 10 Worst Songs of the 1980s

The 25 Worst Rapper Names of All Time

This turntable costs as much as a house

Ozzy Osbourne's New Book: How To Cure Athlete's Foot With Cocaine

David Bowie: Top 10: Lost Tracks

These Music Superstars Used To Be Less-Famous Artists With Different Names

The 25 Highest-Paid Musicians In The World [LIST]

Five Awful Cover Songs Made Even Worse By Tiny Lyric Changes

Beavis and Butt-Head: Six of Their Greatest Musical Insights

Metallica Fans Riot After India Dates Canceled

Five Smelly Musicians Who Don't Deserve Their Own Perfume

This 16-Year-Old Is Re-shaping The Future Of Music Labels

10 Most Heated Rap Rivalries of All Time

EU moves to extend music copyrights by 20 years

In search of Nirvana. Twenty years ago an album that wreaked havoc on the conventional music industry was released. Lauren Spencer, who was among the first to hear Nevermind, reminisces with the surviving band members, and returns to Seattle to hear how Kurt Cobain changed music for ever.

Scopitone: ’60s Music Videos You’ve Never Seen

Funk legend Sly Stone homeless and living in a van in LA

Seventeen Facts You Didn’t Know About Hit Songs

How False Rumors of a Surprise Radiohead Concert Spread Online

Music Royalty Collectors Accused of Copyfraud

70's Inspired David Bowie Paper Dolls

Snoop Dogg makes video tribute to Welsh gardener's record-breaking swede

Uh oh: Bob Dylan's grandson trying to be a rapper

U2 360 tour by the numbers (infographic)

30 Years of Music Sales in 60 Seconds

The History of 'Mahna Mahna': From a Swedish Sex Film Soundtrack to the Muppets and Beyond!

Soundtracks That Deserve More Hype Than the Films They Accompany

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Carry On

50 Years Of Billy Ray Cyrus: A Life In Haircuts

The 8 Greatest Sesame Street Albums

Turning The Human Body Into An Interface For Noise Music

Japanese pop star revealed to be computer generated, fans in shock

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Jacket Sells For $1.8 Million

The 15 Greatest Bands Named After Real People

Music Rights Groups Raided By Police, Bosses Arrested For Fraud

Five Things Your Favorite Indie Band Owes To Brian Eno

Rap-Rock Bands: Where Are They Now?

Unlicensed: Are Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player illegal?

He's Hot, He's Sexy, He's Dead: Rolling Stone's 1981 Jim Morrison Cover Story

Woman evicted over all-night Tina Turner singalongs

Top 25 Most Iconic Album Covers

How The RIAA Screws Artists With Creative Accounting

RIAA Starts Going After BitTorrent Sites

Found Photos: When Rock Lost Its Innocence

40 Names Of Bands Before They Were Famous

15 Musicians Who’ve Done Time

Full Lollapalooza Lineup Revealed

Save Ferris: Pop-Culture Origins Of 16 Famous Band Names

40 Sad Portraits Of Closed Record Stores

The Blues Rocker’s New Secret Weapon? An Electric Cigar Box Guitar

Behind the music: In praise of Songtrust

The Top 9 sellingoutest musicians in pop history

Google Makes Interactive Music Video for the Web

LimeWire Pays RIAA $105 Million, Artists Get Nothing

The 5 Nastiest Rap Songs of All Time

Katy Perry’s tour rider leaks, unveils scalping controversy

In 1892 Live Music Was Just a Phone Call Away

My ex Brother-in-Law's 5h1t record collection on eBay.

The World's Most Unique Headphones

Top 15 Oddities of McCartney, Dylan and The Stones

Norway to Train Diplomats in ‘True Norwegian Black Metal’

5 Musicians Who Had to Relearn Their Craft

The Ten Most Cringe-Worthy Celebrity Vocal Duets

Clarence Clemons' Best Saxophone Solos: E Street Band Legend Dies At 69

How Dad’s Music Indicates What You Listen To Today [INFOGRAPHIC]

The 25 Most Influential Music Videos Of All Time

'Too drunk' Amy Winehouse booed in Belgrade

Report: Despite Piracy, Music Is More Alive Than Ever Before

Copyright Police Want Truck Drivers To Have Licensed Cab Music

28 Songs You Know The Words To (But Are Too Ashamed To Admit It)

Top 10 Unlikely Top 10 Hits

David Bowie App Will Allow Fans to Create Their Own Remixes

Top 10 music concert films

10 Bands that Never Should Have Reunited

Top 10 Best Known Classical Melodies

How to Build an Incredible Sound Studio on the Cheap...

Glee Diss Alert! This Time It's Head Foo Fighter Dave Grohl Piling On

The United States Of Music

Collectors Frenzy Online Record Price Guide For Rare Vinyl Records Prices

Phil Collins: I quit music but no one will miss me

The Legacy Of The CD: Innovation That Ate Itself

Diddy is world’s richest rapper

The Secret Day Jobs of Indie Musicians

U.S. Supreme Court denies appeal on Eminem's music royalty dispute

8 Musicians That Used Technology to Redefine Music

Addicted to excess: From reverence for the Nazis to an insatiable appetite for drugs and sex, a new biography of David Bowie portrays a man even more outrageous than his reputation

10 More Geeky Love Songs

The Replacement Musicians

Hey Hey, It’s...The Monkees reformation

5 Surprisingly Well-Educated Rock Stars

12 Best Songs From Eighties Movies

Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and the German Hacker Heist

The Songs That Shaped: Thom Yorke’s…Face

Green Gartside: The brainiest man in pop (apart from Brian Eno)

Bowie Remixes inspired by Kubrick's 2001 Bowie2001

New music industry plan: halt flow of money to pirate music sites

One Repulsive Album Cover I'd Rather Never See Again (Plus a Few More While We're on the Subject)

Hip-hop's ten most impactful deaths

7 Awesome Video Game-Inspired Music Videos

The Top 5 Most Politically Incorrect Music Videos

Music Royalty Society Collects Money For Fake Artists, Bathroom Equipment and Food

The 5 Weirdest Ways Music Can Mess With the Human Brain

Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy guitarist, dies aged 58

Shapers of the 80s | British youth culture at its finest

The Story of Bohemian Rhapsody

Eric Clapton was/is a racist asshole

10 Hilarious Concert Blunders

The Top 10 Sites To Listen To Classical Music

9 Shocking Grammy Moments

Ten Musicians Who Don't Act Their Age

10 Weirdest Bands

Top 5 rapper face tattoos

Six Awesome Bands Named after Real People

25 of the 1990’s Guiltiest Musical Pleasures

Top 10 Lip Synching Busts

The Music Bay: Pirate Bay Crew Instill More Fear Into The Music Industry

Replacement Lead Singers That Failed

7 Songs About Diamonds (That Are Actually About Something Else)

Fan snorted Gallagher's dandruff in cocaine mix-up

6 Pieces of Music That Mean The Opposite of What You Think

Can Bad Taste in Music Ruin a Relationship?: Scientific Study Finds Music Predicts Sexual Attraction

15 Hilarious Pop Songs Spoofs

10 Most Bizarre Music Genres that Actually Exist

Sigur Ros - homage or fromage?

Top 10 Ridiculous Music Genres

What's working in music: Having a ball | The Economist

4 Super-Groups (That Weren’t So Super)

Michael Jackson Scarecrows

The 20 Most Pause-Worthy Album Covers

10 Great Rock and Roll Bloopers

Glastonbury 2012 cancelled due to lack of portaloos and police

Student Hides Rick Astley's Song In College Paper

Sony Kills The Cassette Walkman On The iPod's Birthday*

Rock Star Recognized for Animal Protection

Hammer vs Jay-Z: The top five dumbest and most pointless beefs in music history

The 50 Best Albums of the Decade (2000-2009)

The Quick 10: Songs That Sound Like They’re About Women (But Aren’t)

From Jagger to Gaga: Music icons through the lens of Mick Rock

High School Students Suspended For Wearing Sex Pistols Shirts

The night Cliff Richard tipped me over the edge

Top 10: Science Pop Songs

Top 10 Sell-Out Songs: You Can Actually Hear Artistic Integrity Disintergrate

10 Weirdest Bands

Top 10: Science Pop Songs

Dave Grohl Puts On a Disguise To Get His Daughter Into The Right Preschool!

The 7 Most Violent Gigs in History

10 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Albums

Best of 2010: Top 10 Worst Album Covers

Ten Soundtracks That Are Better Than The Movie

20 Soulful Blogs for Vinyl Fans and Collectors

5 Strange Musical Collaborations

10 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Albums

9,000 Michael Jackson Fans Sign Petition Asking Discovery Not to Air Autopsy Special

The GEMA, the German musical copyright monitoring body, has written to 36,000 of the nursery schools telling them they have to fork out to photocopy song texts and to keep a proper record of which ones are sung.

Radiohead for Haiti charity DVD now available on BitTorrent and YouTube as donationware

In Memoriam: Musicians We Lost In 2010

Vintage Boombox and Ghetto Blaster Museum

Stage Dive Fails -- 8 Examples of How Not to Jump Into a Crowd

RIAA Misfires, Grazes

Axl Rose Suing Guitar Hero Makers

Top 10 Over Rated Acts in Music Today

When they were young: One photographer's intimate album of rockers before they got wrinkly

4 Terrible Concert Riots

Lady Gaga songs 'stolen' in Germany

Hip Hop's 11 Greatest 'Star Wars' References

5 Greatest ‘Screw You’ Moments in Popular Music

The History of Music Videos

6 Comic Books About Musicians Who Should Have Known Better

Murray Gershenz said he hoped a museum or college would acquire his rare 400,000-album collection. That hasn't worked out, so his next stop could be a dumpster.

Top 10 Popular Music Rip-Offs

The Secret Scam of Cheap Earbuds

The 30 Greatest On-Stage Falls of All Time

The Greatest Band and Orchestra Fails

Discographies on Twitter

20 Best Fictional Bands from TV and Film

19 Unintentionally Terrifying Children's Album Covers

The 200 Greatest Songs of the 1960s

17 Geeky Star Wars The Imperial March Theme Remakes

Chinese man with no arms plays piano with toes

Top Six Most Inappropriate Uses of a Song on TV, Ever

13 Bizarre Music Videos For Halloween

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cher

10 Actors Who Made Terrible Musicians

The Taxonomy of Hip-Hop Names

100 Worst Songs Ever

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