Thursday, October 14, 2010

20 Things You Didn't Know About Dogs

How to Degauss a Cat

Man bites dog, police say

20 Things You Didn't Know About Dogs

Women toting 77 cats stopped, face charges

Blind dog can 'see' again thanks to a set of extra-long plastic whiskers

Is your dog's bowl half full or empty? How to tell a pessimist pet from an optimist

For Rufus, winningest bull terrier in breed history, life as a retired show dog is still busy

The Dog Photographer of the Year competition 2010

Unleash the gonzo hounds! Steadman’s world of dogs

Will Look Awesome for Food

Tea Partiers barking mad over puppy-mill humane measure in Missouri

Animal foster mum is Britain’s top pet lookalike

Family 'held to ransom' after council finds lost dog

Unlikely double act attracts attention

'Striking' gull image wins wildlife photography award

Hola Panditos!

Rare dormice move into village railway station's ticket machine

Horse Cachet stabbed, scalped in fatal attack at Epping

The Secret Life of Sheep

Why some animals are more equal than others...

Locking antlers: red deer stags during the annual autumn rutting season in Britain


A man, a wolf and a whole new world

Cockerel 'left in wheelie bin'

British racing pigeon ends up 5200 miles away in Panama 'after getting lost'

5 Prey Animals Deadlier Than Their Predators

Iberian Lynx: the Next Wild Cat Extinction?

Woman shares her joy of living with Beemer the red kangaroo

Giraffes – Necks for food or necks for sex?

Birth of rare Sumatran tiger cub surprises keepers at the Frankfurt Zoo

Elephant Sanctuary co-founder sues after being fired, seeks visitation rights

We will not be moo-ved: Moment herd of cows turns on a black bear trying to make meal of grazing calf

New, Cat-Sized Carnivore Found in Madagascar

Alaska officials consider proposal to allow trapping of black bears

Meet Ruth the Tiny Baby Sloth

The moment a giant elephant seal meets its match in a tiny penguin

The 500lb tiger encountered by police after they were called to a tiny high-rise flat

The week in wildlife

The life of an equine movie star

Animal pictures of the week: 8 October 2010

Polar bear hunts for solid footing as new study charts continuing decline in Arctic ice

Lucky escape for women florists as world's deadliest frog leaps out of exotic flowers from Colombia

It's a Girl! Houston Welcomes Baby Elephant "Tupelo"

Firefighters rush to rescue cow who fell 10ft down a well

Ants and us

The evolution of altruism: selflessness in ants? That's fighting talk

Anti-dengue mosquitoes to hit Australia and Vietnam

Giant spider eating a bird caught on camera

Huge Pile of Daddy Long Legs Just Ruined Your Breakfast

Chimp Charlie dies at 52 despite smoking habit

Boar-riding Monkey Attacked by Raccoon

Baby Killer Whale Born at SeaWorld Orlando

Humpback whale swims a quarter of the world

Wild Seals Work as Oceanographers’ Lab Assistants

Vampire fish to lipstick geckos among new species found around Mekong River

Whales Help Fertilize Ocean With Floating Dung

Wonders of the deep: New exhibition showcases some of the most stunning wildlife pictures ever taken

Three men rescued after boat 'sunk by whale'

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