Thursday, September 23, 2010

The World's Tallest Cat

Dog With World's Longest Tongue Makes Rad Video Library

Meet The World's Tallest Cat

Jersey City woman says boyfriend beat her with a cat

Which Dog Has the Longest Tongue? Lick It Up in Guinness

Dog Poop Lights Up City Park

Who could dump poor Ginger? Dog's desperate chase after car as callous owner abandons her in field

Jack Tripper the Amazing Eyeless Kitty

Former dogfighting 'bait dog' escapes euthanasia at Southern California animal shelter, seeks new home

Michael Vick’s Lost Dogs : The New Yorker

Talk about the dog days of summer... as beach plays host to a shaggy surfing show

Stowaway kitten travels at 70 meows per hour

Windsor man jailed for cruelty after strapping condom on dog

Hungry seagull drops a live budgerigar on head of bemused chip-muncher

Rare owl rescued from world's largest cruise ship

The fate of the last giant pandas of China

Walking, Hopping, Bouncing Mara Twins!

BBC cameras capture rare glimpse of mountain tigers

Dead whale on bow of ship docking in Oakland

Rescuers Dig Escaped Camel Out of Sinkhole

Secret lives of the harvest mice

North Carolina wild horse population faces an uncertain future

Zookeeper Courted Danger to Attract Press and Visitors

Colorado wildlife officials say their effort to reintroduce the lynx is a success

Baby Lion Cubs Get First Vet Exam

Six foot long snake discovered in toilet in Poland

The week in wildlife

Best of furry friends: lion and meerkat strike up friendship that echoes The Lion King story

In Search of the Grizzly (if Any Are Left)

Extraordinary moment an elephant teetered on two legs to reach tasty treat from tree branch

Australia’s Lost Giants

Pigs unleashed to root out poisonous acorn glut

Asian lion cubs debut at Switzerland's Zurich Zoo

Mini-moo: 33-inch cow named world’s smallest

Escaped cobras strike fear in southwest China

Poor wild berry crop brings hungry bears into close proximity with humans in Western states

'Asian unicorn' spotted for first time since 1999... but critically endangered animal DIES after it is captured by villagers

Dicing with death: The woman who dares to put her HEAD between a crocodile's jaws

Protecting Tigers’ Final Strongholds

Ram causes thousands of pounds of damage to house

Please don't encourage the chipmunks

Newsreader confuses washed up dead cow with polar bear

Rhinoceros cage doubles as drug plantation at Austrian zoo

Mouse-eating opossums run amok in Brooklyn

Stockton animal sex man back in court

Devastating 'fish kill' found in Gulf of Mexico ... but the culprit is not who you might think

The Oil and the Turtles

Shark-Finning Puts Species on Verge of Extinction

Desperate attempt to save stranded whales

'Mythical' extinct fly rediscovered after 160 years

Miniature Photography : Insects And Fly Under The Microscope

World's Biggest, Strongest Spider Webs Found

Photo of the Day Silverback Gorilla, Africa

The Jane Goodall Archives

Being Jane Goodall

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