Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Worlds Bravest Dog Sgt.Stubby

Family outraged after officer shoots dog

The Worlds Bravest Dog Sgt.Stubby

Puppy Tail Lights

10 Scene-Stealing Onscreen Pets

Rottweiler honoured for stopping Coventry sex attacker

Row over 'untouchable' Indian dog

Three men accused of kidnapping, eating dog

Yobs dyed cat pink then threw it over a fence and now, Pink cat mystery solved: owner dyed it to match her hair.

Firemen rescue cat and owner stuck up a tree

The 25 Best and Most Adorable MRVLCATS

First Russian Space Dogs

How to store & organize cats

The Great Kitty And Parakeet Relationship

Cape Cod town rolls out the pooch welcome mat, making it the most dog-friendly town in the U.S.

DNA Is New Weapon In Fight Against Dogfighting

Michigan cat finally climbs down after a week and a half in a tree

40+ examples of dog-and-cat friendship

Learning new tricks at 22 (or 154 in human years) meet Billy, the world's oldest dog

Snow, white tiger cubs nursed by dog

Meet Zippy...the deaf dog who knows sign language

For fox sake: Council workers paint over dead cub

Cute Overload Star Inspires Hamster Cookbook

CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010 award winners

Back from the dead: One third of 'extinct' animals turn up again

Polar bear photo gallery

Pig tales: Meet the house-trained micro pigs

Climate risks greater for long distance migratory birds

The Big Picture - Animals in the news

Woman scares off charging bear – with a courgette

Amazing images of rare pink hippopotamus captured in Masai Mara

Train kills seven elephants protecting calves on railway track in India

I've got ver-tigger! The scaredy-cat who is afraid of heights

Little Sand Cat Kittens Start to Explore

Revealed: the secret world of the panda

Brains of Mice on Drugs

New Imaging Technology Shows Animal Insides, Python Digesting a Rat (via)

Why lions roar and wildcats miaow

Drug-filled Mice Airdropped Over Guam to Kill Snakes

Bear cub takes inadvertent 12-hour train ride to Winnipeg

Montana woman fights bear using courgette

Woman kills rabid fox with bare hands

Amazing Photos of Field Mouse

10 Unusual Animal Hybrids

Top 10 Colorful Animals

5 Animals That Like To Get High

The 9 Most Mind-blowing Disguises in the Animal Kingdom

Clergyman told he can't kill or release trapped squirrel

Hares Can Get Pregnant While Pregnant

Florida Panthers Helped by Texas Cats

Biologist Tracks Walruses Forced Ashore As Ice Melts

Animal populations surge in Ugandan national parks

Tazo Loves Chewing on His Toys

Whale Sharks Killed, Displaced by Gulf Oil?

Poacher killed by great white shark

Another deadly challenge for the sea otter

Bypasses seal deal for eels to return to Britain

Chimp’s a smoothie

Trained monkeys guard athletes at Commonwealth Games

Miniature Photography : Insects And Fly Under The Microscope

Photos: World's Biggest, Strongest Spider Webs Found

A Gutsy New Way To Get Around

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