Thursday, September 09, 2010

Programming cats

Programming cats

Picture Of The Day: A Wink And A Wave

The craziest dogs are the ones you never forget

New Spa & Hotel Caters to Celebs on Four Legs

Cat recovering after passerby finds it shot, caged and tossed into McKay Bay

Belgium plans to neuter most cats as feline population explodes

Dead Dog Found In Medical Office Cabinet

Dog Killed In Lake At Palmetto Bay Park

Huge Dogs

Leopard Falls into Open Well in Shirva, Rescued by Locals

Top 10 Working Animals

King cobra and grey mongoose clash in classic battle

The one at the back is the best. STREEEEETCH

Yawning Lion

There is a Horse in the Apple Store

13 of the ugliest animals on the planet

25 Awesome Animal Attack Videos

16 Weird & Amazing Bird Facts Around The World

Gator found stuck in storm drain

Firefighters use oxygen masks used to revive giant tortoises rescued from burning zoo enclosure

Existence of rare red fox confirmed

Guinea pig power

Legal endangered wolf killings to rise

Meet the couple who don't bother keeping wolves from their door... they invite them in

Department store zoo animals - trapped in an urban jungle

Where seagulls dare: Eagle is ambushed for his supper above Norwegian fjord

Our conflicted relationship with animals

Wildebeest Migration Threatened

Baby Lion Cub Live Webcam Launched

Silly billies: Two young goats get stuck on six-inch ledge of railway bridge for two days

How a British backpacker became the saviour of Africa's big cats

Why elephants are NOT afraid of mice (but are terrified by ants)

John Vaillant on the Siberian Tiger

Bears In Fog

First-Ever Baby Seahorse Spotted in British Waters

Mystery of the Floating Octopus Solved

When zoo flipper became a nipper

Explosive end for sick whale

Cockroaches could help combat MRSA and E.coli

Bee decline already having dramatic effect on pollination of plants

Storm of Butterflies

If you glow down to the woods today... the moment fireflies turn woods into an enchanted forest

Orangutan cradles lion cubs in unlikely babysitter role

Congolese chimpanzees face new 'wave of killing' for bushmeat

Monkeys took in a cat

Animal rights groups face off with scientists over fate of chimps

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