Friday, September 03, 2010

It’s a Dog Day

12 independently wealthy pets

Nico, the deaf shelter dog whose photo inspired online rescue community, has a new home in Indiana

The Cutest Missing Pet Posters

Four-legged friends, five-star treatment

Today's Pictures: It’s a Dog Day

Fudge the kitten in a spin after going through a complete cycle in TUMBLE DRIER

Dogs and Mice Could Be Trained as Roving Biosensors to Sniff Out Disease Before It Spreads, Study Says

Video: Dancing Parrot Boogies Better With a Partner

Biblical vulture's Holy Land struggle

Calf saved from the farmer's shotgun grows into towering 6ft 5in, one-tonne beast

White Animals

Let Elephants and Lions Roam the Great Plains

Moment two lionesses launch extraordinary attack on a threatening male

Secret songs: the hidden beauty of birdsong revealed

Toddler comes face to face with escaped Bengal tiger in Miami zoo

Why Christmas Island crabs dash for the beach

Baby panda's first moments caught on camera

Live Tiger Found in Bag Full of Toy Tigers at Thai Airport

South African Rhino Poaching – Rhino Wars!

Hungover Owls

Protector of the Giants photographic exhibition

Animals Make Us Human

Hungry elephant slings woman across field

Police shoot dead rare leopard in Indonesia

Small ape triggered tiger escape at Jungle Island

The Fascinating Life and Times of the Humble Pigeon

Tiger photo gallery

Frog Bites Off More Than It Can Chew, Eats Entire Snake

Ten of the most outrageous animal smuggling attempts

Roadkill squirrel recipe

White tiger cub in Indian zoo turns black

Animal pictures of the week: 27 August 2010

Pygmy hippo makes first public appearance at Polish zoo

Meet Panjo, the 23st Bengal tiger who raids the fridge, sleeps on the sofa and is fed milk from the bottle

Pictures: Live Tiger Cub Found in Luggage

Zoologger: Live birth, evolving before our eyes

Bolivian freshwater dolphin rescue

Prehistoric fish found in modern day (via)

Zoologger: Death by world's longest animal

Kayaker hit in the head by 30lb carp

'Four-legged' fish goes for a walk along ocean floor in stunning photos taken on deep sea dive

Octopus Evades Predators by Mimicking Toxic Sea Creatures

Man blows himself up trying to kill a spider

Stand aside, the behe-moths of the insect world have arrived

The new snail that lives in stately homes

Mimic a predator to avoid mosquito bites

The UK's biggest ever survey to find the most common butterfly in British gardens

Drunk baboons plague Cape Town's exclusive suburbs

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