Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cheer Up with Nature’s Therapists

Cereberus puppy

Homeless man who lives under bridge in Jersey City wants his dog back

Man Builds Cat-Sized Village for Homeless Cats (via)

Dogs on Logs

Agony of cat found impaled on railings

10 Shakespearean Cats

Man taught dog to smoke

Abducted Cat Found 3,000 Miles From Home

Helping Cats to Make Their Way Back Home

Isn't that tweet: Flint the spaniel DOESN'T make a dog's dinner out of tiny sparrow friend Chicky

Extreme Dogs

What am I? The amazing tabbed-up tabby with 'cat' written in its fur

Climate change threatens slow swimming narwhals

Wood-eating catfish discovered in Peru

Dwellers In The Abyss: Ugly, Monstrous Fish

Picture Of The Day: I Think You’re Going To Need A Bigger Bowl

Man Punches Shark in the Face, Snaps Photo

Beached Whale Defies Death From 'Lethal Injection'

Flying fish can remain aloft for up to 45 seconds and travel a quarter of a mile above the water

Fish: the forgotten victims on our plate

Giant Sharks Swim Onto Species Watch List

Shark attack survivors don't forget but do forgive

Melting sea ice forces walruses onto Alaska shores

Rare, Tiny, Supercute Baby Seahorse Found in British Waters

Dolphin innovators hunt fish by collecting conch shells

First pics of Cove dolphin hunt in Japan

Titan of the Thames: Resurfacing after 200 years, the whale that met a bloody end

Large fish with 'teeth like a human' caught in Lake Wylie

Parrot turns stool pigeon and exposes love rat

Donkey Saves Goat From Mountain Lion in Paradise

Cheer Up with Nature’s Therapists. Great pics.

Playful baby elephants indulge in wrestling match as mother looks on proudly

Roly + Poly Red Panda Cubs!

Crowned lemur snacks on celery at the Dresden Zoo

The week in wildlife

Mother and baby wildlife photo gallery

Meet a Baby Bamboo Lemur

Speed-date with the world's cutest critter

Horses rescued from starvation are ready for adoption

Florida deputies wrangle, handcuff 7-foot-long alligator near elementary school

It's yoga bear: Supple Santra has more keep-fit moves than the average bear

Croc, cash and stash found in Sydney drug raid

5 Endangered Species Hunted for Food

World's Top Dealer in Endangered Animals Snagged

Rare Amur leopard on display at Germany zoo

10 Most Beautiful Snakes on Earth

Feisty Fennec Fox Kits for Drusillas Park

The Most Athletic Pig & Other Weird Animal World Records!

Man who stomped on pelican may don orange vest

Unexpected voyager: red squirrel boards a boat in Argyll

Taser Used On Man Trying To Save Pets From Burning Home

Lucky Koala Hit By Car Walks Away Without a Scratch

The Indian Giant Squirrel

Teeny Tiny Mongeese

'Zebra' stops cars in Russia road accident campaign

10 Strange New Frog Species

Ukraine: Animal massacre feared ahead of Euro 2012

Come Gimme A Big Hug

Turtle and Crocodile friendship

Hybrids May Thrive Where Parents Fear to Tread

Mapping Traffic’s Toll on Wildlife

Alien Creatures in Chiba

Rothschild giraffe calf reaches for a snack at the Berlin Zoo

Otterly adorable: Bath-time means orphaned pup can learn how to swim (and he's made best friends with a dog too)

Berlin Museum Opens Spectacular Display of Pickled Animals

Ospreys make a comeback in Orange County

Baby pygmy hippopotamus is born in Polish zoo

Five Baby Otters, First Pups in 20 Years for Santa Barbara!

The amazing pictures of a nurse who lives with three pet crocodiles ... and her 16-year-old son

Mystery of scorpion found on a Yorkshire street

A Bug's Life

Exposure to chemical TBT causes female snails to grow penises on heads

Attleboro woman stung 500 times

How Cockroach Brains May One Day Save Your Life

Top 10 Zombie Parasites

Drunk baboons plague Cape Town's exclusive suburbs

Wild chimps outwit human hunters

Zurich's Youngest Bonobo Seen Snacking

Boar-riding Rodeo Monkey Triggers Cuteness Overload in Japan

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