Thursday, August 19, 2010

Top 10 Animal Rescues

Warm Fuzzies and peepin tomcat likes what he seez

Understanding Your Cat's Body Language: The Ears

Alien Kitten

Algonquin Toasts Its Famous Feline

We Were There: Cat Fashion Show at the Algonquin Hotel

Dogs improve office productivity

The Marinating Cat Is Off the Menu -- And In a New Home

Koala catchers, beer tasters and shark taggers wanted by Australia

In a tight spot: top 10 animal rescues

Elephants fear humans more than dynamite

Extremely Rare North African Cheetah Cubs

He is Here

Red squirrel does Saturday Nut Fever

Micro pig farm gets ad ban for pet that's not so wee wee wee

Grizzly bear in maulings near Yellowstone was in poor condition, had parasites

Five Species Likely to Become Extinct in the Next 40 Years

Kestrel makes a plucky recovery after being knocked out cold by a golf ball

Pig reappears in Cove

The week in wildlife

Meet Trifle, the hedgehog with three broken legs

Lord of the Rings: sheep take over The Shire on New Zealand film set

The bear with a sore head: Cub saved 10 days after getting stuck in plastic bottle

Meet Britain's first wild-born beaver in 400 years: But at only eight weeks old, will it be brave enough to go for a swim?

Barcelona using catapults to capture pigeons

Probe After Zoo Keeper Creates Liger Cubs

Woolly mammoth killed off by climate change

Domestic cats brought in to save the ‘Highland tiger’

Monster fish slaps, nibbles swimmers

Having a whale of a time: The 20ft sea giant who couldn't resist smiling for the camera

Who, or what, is causing this carnage to our seals?

Fisherman stunned after frog leaps into his net and swallows his catch whole

British record 68lb fish dies aged 45

Caterpillar came to lunch

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Mosquitoes

Name That Butterfly

Bees fare better in town than country

New Monkey Sports Bushy Red Beard

New monkey species already looks scared

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