Thursday, August 12, 2010

Montana Black Bear Goes on Burglary Spree Hunting for Frozen Pizza

A Kitten That Looks Like A Toy

How much is that doggie in China? A cool $600,000

Sniffer dogs searching for hedgehogs on the Hebrides

Pet insurer holds contest to choose winner of Hambone Award for oddest accident

Retired guide dog gets stuck in a catflap

Introducing CATFIGHT! - Battle for the Internet's Favorite Feline

Traffic stop saves cat from owner’s plate

First Look: Silly, Adorable Yoga Puppies and Kittens 2011 Calendar

The Telegraph - Animal pictures of the week: 6 August 2010

Review of Toledo Zoo incident in which elephant attacked keeper finds that keeper broke rules

Cat-like crocodile roamed earth with the dinosaurs

Leucistic starling in East End of London

Falklands wolf mystery

Genetic modification: glow-in-the-dark lifesavers or mutant freaks?

The REAL teddy bears' picnic: Fish supper for 20 as grizzlies gather for annual salmon-feasting frenzy

Orphaned baby otter rescued and nursed back to health

Rare Bechsteins’s bats found in Worcestershire woodlands

Rhino rescue: calf reunited with mother

Marsupials not from Down Under after all

Police find python guarding stash of cocaine

'He's a bit of all-white': Jackie the albino jackdaw has twitchers all a-flutter

The Sun backed the wrong Russian donkey, owner claims

Myanmar junta celebrates rare white elephant

To the circus: conservationists warn of elephant exodus from Laos

History, Horses and the Luck of the Irish

The fox cub caught lounging around on swimming pool lilo

Bear in high-wire motorbike stunt and example of China's animal cruelty

Montana Black Bear Goes on Burglary Spree Hunting for Frozen Pizza

One day, son, you'll be the lion king: Father and newborn son look over their terrain at spot that inspired Disney movie

Oh, Deer! Utah Uses Strobes to Fight Jaywalking Bambis

Oh nuts! Woodpecker loses out in pecking order after cheeky squirrel steals his home

Creepy crawlies: Amazing Scanning Electron Microscope pictures of insects and spiders

Awesome Hawaiian Caterpillar

10 Formidable Predatory Insects

North American Insects and Spiders (via)

Worm charming festival fails to catch a single specimen

Plan to 'fingerprint' every Great White Shark

Antarctic Octopuses Discovered With Sub-Zero Venom

Toxic Algae Destroys Shark Brains

Infographic: Shark attacks

The 20 Most Intimidating Fictional Sharks of All Time

15 of the Worst Shark Attacks Ever

Stricken great white is saved

Pregnant orang-utan Maimunah going through food cravings

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