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How 13 Dog Breeds Got Their Names

Top 10 Breeds of Guard Dogs

20 Strangest Gadgets For Your Dog

wake up your cat .com

Healthy Cats Act Sick When Upset

Cat fashion calendar 2011: pets modelling United Bamboo's winter collection

Police drug dog Ellie is Bone Idol

Reconvilier, Switzerland Threatens To Kill Dogs If Owners Don't Pay Tax

What Are Cats Really Thinking?

Great Dane Helps Stop Sexual Assault

Border Collie Comprehends Over 1,000 Object Names as Verbal Referents

12 Bookstore Cats

New documents: Hitler-mocking dog enraged Nazis

Pet dog missing for the past five years shows up on owner's front porch

A Dog Takes Its Loyalty to the Grave in Brazil

Caught In The Act

Wally the dog rescued after being stuck in between Cathedral City walls

Grateful dog owners give vet school six-figure sum

East Boston cat called to jury duty

Alaskan malamute now among Britain's most popular dog breeds

Fat, friendly feline keeps tabs on village

A postman is suing a dog owner for compensation after he was forced to kneel in front of the body of the pet pooch for two hours after knocking it down in a road crash

Riddle of traveller who sends postcards to airport cat

World’s Longest Cat Revealed

10 Things You Didn't Know About Dogs

Cat ordered to do jury service

Crufts winners will need vet approval before getting award

Suddenly, all is well with a world of tuna and cat litter

Pet owners warned over 'quack' medicines

Cat fashion calendar 2011: pets modelling United Bamboo's winter collection

Owl attacks Crystal Lake dog

Narcoleptic pooch is bow wow-t for the count

Injured dog's selflessness draws tears

10 Year-Old Boys Save Frozen Kitten

My Dog, The Comedian
Dogs can tell canine size through growls

Dog in Germany gives birth to 17 puppies

Meet the real life Tom and Jerry: Cat gets stuck up a tree after chasing a wily mouse


Bases going to the dogs - and cats

Meet Chaser: The incredible border collie who has learned the names for 1022 toys

Stray chow-mix dog pulled off ice of Maumee River

Disabled pups bouncing back from act of cruelty

Family Dog Shot, Killed By Police

Dog Wears Cat Helmet

Lost Dog Returns Home After A Year

Hunt for sick teenage kitten killer who suffocated two cats in 'snuff' video

Dog pulls drowned puppies from estuary

Lost dog who boarded bus to keep warm is reunited with owner

The Doctor's Dog Will See You Now

German Shepherd Rescued After Getting Head Stuck in Cinderblock Wall

Dog survives six-week winter walk in rural Berkshire

Wanted: Owner faces £1,000 fine over 'lost cat' poster

Cats Guard Art At St Petersburg Museum

Brave cat tests dogs' suitability

Missing Halesowen cat turns up after being missing for 11 years!

Dog Waiting To Get Frisked

10 Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than Cats

‘Man selling the Big Issue sold my dog’, says Sherry Sourena

Agoraphobic dog saves diabetic man

New 'dog only' beer hits shelves

Britain's biggest dog Tiny dies - now Samson takes crown

Dogs and Fear of Strangers

Woman adopts 1,500 stray dogs

Lipstick On My Collie ...

Cats In Hats

Jack Russell chases mountain lion up tree

When I die, so does my dog: Some pet owners take animals to their graves

Best Cat Picture Ever

Dog Attacked by Deer in Backyard

Dog in China trained to go shopping for owner

Ginger the cat dials 999, police roll out 'purrfect' pun in response

Woman Claims Cops Beat Her Over Dog Poop

By George, that's a rare dog

Putin's puppy is renamed Buffy

Marine fights Vietnam's dog-meat tradition

What do you buy for the pet who has everything?

Reunited after five years, a family and the cat they lost in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Man castrates neighbour's 'pestering' pet dog

Pepper the cat proves he's hot stuff in daring blaze heroics

Three-legged beagle alerts owner to fire

Cat attack halts NZ passenger train

Types of Labs

These Parachuting Dogs Will Win the War in Afghanistan

Hunt County dog defines the word 'loyalty'

Meet the dog who thinks she's a bear: Honey fishes in flooded road... and catches a salmon

Cat's 'step aerobics' blamed for house fire in Port Townsend

10 Extreme Dog Houses

36 Pictures Of Cats Watching Cats On TV

The dog who wasn't there

Dog survives a 400ft plunge off a cliff

Faithful dog waits for owner near Shanghai fire without eating

Dog owner can't forgive Michael Vick

Woman sues shelter for $2 million after she says 'crazed' hellcat attacks her

Cat attacks dog, owner shoots cat and claims self defense

Miracle of the dog who was hit by 80mph train and survived (thanks to £14,000 of surgery)

Dogs are 'smarter than cats'

Hero dogs

Armed to the teeth: the problem with pit bulls

Dog helps monitor kindergartener's diabetes

Cat mourns loss of bear friend

Inexcusably adorable. Unless it’s dead

I think that Cat is doing it Wrong


The Minds Of Dogs vs Cats

Since 30 Years Chinese Have Only Been Allowed One Child – And Now One Dog

Mother cat makes puppy one of the family at Cleveland Animal Protective League

Drug-smuggling cat gets its collar felt in Russia

Mountain lion trapped up tree by Jack Russell dog

The Owl and the pussy cat who are best of friends

Another Family Dog Shot and Killed by Police

The surprising physics of cats' drinking

Target, the dog who survived Afghan war and melted hearts on Oprah, mistakenly put down at Arizona animal shelter

I Ain't Gettin' No Trainin'


Snuggle train

Don't worry, I'll manage your future

How Cat Breeds were Created

How 13 Dog Breeds Got Their Names

Dog opened door with his paw to maul postman (via)

10 Things Never to Feed Your Dog

Traffic stop saves cat from owner’s plate

Sheepdog turns to herding ducks in Northumberland

What's all the fuss? It's just a cat, says woman seen on CCTV shoving tabby in wheelie bin

Canine Lifeguards Doggie Paddle To The Rescue

Feline Oscar heads to bigscreen

And Man Created Dog | National Geographic Channel

Aug. 20, 1960: Back From Space, With Tails Wagging

I will tweet no more heroic photographs this month. on Twitpic

Cereberus puppy

Homeless man who lives under bridge in Jersey City wants his dog back

Agony of cat found impaled on railings

Man Builds Cat-Sized Village for Homeless Cats

Dogs on Logs

10 Shakespearean Cats

Man taught dog to smoke

Abducted Cat Found 3,000 Miles From Home

Helping Cats to Make Their Way Back Home

Isn't that tweet: Flint the spaniel DOESN'T make a dog's dinner out of tiny sparrow friend Chicky

Extreme Dogs

What am I? The amazing tabbed-up tabby with 'cat' written in its fur

Dog With World's Longest Tongue Makes Rad Video Library

Meet The World's Tallest Cat

Jersey City woman says boyfriend beat her with a cat

Which Dog Has the Longest Tongue? Lick It Up in Guinness

Dog Poop Lights Up City Park

Who could dump poor Ginger? Dog's desperate chase after car as callous owner abandons her in field

Jack Tripper the Amazing Eyeless Kitty

Former dogfighting 'bait dog' escapes euthanasia at Southern California animal shelter, seeks new home

Michael Vick’s Lost Dogs : The New Yorker

Talk about the dog days of summer... as beach plays host to a shaggy surfing show

Stowaway kitten travels at 70 meows per hour

Windsor man jailed for cruelty after strapping condom on dog

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