Thursday, August 26, 2010

Badass Penguins

Polar bears have highest levels of toxic pollutants of any creature

Strangest animal stories of 2010

Animal pictures of the year 2010: human behaviour

Giant fox caught in Maidstone

Hong Kong duck returns from epic Arctic trip

Tiger team marks 20 years of conflict resolution

Cute Creatures That Will Knock You Dead

Chemical Weapons Factory Becomes Rabbit Paradise

Rare panda cow born on farm near Campion

More Than 1,000 Dead Birds Fall From Arkansas Sky

Leopard attacks villagers in India

The first elephant beauty pageant is held in Nepal

12 Funny Animals Busted Stealing

'Ghostly' Saharan cheetah filmed in Niger, Africa

Extremely rare Saharan cheetah photographed in the Niger desert

6 Animals Humanity Accidentally Made Way Scarier

Japan bio-scientists produce 'singing mouse'

Strangest animal stories of 2010

Sabretooth cats threatened most ancient human ancestor

Secret lives of baby American beavers filmed

'Charmed' pythons tie the knot in Cambodia

Garcia the goose gets a nose job! Vets make fibreglass beak after freak accident

Dolphins, honey guides and golden eagles are man's best friends

Pictures of the year 2010: cute animal photos

News helicopter pilot rescues calf from frozen pond

Penguins hop on scales in Antarctic climate study

The Magnificent Seven Receive Seven Names

Pair of rare snow-white cubs spring a surprise on keepers at wild life park

Cross-eyed opossum v Formation flamingos: Freak Out

Polar bears could be saved by a big enough reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

Golden Eagle surrenders meal to White Tailed Eagle

Let birdsong beat the winter blues

Animal pictures of the week: 17 December 2010

The snow leopard: ghost of the mountains

Non-native species cost 'British economy £1.7bn'

Grizzlies encroach on polar bear territory

David Attenborough and the mystery of the elephant bird

"Joey" to the World!

Zoo escapee Korean bear recaptured

Good Samaritans Face Fine After Rescuing Deer From Icy Water

10 Animals With Incredible Eyes

9 inspiring animals that use prosthetics

Poisoning drives vulture decline in Masai Mara, Kenya

Colossal pliosaur fossil secrets revealed by CT scanner

The week in wildlife

The mouse that tweets like a bird: Japanese scientists create genetically-modified animal

A discovery to trumpet... a third species of elephant is found using DNA

Black and white African wildlife photography

Bull jumps into crowd at Canadian rodeo, injuring 4

7 Animals with the Weirdest Genitalia on Earth

20 Smartest Animals in the World

Lizards Prove Virgin Birth is Possible

Polar bear shot in Moscow Zoo

Indian sloth bears evacuated on fears of Maoist threat

Toads with Big Noses, Fiery Eyes, and More Discovered in Colombia (Photos)

7 Superpowered Animal Senses You Won't Believe Are Possible

Top 10 Heaviest Land Animals On The Earth

Extreme survival: The toughest life forms on Earth

Twelve Extreme Animal Modifications in the Name of Science

Really Old Animals

Extraordinary ultrasound of George the baby elephant curled up inside his mother's womb

Creature defies identification

Gay vultures split up to go straight

Meet the emu that thinks she's a dog

None flew over the cuckoo's nest: A world without birds

The Best of Nature Coming Face to Face with the Animal Kingdom

Playtime! Mercedes the polar bear gets a playmate

10 Greatest Animal Photobombs

Spanish piglet suckled by her canine carer

Guinness Record Setting Animals of 2011

Sleeping Animals

Top 10 Animal Recruits in War

The 10 Most Interesting Threatened & Endangered Frogs

Who's Your Daddy? Boa Constrictor Has Virgin Birth

World's Cutest Baby Wild Animals

Bizarre Frogs, Lizards, and Salamanders

5 Scariest Herbivores on Earth

5 Popular Myths About Tigers Debunked

15 Cute Animals That Will Cause You Horrible Harm

5 Prey Animals Deadlier Than Their Predators

5 Little Known Prehistoric Monsters

Baby koala shot 15 times in cruel attack

Snakes alive! Couple finds second python hiding in their washing machine

Amazing pictures of horses taken by Wojtek Kwiatkowski

New Wave Alpacas Of The Day

Mice Prefer Treats They Worked Harder to Get

Tragedy as TV's Wild At Heart giraffe Hamley is killed by bolt of lightning

Parasite Caused Frogs With Too Many Legs, Scientist Says

Night of the Lion: big cats photographed at night using natural lighting and thermal imaging

One last chance: can we save the tiger?

Grizzly bears enjoy the good life as they move closer to human settlement

Half lion, half tiger - it's the baby liger... and his 64 stone brother

Nevada men who used wild horses for target practice receive 6-month prison sentences

Shot joey koala remains critical

Special toothbrush for hippos introduced at zoo

Songbirds, poached and eaten

Pelican makes a pal in London park

Meet the largest domestic pet in the world... a 1,600lb buffalo called Bailey Jnr

Amazing pictures of baby wildebeest turning the tables on great big scaredy-cat

The Rush of Amazon Geology, and Stingrays

How Male Elephants Bond

The world's eight most annoying animal encounters

Bird-mimics steal meerkats' food

An expert's top 10 wildlife spots

Lohegaon residents say at 7 pm every day, elusive cat-dog-mongoose creature comes to eat their pigeons, goats

Panther-like cat spotted in Wolverhampton

'Inappropriate' Animal Photos Prompt Police Investigation

Up for adoption: 1,000 rescued rats that now call San Jose home

The week in wildlife

Senate votes to ban distribution of 'crush videos'

7 Superpowered Animal Senses You Won't Believe Are Possible

Crocodiles Leaping from the Water Caught on Camera

Wildlife through the lens

Camera-trap photo of the year 2010 - the winners

Animal pictures of the week: 19 November 2010

Piles of Panda Cubs!

Fate of the Cave Bear

Bird of pray: White-crowned sparrow immortalised in church's stained-glass window after 3,000-mile flight across the Atlantic

Attack of the rats

Madrid Zoo's giant panda twins entertain a royal visitor

Rothschild giraffe calf makes her debut at England's Chester Zoo

Stem cells will hopefully change a leopard's knee, not its spots

I'm stuck in a rut deer! The bizarre pictures of a herd hiding in their holes

Grizzly bear uses road sign to scratch that hard-to-reach itch

Humane Society International offers South African wildlife-viewing vacations with a conscience

Rare warm weather lands pink pelicans in Siberia

Rare Rhino Born at the Great Plains Zoo

South African rhinos pay the price of new cancer myths

New frog species found in hunt for old ones

'Psychic Panda' No Match for Paul the Octopus

A koala walks into a bar... and nods off

Giant panda holds a stuffed animal, looks darn cute doing it

Amur tiger cub and Sumatran tiger cub come to (playful) blows in German zoo

Chinese pandas enjoying a baby boom

Lion cub is less than impressed after dip in zoo moat

Study: Conservation Efforts Face Uphill Struggle

Decoding Bird Calls to Avoid Plane Strikes

Critterati 2010: Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions

Liger keeps watch on vegetable field

Amur tiger cub and Sumatran tiger cub come to (playful) blows in German zoo

Climate Change Blurs Definition of Native Species

Central Park Zoo Welcomes Mongoose Pups

Grizzly numbers hit new high in Yellowstone region

Animal pictures of the week: 29 October 2010

Elephant v crocodile

Animals perform tricks for Halloween treats

Lonely Livestock: The Only Cow in Manhattan

More than 50 years after his TV debut, David Attenborough remains Britain's best-loved broadcaster. Here, on the eve of his new series, the great naturalist answers a host of questions from our readers and from public figures, including Bill Oddie, Ray Mears and Jilly Cooper

World's rarest snake fights back from brink of extinction

How ostriches use their 'springy' legs to help them run faster and longer

Gaza's donkeys under threat from tuk-tuks

Sydney's jumbo joy: another baby elephant born

Woman gets pet python trapped between her bangles

Pigzilla on loose

Officials Say Photo of Bear Chasing Half-Mauled Bison in Yellowstone is Authentic

Tiger Habitat Saved From Logging

Barman eaten by lions after party

Right, who's next? Evil-looking giant frog pictured eating tiny rodent alive

Why the resurgence in kingfishers in the UK?

Indian police crack elephant smuggling ring

Harrowing footage of dying mountain bear forced to drink Coca-Cola to amuse cafe customers

The Tortoise And The Solar Plant: A Mojave Story

Oh pretty Flamingo: Birds use make-up to brighten their feathers

Last duck standing: Clipped-wing mallard dodges predators

ARKive: unique wildlife in the British Overseas Territories

China issues new suggested practices for zoos following allegations of widespread animal cruelty

Walking with wolves

'Striking' gull image wins wildlife photography award

Hola Panditos!

Rare dormice move into village railway station's ticket machine

Horse Cachet stabbed, scalped in fatal attack at Epping

The Secret Life of Sheep

Why some animals are more equal than others...

Locking antlers: red deer stags during the annual autumn rutting season in Britain


A man, a wolf and a whole new world

Cockerel 'left in wheelie bin'

British racing pigeon ends up 5200 miles away in Panama 'after getting lost'

5 Prey Animals Deadlier Than Their Predators

Iberian Lynx: the Next Wild Cat Extinction?

Woman shares her joy of living with Beemer the red kangaroo

Giraffes – Necks for food or necks for sex?

Birth of rare Sumatran tiger cub surprises keepers at the Frankfurt Zoo

Elephant Sanctuary co-founder sues after being fired, seeks visitation rights

We will not be moo-ved: Moment herd of cows turns on a black bear trying to make meal of grazing calf

New, Cat-Sized Carnivore Found in Madagascar

Alaska officials consider proposal to allow trapping of black bears

Meet Ruth the Tiny Baby Sloth

The moment a giant elephant seal meets its match in a tiny penguin

The 500lb tiger encountered by police after they were called to a tiny high-rise flat

The week in wildlife

The life of an equine movie star

Animal pictures of the week: 8 October 2010

Polar bear hunts for solid footing as new study charts continuing decline in Arctic ice

Lucky escape for women florists as world's deadliest frog leaps out of exotic flowers from Colombia

It's a Girl! Houston Welcomes Baby Elephant "Tupelo"

Firefighters rush to rescue cow who fell 10ft down a well

Police call off man-hunt after tracking down car-wrecking squirrels

Leopard rescued from spot of bother

Hiker gored to death by angry mountain goat

Goat sacrifice 'triggered stampede'

Boy watches in horror as gator eats pet turtle he gave Gulfarium

Lion movie highlights dangers in SAfrica

The week in wildlife

Pigeons have urge to gamble

5 Creepy Ways Animal Societies Are Organizing

Top 10 Worst Man Eaters In History

Spider-Goats go grazing on near-vertical dam

Siberian Tigers

Bears take stroll in town centre

Can biodiversity conservation reduce poverty?

Man attacks croc

Sensory Deception: Lab Mice Can 'Smell' Light

Cane toads are evolving into super-invaders

Indian villagers poison elephants: officials

Russian tiger summit offers 'last chance' to save species in the wild

Compare the pumpkins! Meerkats get into Halloween spirit by taking over the patch

A Kind of Hunt That Even Deer Can Get Behind

Ireland's homeless horses face mass cull

Boxing Kangaroos!

Cane toad tadpoles relish cannibal caviar

This calf is barking mad - it thinks it's a dog

Going, going, GONE! Pigeon shuns chance of great escape after being scooped up by hungry pelican in London park

Giant pterosaurs 'were capable of flying 10,000 miles non-stop to other continents'

Revealed: The ten farmland species that will be extinct within just 25 years

Siberian swans fly in early with an icy omen for winter... as forecasters say snow will be here by Friday

Vegemite for breakfast, the odd game of football and a few ciders in front of the TV: A day in the life of Beemer the pet kangaroo

Two Baby Two-toed Sloths

Polish bear 'that fought Nazis' to be commemorated

Budgie dies on Royal Navy warship after alarm bell gives it heart attack

Man flushes, finds squirrel in toilet

Scientists study peregrine falcons to determine effects of Gulf oil spill

How the leopard got its spots

Breeding budgerigars might seem a harmless pursuit. But the recent theft of some of the finest birds – and the killing of a champion – changed all that

Germany frets over 'bullied' Knut's love life

Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 winners

Rhino horn GPS used to deter poachers

Giant red stag was gunned down 'legally for his antlers' which experts say could fetch £2,000

How the King Cobra Maintains Its Reign

Sweet Pea the lioness has a head for heights as she dozes amongst the treetops

Serving Up Feathered Bait to Attract Ecosystem Data

Chinese pandas enjoying a baby boom

Russian bears treat graveyards as 'giant refrigerators'

Woman shares her joy of living with Beemer the red kangaroo

Animal activists outraged at zoo’s culling of piglets

10 Hilarious Looking Owls

9 surprising animals that fly

The Giant Panda

Are Penguins Gay? No, They're Just Lonely

12 Cutest Geckos on Earth

The Lion Whisperer: Kevin Richardson plays with white lions at a game park in South Africa

Freaks of nature: The Natural History Book: The Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth

20 Amazing Facts About Camels

Custody battle over Italian-speaking parrot that whistles O Sole Mio

Waving polar bear in Arctic greeting

Racing to Save Bats From Catastrophic Extinction, Biologists Turn to New Tools

Meerkats: The Dedicated Sentries of the Animal World

Dodging Bullets for the Sociable Lapwing

Urban Safari by Laurent Geslin

The week in wildlife

It's a happy-potamus! Grinning hippo poses for zoo-goers' snaps

African bird struggles to swallow its catch

Meet Quito the Baby Brazilian Tapir

Marine photographer captures the life cycle of the giant leatherback turtle from a beach in Trinidad

'Croc' and awe in Queens

Outfoxed! Cheeky cub clambers over camera equipment and takes pictures of professional photographer

Your morning adorable: Endangered Amur tiger cub makes her debut at Nebraska zoo

Taxpayers foot £190,000 bill as bridge opens over busy bypass... for DORMICE

DNA of Chernobyl animals studied

Toddler attacked by bear after climbing zoo fence

Strange orange-headed birds suddenly appear in Ireland

10 reasons why Goats are the most awesome animals

7 New Bizarre & Amazing Animal News Stories

Incredible Blind Animals That are Hardly Senseless

Badass Penguins

Three New Frog Species Face an Uncertain Future

The Empire State Building Will Turn Off Its Lights for Migrating Birds

Coolest Bears I have ever Seen!

Endangered African bird found wandering residential street

Koala survives highway ride wedged in car

Goat chases builders from third floor flat

Extinct, King Koopa-Style Giant Turtle Found on Pacific Island

One-night stands make birds uncooperative

'Pea sized' micro-frog found on Borneo island

Bear hidden in dumpster slashes N.H. man

Otterly adorable: The tiny newborn pups being reared by humans after their mother was unable to care for them

Monster croc swims right into rangers' trap

Turtle and Crocodile BFF (10 images)

"Snot Otter" Sperm to Save Giant Salamander?

A Close Encounter With the Rarest Bird

Invisible Spider-Glass Stops Birds Crashing

The animals that pass through Heathrow

Zoo elephants 'treated as badly as intensively farmed chickens'

Dead dogs and frozen parrot in a wave of animal cruelty in Russia

When a lion snores ... transmitters are inserted

Canada marijuana growers use wild bears to guard pot

Man in England shirt dives for safety as beast goes on rampage through Spanish crowd

The Beast of Bradford: Are monster rodents stalking the streets (or do you smell a rat?)

Veolia Environnement wildlife photographer of the year 2010

Somerset animal sanctuary rescues bullied bald cow

Tiger hunt in Florence hills

Why we're fascinated by animal attacks

NYC Skyscrapers To Go Dark To Help Migrating Birds

Can You Keep a Zebra as a Pet?

Parrot turns stool pigeon and exposes love rat

Donkey Saves Goat From Mountain Lion in Paradise

Cheer Up with Nature’s Therapists

Playful baby elephants indulge in wrestling match as mother looks on proudly

Roly + Poly Red Panda Cubs!

Crowned lemur snacks on celery at the Dresden Zoo

The week in wildlife

Mother and baby wildlife photo gallery

Meet a Baby Bamboo Lemur

Speed-date with the world's cutest critter

Horses rescued from starvation are ready for adoption

Florida deputies wrangle, handcuff 7-foot-long alligator near elementary school

It's yoga bear: Supple Santra has more keep-fit moves than the average bear

Croc, cash and stash found in Sydney drug raid

5 Endangered Species Hunted for Food

World's Top Dealer in Endangered Animals Snagged

Rare Amur leopard on display at Germany zoo

10 Most Beautiful Snakes on Earth

Feisty Fennec Fox Kits for Drusillas Park

The Most Athletic Pig & Other Weird Animal World Records!

Man who stomped on pelican may don orange vest

Unexpected voyager: red squirrel boards a boat in Argyll

Taser Used On Man Trying To Save Pets From Burning Home

Lucky Koala Hit By Car Walks Away Without a Scratch

The Indian Giant Squirrel

Teeny Tiny Mongeese

'Zebra' stops cars in Russia road accident campaign

10 Strange New Frog Species

Ukraine: Animal massacre feared ahead of Euro 2012

Come Gimme A Big Hug

Turtle and Crocodile friendship

Hybrids May Thrive Where Parents Fear to Tread

Mapping Traffic’s Toll on Wildlife

Alien Creatures in Chiba

Rothschild giraffe calf reaches for a snack at the Berlin Zoo

Otterly adorable: Bath-time means orphaned pup can learn how to swim (and he's made best friends with a dog too)

Berlin Museum Opens Spectacular Display of Pickled Animals

Ospreys make a comeback in Orange County

Baby pygmy hippopotamus is born in Polish zoo

Five Baby Otters, First Pups in 20 Years for Santa Barbara!

The amazing pictures of a nurse who lives with three pet crocodiles ... and her 16-year-old son

Hungry seagull drops a live budgerigar on head of bemused chip-muncher

Rare owl rescued from world's largest cruise ship

The fate of the last giant pandas of China

Walking, Hopping, Bouncing Mara Twins!

BBC cameras capture rare glimpse of mountain tigers

Dead whale on bow of ship docking in Oakland

Rescuers Dig Escaped Camel Out of Sinkhole

Secret lives of the harvest mice

North Carolina wild horse population faces an uncertain future

Zookeeper Courted Danger to Attract Press and Visitors

Colorado wildlife officials say their effort to reintroduce the lynx is a success

Baby Lion Cubs Get First Vet Exam

Six foot long snake discovered in toilet in Poland

The week in wildlife

Best of furry friends: lion and meerkat strike up friendship that echoes The Lion King story

In Search of the Grizzly (if Any Are Left)

Extraordinary moment an elephant teetered on two legs to reach tasty treat from tree branch

Australia’s Lost Giants

Pigs unleashed to root out poisonous acorn glut

Asian lion cubs debut at Switzerland's Zurich Zoo

Mini-moo: 33-inch cow named world’s smallest

Escaped cobras strike fear in southwest China

Poor wild berry crop brings hungry bears into close proximity with humans in Western states

'Asian unicorn' spotted for first time since 1999... but critically endangered animal DIES after it is captured by villagers

Dicing with death: The woman who dares to put her HEAD between a crocodile's jaws

Protecting Tigers’ Final Strongholds

Ram causes thousands of pounds of damage to house

Please don't encourage the chipmunks

Newsreader confuses washed up dead cow with polar bear

Rhinoceros cage doubles as drug plantation at Austrian zoo

Mouse-eating opossums run amok in Brooklyn

Stockton animal sex man back in court

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