Thursday, July 15, 2010

'Donkey' the donkey doesn't mind a cold one

Awkward Family Pet Photos

Even Cats like Hip hop!

Dog Left In Hot Car Honks For Help

120 Beagles Rescued From Abandoned Cosmetics Lab

Baghdad kills 58,000 stray dogs in 3-month span

Its soooo hot.....

Eat! Eat! Eat!

6 Ways Your Dog Can Teach You to Live a Happier Life (via)

Oh my gosh… You shouldn’t have

Dog shoots man in backside

Pet dog locked in home without food for two days while owner goes partying gets stuck making desperate bid for freedom

Woman gets 30 days in jail for taping dog to fridge

Take your pawtners: dog dancing the new rage

Predator explosion dogs the bush

Sporty Tim the Alsatian rides the waves of the French Riviera

Spaniel wolfed down 2lb of garden stones

Saved by an inflatable killer whale: Trainer has lucky escape after slipping while 'playing' with a white Bengal tiger

Confused seagull that thinks he's a cat: Bird sleeps in pets' beds and eats their food

Bird by Andrew Zuckerman: high-definition pictures of birds captured against a white background

'Donkey' the donkey doesn't mind a cold one

Northeast Nevada wild horse roundup suspended after mustangs die

Runaway Llama Shuts Down German Highway

The elephant who took a fancy to a very unfortunate lizard

Pet Tortoise Returns 4 Years After Escaping

Wild Tiger Population Dropped by 96.8% in 20 Years

Albino Alligator

Lonely tortoise comes out of his shell after finding love with a plastic toy

Baby kestrel recovering from broken leg

Drunk tourist hospitalised after attempting to ride crocodile

Zoologger: Eggs with an 'eat me' sign

Lakeside towns squabble over 'dumped' Geese

How sloths took the internet by storm (slowly)

The summer of sloth

The week in wildlife - Guardian

Animals affected by the heatwave in Britain, Europe, China and the US cool down with ice and water

Sickening attack on 10-year-old girl's pet rabbit leaves Thumper with no ears

San Francisco Wants to Ban All Cute Kitties, Puppies, and Every Other Pet—Except Fish

Kevin the little kestrel is on track to make a speedy recovery

Gulf Oil Cleanup Crews Trample Nesting Birds

Ocean Acidification Gives Young Fish a Death Wish

Amazon river dolphins being slaughtered for bait

Sea Otters, the Cutest Way to Fight Global Warming

Angler pulls in four-stone turtle at Solihull reservoir

Electric Fish

Female free-diver Ashley Futral hitches a ride on a shark off the coast of North Carolina, USA

Teenage angler reels in 5lb goldfish

Paul the octopus gets suspicious citizenship offer from Spain

Russian fishermen demand an investigation into killer Nesski's 19 lake deaths in three years

Extreme Jellyfish

Gorillas learn about injustice and revenge by playing tag

5 Most Terrifying Powers of the Insect World

Fireflies Blink in Synch to Send a Clear Message

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