Thursday, July 22, 2010

43 Things Totally Ruined by Dogs

43 Things Totally Ruined by Dogs

Love Among Pompeii’s Ruins Extends to Dogs

Dogs predict epileptic seizures and warn owners

Puppy saves boy asleep in burning blanket

Bad hare day for dogs

Dogs in space: a cosmonaut's best friend

Snarling dogs may merely be depressed

Dogs awarded 'George Cross'

Killing squirrel costs man £1,500

AA called to free pet raccoon from cars dashboard

'Duck Man' catches five ducklings before they crash to earth

5 Reasons Bears Are Badass Killing Machines

10 Feral Human Children Raised by Animals (via)

Thousands of Endangered Animals Rescued From Blackmarket Zoo

11 Fantastic Celebrity Animal Phobias

6 Amazing Pets (via)

World War II Museum features animals of war

Ambitious bird with eyes too big for its belly falls over trying to swallow enormous fish in one gulp

New Species of Frogs Disappearing as Fast as They’re Found

Police hunt cruel Russian donkey owner who attached it to parachute for sick advertising stunt

Caught on camera for the first time: The furry slender loris that is so rare scientists thought it was extinct

The amazing pictures of friendly robin happy to perch on an outstretched palm

Cuckoos are disappearing fast. How many more ecological warnings do we need?

Roaming panther caught on film in Palermo

Spectacular black and white portraits show the beauty and power of Kalahari wildlife

100 tigers, 2,000 one-horned rhinos, 1,800 wild buffalo... Kaziranga National Park is India's Grassland Kingdom

Polar bear's big ship adventure

Birds of prey employed to tackle seagulls

Lottie the tortoise had the right idea: we all need to take it easy

Rescue of platypus stuck in a pipe draws quite a crowd

Prozac Pollution Making Shrimp Reckless

Pictured: The incredible deep-sea fish discovered under the Great Barrier Reef

Huge Catfish Caught in Pripyat

Thanks To BP, This Is A Whale

Special Dolphin Delivery

A Mud-Loving, Iron-Lunged, Jelly-Eating Ecosystem Savior

Forty-ton whale lands on yacht during Cape Town sailing trip

Before They Hatch: Moving Sea Turtle Eggs From Gulf

Animal Autopsies in Gulf Yield a Mystery

Look Up! The Billion-Bug Highway You Can't See

Baboon, Bronx Zoo

Mexico arrests man with 18 monkeys around his waist

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