Thursday, October 08, 2009

Epic Squirrel Fight

Veolia Environnement wildlife photographer of the year - 2009 shortlist

Polar bear cub hitches a ride

Raven Detained for Stalking Woman Escapes Police

Farmer who killed 83,000 rats awarded prize

10 of the Most Bizarre Animal Defense Mechanisms

Epic Squirrel Fight (Pic)

A five-year-old boy has shot dead a 12ft, 800-pound alligator in Texas

Grandmother Fights Bear With Pillow

One stone skunk being helped to overcome bacon butty addiction

The World’s Most Famous Gay Animals (via)

Crocodile thrown in jail cell for loitering

£700 'micro-pigs' are the latest celebrity pet craze

Bird Cam Captures Albatross, Killer Whale Rendezvous

Baby mammoth yields secrets after 40,000 years in Siberian tundra

15 Unusual Prehistoric Creatures (via)

Amazing pics as polar bear gets up close to Arctic ship

The fur flies in amazing 'Ninja' cat fight

Dog From 9/11 Search-and-Rescue Unit Dies

Chirac gives away 'violent' dog

Cat poaches eggs in time for breakfast

Teamwork Kitties

I know it's in there somewhere

Bowls captain 'swung puppy around like hammer thrower'

Dog that bit police officers is released on compassionate grounds

Dog survives 24 hours underwater

RSPCA urges dog fight law change

Siberian husky plays foster mother to kittens

Lost cat travels 300 miles on coach

Four things EVERYONE needs to know about sharks (via)

A proud angler poses with a monster skate that missed out on breaking the UK record - because he threw the 249lb catch back

Stunning Images of Fully Loaded Bees

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