Monday, July 28, 2008

Rolf Harris - Jake The Peg and More

The last time I posted a Rolf Harris video, Rolf Harris' Canadian Seal Cull Protest Song, it caused a little debate. The reason I posted it was that it showed Rolf in a new light as I'd never seen him so angry before in fact I'd never seen angry at all. Ever.
Rolf was, and stil is, a legend to me famed for his funny songs, great television shows and of course he was the UK face of the god-damn awful sounding Stylophone.

Nobody's perfect eh?

Anyhoo, enough chat and on with the links. I hope you enjoy watching and reading these links as much as I did when finding them. :)
First up is the brilliant Jake The Peg which Rolf performs on stage.

More Rolf Songs on YouTube

And other Rolf on YouTube

And more Rolf elsewhere


Joanne Casey said...

He's a great old buddy, look at how much shit he's done :-)

Gary said...

That's got to be your post of the year, for the moment that is.

ILuvNUFC said...

Thanks :)
I'm not sure if i'll ever trump that post! He's a living legend.