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Lost Destinations

Ghost Town Explorers

Gukanjima, Japan

Abandoned Russian Planes

Exploring the old LA Zoo

Essex Mountain Sanatorium
Essex Mountain Sanatorium

Fantazyland - Abandoned Russian Theme Park

Secret Underground Cities in Britain

DIY Guide: Your own Supervillain Hideout aka tailrace tunnel of Niagara

Lost Destinations (via)

More Abandoned and Urban Exploration? Page 1   Page 2   Page 3   Page 4

Where I Had My First Kiss

Dashboard Widget Wedding Proposal

Woman induces labor so hubby can attend Bears game

Mans guide to getting dressed :)

Sometimes men make the strangest requests!

Judge orders a wall to separate battling spouses

Women drivers? They’re safer than men. Road risk analysis shatters stereotypes about traffic terrors.

Woman Fired For Writing About Avoiding Work

‘Mean girls’ trend points to deeper problem

Where I Had My First Kiss. Plot your point on the map.

The 20 Richest Women In Entertainment

More Men and Women? Page 1   Page 2

High Speed Hamsters

YouTube - Cassie

YouTube - Fat Cat - Orcas Hunting Seals Almost on the Beach

YouTube - High Speed Hamsters

YouTube - The Most Amazing Dog!

YouTube - A Waterskiing Horse

Fox subpoenas YouTube after "24" clips posted and Fox Hunts Down YouTube Users.

Top 10 Viewed Youtube Videos Of All Time

Search Every Word Said on YouTube With Podzinger

A look ahead at Google Video and YouTube

Online FLV Lossless Converter. Works great with YouTube videos.

Dare Junkies - Jackass Meets YouTube

Cute Otters

Mongolian death worm documentary online. See also Mongolian Death Worm (Wikipedia)

Insect/bug Macros - a photoset on Flickr

Guide Horse Foundation - Miniature horses for the blind

10 Amazing Things You Didn't Know about Animals

7 Things You Didn't Know About PETA

A polar bear named Knut

Giant python swallows 11 dogs

Frozen snake found near Great Miami River

Large fish weighing 340 kg

Sex and the seahorse

Playful Whales Sink Yacht (via)

Cute Otters (via)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Photography - Nature 2

2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Part II

The Natural World: Animal patterns

Photographs of snowflakes

A European 'Supertide'

Africa’s Ancient Trees, Surrounded by a Blanket of Stars

Hurricane Arthur

Meditative Seascapes by Jeff Friesen

Typhoon Rammasun

Swipe the photos and see Hurricane Katrina disaster dissolve into present-day recovery

Breathtaking Aerial Landscapes of Iceland by Sarah Martinet

Northern Lights in the Skies Above Norway

The Eruptions of Iceland's Bardarbunga Volcano

Amazon Warriors Fight for Their Trees

These Were the First Wildlife Photographs Published in National Geographic

Amazing collection of winter photographs

Planetary Panoramas - 360 Degree Night-Sky Time-Lapse

Chilly Winter Scenes From Europe and Asia

15 of the world's most colorful landscapes

Amazing Amazonia: Amazon Rainforest [46 Pics]

Infamous Mount Vesuvius: One of the World’s Most Dangerous Volcanoes (41 PICS)

America's Wild and Scenic Rivers - Photo Gallery

Mountain Photography and Fine Art Prints by Jack Brauer

40 Marvelous Shots of Sunrise Photography

Kaleidoscope of Autumn Colors is Heaven on Earth [46 PICS]

The awe-inspiring and breathtaking pictures of life and survival on our melting polar worlds that we may never see again

Beautiful photos from Nature

Aurora Pictures: Rare Northern Lights Seen in U.S. South

Scenes From an Island Nation Facing Its Own Demise

Population Seven Billion

Landscape Photography That Define Brilliance

21 Impressive Tree Images

21 Spectacular Autumn Vistas

Yukon Nature & Wildlife Photography

Beautiful Refreshing Rainbow Photography

16 amazing images of the night sky

Fall is in the air - The Big Picture

The Day That Color Didn't Exist: What Hurricane Alex Left Behind

Trees Photographed in Infrared [PICS]

30 Stunning Examples Of Wave Photography

Autumn scenes - The Big Picture

35 Years of the World’s Best Microscope Photography

National Geographic Image Collection: the world and all that's in it

Leopard Attacking Crocodile Photo Slideshow

Lucie's Travel & Landscape Photography

Cyclone Aila


Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners announced

In pictures: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Amazing animal photography

50 Beautiful Winter Wonderland Photos

Bug Pictures (Insect Macro Photography)

Nature Overtakes Structure

E.J. Peiker - Landscapes

Photo Gallery: Extreme Earth

Earth as You've Never Seen it

Patterns in Nature: Island Aerials

Kennan Ward Wildlife and Nature Photography

Best Nature Photo Award Winners

Photo Contest Winners - National Wildlife Magazine

Nature’s Best: Experience Nature Through the Art of Photography

Photo Gallery: Cave Exploration

Refraction, Diffraction, Dispersion. Whatever, it's one most amazing photo.

Flickr Photo Download: Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone NP

Great Nature Photography

Nature revealed at World Photographic Awards

Rarindra Prakarsa Photography

Sunrise and sunset scenes of the world

National Geographic International Photography Contest Winners

Camille Seaman Photography -The Last Iceberg

The Earth from Above. Almost 500 wonderful photographs by French photographer and environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand as a layer in Google Earth.

The Whale Hunt / A storytelling experiment / by Jonathan Harris. For seven straight days, Jonathan Harris took at least one photograph every five minutes on an Alaskan whale hunt.

Nick Brandt. Incredible wildlife photography.

Corey Arnold Photography Portfolio. Stunning Bering Sea Crabbing photos and lots of other great stuff.

Houses with a View

12 of the best photos picked from 365 days of Earth Shots’ photo of the day contest

11 phenomenal images of earth

The pacific ocean sunset

Great photos ofCats, dogs, nature, sunset and more.

National Geographic Magazine Photography

In pictures: The best wildlife photography

London Zoo's historic photographic archive

Four Seasons In Each Picture

Angelo Sciulli Nature Photography

Steve Bloom - Untamed. Beautiful photography.

Maciek Duczynski Landscape Photography. Nice.

Google Earth Community: Extreme Series - Updated Everyday. Some exceelent photos here.

Amazing Close-Up Photograph Of A Rainbow

Pat Schilling Photography. Mostly US landscapes.

Great landscape photography amongst other stuff at Hupix.

Richard Bedford's Wild Bird Photography

Peter B. Kaplan - The Heights

Cave Photography

ArnyZona - Landscapes and nature

Microscopic View of Frost on Blade of Grass

APOD: 2006 January 29 - Volcano and Aurora in Iceland. Volcanic eruption, Aurora Borealis, and the stars - all in one photo. Beautiful.

Melting Giants: Glaciers Now vs. 70 Years Ago

Paul Nicklen Photography - Gallery. Nature at it's finest.

InterfaceLIFT. Beautiful desktop wallpapers in all sizes.

Wildbird Photography by Sean Gray

Analemma - The Path of The Sun Over a Year

Wonderful aurora over a camp site

Does anybody actually read whatever I type here?
Photo Library Archive.
This system is designed to provide a photographic archive collection from the U.S. Geological Survey Photo Library. These photos are not copyrighted and maybe viewed and downloaded free of charge. All photos are available in 100, 700 and 1400 dots per inch resolution. The collection consists of over 25,100 photos ranging in age from 1868 through 1992 with emphasis on Geology, Earthquake Damage, National Parks and Monuments, Pioneer Photographers such as W.H. Jackson, J.K. Hillers, T.H. O'Sullivan, A.T. Russell and others, Mount St. Helens Volcanic Eruption of 1980, and Mines, Mills and Quarries.
Missouri Skies. A web site dedicated to the ever-changing skies of Missouri.

Night-shining clouds

Penguin Planet - photographic book by Kevin Schafer

Photo Gallery from Altitude over 8000m and Other Wild and Beautiful Places

Storm in Kansas
Some beautiful photographs of a recent storm in Kansas
Joel Santos - Photography

Chris Spracklen's Photo Galleries at Just beautiful.

New Flower and Tree Photography -

gang's Photo Galleries at

Marcel de Jong's Photo Galleries at

That's Bob there. The one on the right
Bob Elsdale Photo Gallery

PhotoMann Travel Photography - Travel Pictures from around the World

Photographic images of British Wildlife & Nature

Wildlife photographs by Brian Caine

Some beautiful photos

Danny Burk Photography
Adamus' photo galleries. I am a landscape photographer based in Corvallis Oregon. I generally spend much of my year traveling and shooting various projects around the Western US. and Northwest specifically.

Aurora Gallery

Rich Stevenson's Photo Galleries Lots of penguins and a few pictures of lovely scenery.

Roadside Alaska - a photoset on Flickr

Circus trees
The Visual Record. Stunning photography.

A gallery of Landslide images

Plants In Motion.
With few exceptions, plants grow and change on a time scale that is too slow for us to observe in real time. Time-lapse photography is a simple technique that allows us to see the movements of plants and clearly demonstrates that plants are living and capable of some extraordinary things. This is done by capturing a series of images at intervals ranging from minutes to hours apart. The images can then be viewed in rapid succession, much like a flip book. The effect is to compress into a short period, the changes that occurred over a relatively long period of time.

The 2004 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - Photo Gallery

Sam's Exotic Travel Photos

Aurora Gallery
Thailand's amazing insects photographed in the forests around Chiang Mai

Lightscape Gallery - Nature Photography of Ben Babusis

Wildlife Pictures From Africa

Galleria Carnivora is a museum dedicated to the fine art of carnivorous plant photography.

Nebraska Auroras
Niagara travel and nature photography

Around the Prairie Photo Gallery

Charles Miller Photography Nature Photography and Wallpaper

Tony Kuyper Photography
Flickr: The Vintage Kids as Cowpokes Pool

Di Fruscia Photography - Fine Art Nature & Landscape Photography

Moonbow - Maui, Hawaii. I'd never heard of one before.

Guy Schmickle's Photo Galleries at

Virtually Grey Gallery. Fine Black & White Photography of the Land, Sea & Sky by Stephen J Gledhill.

Photography - Places


Photographer Takes Us Inside the Buildings of the 1980 Moscow Olympics

Riots in Ukraine

Sochi's Indigenous People

Sochi 2014 Paralympics

An Uncensored Look at the Real Sochi

Life in Moscow back in the 1920s

St. Petersburg From Above

24 photographers changing the way the world sees Russia

Moscow in 1931

Sakhalin, 1894-1905

The Big Picture: Continuing Russian wildfires

Russia in color, a century ago

Nature Of Kamchatka

Private photos from USSR

Aerial Photos of Russia

WHITE NIGHTS. Russia After the Gulag

The Old Moscow

Another Old Moscow Series

The Lost Border - Photographs of the Iron Curtain

The Unknown Russia: The Russian South

Motherland. A photo essay of Russia.

Beauties Of Russia

Moscow in the 70s

Images of the Soviet Union

St. Petersburg, Another View

Andrew Moore. Photographs from Russia, 2000-2004.

Wandering Camera - Notes about St.Petersburg (Russia) and its suburbs

Curtain. Photographs from behind the Iron Curtain.

Soviet Times 2. Lots of great photos.

BBC NEWS - Chernobyl voices: Anatoly Rasskazov. The story of the man who photographed the ruins of Chernobyl.

Huge photo album of the city of Pripyat, before it was abandoned due to the Chernobyl disaster

Nuclear Nightmares. On April 26, it will be the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Last year, Robert Knoth made a photo-reportage of the lingering effects of the tragedy. See also Half-life: Living with the effects of nuclear waste

Chernobyl Legacy

Chernobyl (Ghost Town)


The Striking Colours of the Australian Outback

Hamilton Island, Australia

Hiking through New Zealand. Pics of the Emerald Lakes and Mount Ngauruhoe (Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings)

Australia photography by Michal Turski

Australia 2005 Photo Gallery by Scott Wright. A photographical representation of his journey up the east coast of Australia, from Sydney to Cairns. Also Scott Wright's Photo Galleries at

Melbourne - a photoset on Flickr

Picture Australia. A vast repository of digital images from a large number of libraries, archives, museums, galleries & universities. There are more than a million images accessible.

Just a Memory Now. Just a collection of photos of places and things around Vancouver that have now completely disappeared within the last 2 or 3 years.

Black-and-White Photos That Capture the Feeling of Winter Mornings in Montreal

Canadian Rockies. Georgeous.

Netsilik Eskimo series. Photographs depicting Eskimo life in the 1960's.

Digital Apoptosis: Photography from Montreal and the world

Toronto Then and Now. Click on "next day".

Great photos of the Canadian Rockies

Ice Hotel In Canada

Canadian Rockies - Canada's Mountains
Canada Photo Series. Ugly navigation but some great photos in there.

Street and Documentary Photo Gallery by Salman Ahmed at Great stuff in and around Toronto.


Syria: A collection of images

Pokot archers of Kenya

Photographs of Early 20th-Century Egypt Brought to Life in Color

Scenes From Egypt's Unfinished Revolution

Egypt erupts with fresh protests

After the Taking of Tripoli

Faces of the Famine in Somalia

Six Months of Civil War in Libya

Libya: Unrest and uncertainty - The Big Picture

East African Photographs 1860-1920

Stunning photos of animals in Africa

Photo-Africa Blog

Congo's crisis worsens

Incredible photos of Ethiopian tribes

Gold Mine In North-East Congo

Africa Photo Gallery

Amazing sights of Africa from Angola to Zimbabwe

Angola, it's not like they said

The African Photographs by George Rodger

Flickr Photo: The Ancient and the Modern Cairo

PhotoVoyage | Wild Africa

Heli-Africa - Hamburg to Cape Town

Jim Miller's Images of Daily Life in Morocco

A day in the life of Africa. Lovely photography.

Photo journal: Surviving Somalia

Egypt Archive. Beautiful pictures.

Flickr: The Images of Africa Pool

Joburg's crowded township

Skeleton Coast, Swakopmund & Walvis Bay Photo Gallery

African Aero Safaris: Photo Gallery

Mali, Westafrica, a Story with many Pics, identify and enjoy. Image heavy.

An Aerial Tour of Iceland

A Virtual Drive Around Iceland

Iceland Photo Gallery - Large Format Landscape Photography


Josef Hoflehner | Portfolios. The Iceland gallery is amazing.

The Icelandic Coastline

Iceland Worldwide - Northern Lights

Daniel Bergmann | Iceland nature photography

Images from Iceland - photography by Craig Grannell

Flickr: The Icelandic landscape images Pool

Brazil: June protests and demonstrations

Daily life: Peru by Rodrigo Abd

Survival in the Amazon

Earthquake off the coast of Chile

Brazil: 2012

Scenes From Brazil

Mexico's Drug War: 50,000 Dead in 6 Years

Fantastic Landscapes of the Bolivian Salt Lake

Brazil Through the Lens of Massimo Vitali

The Amazon rainforest from the air

Landslides in Brazil

Rio's drug war

Pictures: Chile Volcano Plume Explodes With Lightning

A glimpse of Cuba

Scenes from Rio de Janeiro

Photo Essay - Bolivia's Cocaine Trade: A Bitter Leaf

7 Most Breathtaking Views of Bolivia

Peru Rocks

“More Argentina’s wonders…” by Silvia Marmori

Thomas Locke Hobbs architecture of São Paulo

BBC NEWS | Photojournal: El Gusano, a living ghost town

Martin Chambi. Master photographer of indigenous Peru.

Magnum Photos - Havana, Cuba
Our Caribbean Cruise

Landscapes from Brazil

Mexico: the dark side

Pictures of Brazil
The Maya Ruins Page

Wouter Velthuis' Rapa Nui (Easter Island) photos

Spectacular Aerial View Of Dubai

Worlds Fastest Growing City - a photoset on Flickr

Dubai in the fog - a photoset on Flickr. These photos where taken from 33rd level Emirates Towers.

Castles in the sand. New Yorker slideshow about the new architecture of Dubai.

Most dangerous city: San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Amsterdam By Night by Nick Boersen

Italy's Mount Etna volcano glows during evening eruptions

Kuwait Tire Fire

Nature’s Best Photography: Italy’s Dolomites National Park

Desperate Photographer Went Closest to a Volcano in Hawaii, Kilauea

Photography: Norway in 50 Stunning Pictures

Greenland's Beautiful Icy Landscapes

Scenes from Bulgaria

Israel - Gaza conflict

A Trip to the Faroe Islands

Life in Communist Romania Was Rough

Photographer Captures Illusions and Patterns of Paris

Faroe Islands 2011

In pictures: Spain's mountainous north

Top 10 Wired Arctic Photos

Recent Scenes from Antarctica

Greenland at The Big Picture

The Arctic Job

Beautiful Landscape of Italy

The Hunters of Greenland

Auschwitz - Then and Now

Windmills of Holland (via)
Antarctica travel blog

East Germany, Up Close and Personal

A glimpse of Cuba

Maecenas - Photos of Ancient Greece and Rome

Lebanon: Switzerland of the Middle East

Beautiful Italy

Antarctic Photo Library

Scenes from Antarctica is a free and fast photo community and a visual database of locations, starring the cities and landscapes of our planet Earth.

Serbia, Belgrade

Venice from Above

Arctic Light

Antarctic Images by Anthony Powell

Bryan and Cherry Alexander, Arctic and Antarctic Photography

Daily Life in Belarus


Cities Around the World

Romania - My country

Beautiful Pictures of the Arctic

Lomography. 76,646 City images from 129 countries worldwide and counting. Including lots of beautiful photos of my place, Newcastle.

Havana Sketches
Life Beneath Antarctic Ice - Photo Essays - TIME

50 Doors of Paris

The Praha Experience. Photos of Prague.

Recent Photos Taken from a Trip to Cuba

Cities by night

Road to Nowhere. A photo travelogue with pictures from around the world.

Santorini photos, photographs from the beautiful Greek island of Santorini (Thira) in the Aegean Sea

Jim Tardio Photography. These images were culled from various journeys and adventures both near and far.

Port of Lisbon [1280x857, JPEG]

BBC NEWS | In pictures: Life in Antarctica

Travel Pictures Gallery

World Photo Locations. Photos from around the world.
Black and white photos of France

friskyPics. Cityscape photography.

Mikael Rantalainen Photography. Beautiful photos mainly of Helsinki, Finland.

Paris by Day

The World In Pictures. Many people upload photos containing location information to the photo sharing site flickr. Use to find pictures close to any specified location.

Views of the month - Photos from Helsinki (Finland)

City Skylines

Antarctica pictures gallery

Life in Black & White from Cape Town to Newcastle

Amazing Pictures of Petra. Remember in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the "temple" built into the rock face? That was Petra, and the whole city was carved from rock.

A Trip Through Eastern Germany

Photos of Lost Cities

Travel pictures from around the world by Patrick Chatelier

The Land That No One Owns. Photographs taken in Antarctica by photographer Roberta Holden.

The Roma Journeys. Contemporary photographs of Roma life in Hungary, India, Greece, Romania, France, Russia, and Finland by Joakim Eskildsen.

The Lost Border Photographs of the Iron Curtain

Pictures of the Faroe Islands

Eastern Switzerland Panoramics

Photo Gallery: North Pole Expeditions

Havana, Cuba - part 1 and part 2.

Turkey from 1000 feet

Papua New Guinea

Midnight sun pictures in Northern Norway

Tragedy in Norway

Photography - UK

Photographs Of Newcastle. My photographs of Newcastle.

In 1977John Goto made this series of photographic portraits of young British African-Caribbeans at Lewisham Youth Centre, South London, where he taught evening classes in photography

Street Life in London, published in 1876-7, consists of a series of articles by the radical journalist Adolphe Smith and the photographer John Thomson

Crossrail: Tunneling Beneath London

In pictures: Scottish Nature Photography Awards 2013

London and the U.K. From Above

London Underground in the 80s

Sixties London

Flickr - Nightlife in Newcastle upon Tyne

Bird's eye Britain: Amazing collection of aerial photographs showing nation from above released to mark the Jubilee year

What Britain used to look like from the air

Views From the Night Sky: London and the U.K.

The Quiet Beauty Of London’s Olympic Arenas, Before The Medals And The Masses

World War II: London in Color

Amazing Pictures of Old London

London tuition fee protest

The Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow

Virtual Mitchell. Collection of photographs of Glasgow which covers the last 150-odd years of the city's history.

More of London from above, at night

Scotland Dec 08. From Flickr user Ash-Speake.

Irish Landscapes

Scotland: Then and Now

London library after the blitz

British Journal of Photography - All quiet on the Westminster front. Police deliver Catch 22 to photographers: you're not allowed to know which areas you're not allowed to photograph.

How photographer used kebabs, chips and a fisheye lens to take incredible close-ups of London's wildlife

London from above, at night

Photos from neighboring parts of the Highlands & Islands of Scotland

From Gateshead pie shops to dog-grooming parlours in Brighton, take a tour of the UK with Magnum photographer Martin Parr

Somerset 3d - Somerset's towns and villages in 3d

Abandoned London. Xmas morning is the only time that London is (almost) empty of humans.

Steve Highfield Photography. Beautiful UK galleries.

Walking the dog. Photos around the Pennines in the UK.

Loyalist and Nationalist Murals in Ulster

Extraordinary satellite images show an ordinary day in Britain - as seen from space

Photos of London From Above at Night by Jason Hawkes

Byker by Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen. Threatened and eventually demolished working class, terraced house community in Newcastle upon Tyne’s East End by a founder member of Amber, who lived there when the collective first moved to the North East of England in 1969.

The Last Days of the Old North. Where the industrial age began, so it ended.

Northumberland Communities

London - A city of contrasts

Images of England

Andrew Kime Photography - Images of Snowdonia

Tolkien's Oxford

Flickr: Photos tagged with Glastonbury

Mystery Me. Photos from my little corner of England.

On the West Coast of Ireland

Derry: The Troubled Years

Tolkien's Birmingham. A photographic guide.

UK nights

The Lake District

Derelict Great site with loads of great photographs. Scroll down to the bottom for the different categories.
Images of Snowdonia

London's Industrial Heritage

London Map - Interactive map with panoramic photographs of Central London


Colours of London - a photoset on Flickr

BBC - A Picture of Britain

Notting Hill Carnival 2005 - a photoset on Flickr

Photographs from one persons travel around the U.K. UK Tour 2005.

Colours of Notting Hill Carnival 2005 Photo Gallery

Photographs of North East England. Mainly in and around my home city of Newcastle.

PhotoLondon. A portal showcasing London photography held within public collections.

Photography - USA

1980s: New York by Frank Horvat

Detroit in the 1940s

America’s worst industrial accident: in pictures

Aerial Photos of American Amusement Parks and Leisure Spots

The SFMTA has published excerpts of their photo archives from donated collections, spanning the post-1906 earthquake period all the way up to modern times

Hollywood Streets, 1979-1983

Atomic Tests Were a Tourist Draw in 1950s Las Vegas

The Urban Oil Fields of Los Angeles

Dramatic Photos of California's Historic Drought

California's King Fire

Stanley Kubrick’s Photos of New York Life in the 40s

Divine Photos of America’s Most Epic Churches

Photographs from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge

America in the 1970s The Pacific Northwest, Texas, Chicago's African-American Community, The Southwest and New York City

Bull riding, line dancing and machine gun parties: How people in America's Deep South enjoy the summer in their own inimitable style

31 Magical Images of the Windy City

The Tunnels of NYC's East Side Access Project

Helping to End Oppressive Child Labor in the US – The Photography of Lewis Hine

Summertime at the Jersey Shore: Asbury Park, c. 1979

America's poorest county: Proud Appalachians who live without running water or power in region where 40% fall below poverty line

San Francisco Bay area, 1971

This is Why Yosemite is a Photographer’s Nirvana

The Lumberjacks Who Felled California’s Giant Redwoods

15 Powerful Photos Of The Texas Drought

New York in the 80s

The Most Stunning Photos Of Niagara Falls

New York subway in the 80s

Beautiful Photographs Of New York Captured By Stanley Kubrick

The Radical Camera: New York's Photo League, 1936-1951

City Of NewYork Like You’ve Never Seen Before

15 Shots of NYC Traffic at Night

Here Is What Brooklyn Was Like In The Summer Of 1974

Old New York in Colour

Images of Katrina, 5 Years Later

Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943

High Rise Balancing Act, Chicago 1955

American Cities Pre-1950

360 Degree Spherical Panoramas In and Around Utah

Times Square, Before it Was Family Friendly

New York Street Photography by Matt Weber

NYC Grid

Yellowstone National Park

Flooding in the Southeast(US)

New York Heritage Digital Collections

Alaska's Digital Archives : Alaska Native History and Culture

Daryl Peveto - Visual Journalist based in Southern California

The Oxford Project

LA Times photo gallery of US Highway 395 which runs along the eastern side of the Sierra-Nevada mountains

We Left Two Cameras on New York City Benches. What Happened Next?

Michigan - Photos from the Great Lakes State

The Philadelphia City Archive

Lake Tahoe. Lovely photos.

Jonestown 30 Years Later

New York in Black and White

New York in Black and White

Brooklyn Signs

U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library

The Manhattan Street Corners

San Francisco 3958 Picture Virtual Tour

Arizona Then and Now - In and around Alaska with Graham Siebe

Drying of the West Gallery The American West was won by water management. What happens when there's no water left to manage?

A panorama shot of New York City

New York in Black and White

Brutal New York - 1965/95

American Ruins

Photographer Captures America's Best-Kept Secrets

San Francisco Photo Collection. The collection contains over 4,000 photographs of San Francisco taken by James A. Scott over a period of 40 years, beginning in the 1960's.

Small-Town America. 12,000 photographs of the Mid-Atlantic states New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut from the 1850s to the 1910s, from the Robert N. Dennis Collection of Stereoscopic Views at the New York Public Library.

Aerial kite shot of San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake

USA 1940-1950 and USA 1939 - 1969

Los Angeles architecture photo gallery

New York City Chinatown

Middletown: A Photographic History

Arnold Pouteau Photography - New York

Child Poverty In Chicago

The Adventures of the North Land. Photojournal from a few months spent flying in remote areas of Alaska. Image heavy link.

Flickr: Old, Weird, North Carolina

Local News: Tabloid Pictures from the Los Angeles Herald Express

New York personal photos featuring subways, skyscrapers, streets, storms, street lamps and snow

Lubbock Daily Photo

Virtual Parks is a site by photographer Erik Goetze, featuring 360-degree panoramas of beautiful parks and preserves in the western United States and elsewhere.

Uncle Sam's Photos - Stock Photo Collections

New Orleans and the Gulf Coast 21 months after Katrina. Some excellent photography here.

Photos from top of Bay Bridge

Estevan Oriol. Photographs LA street life, celebrity portraits, and hip-hop album covers.

Photographs of Manhattan 1964-1969 By Irwin Klein

Fargo: Then and Now. Fargo, North Dakota in old photographs and postcards.

New York Rises. Construction of NYC's buildings in photographs.

Images of Las Vegas - UNLV Architecture Studies Library

A Visit to Old Los Angeles and Environs

Beautiful Iowa - a photoset on Flickr

Hawaiian LandMark Images. Beautiful.

San Jose 1975-2005 comparison photos

Old Photographs of New York's Bridges

New York City/Harlem Streets - a photoset on Flickr - NYC photos

Amazing Photo of NYC

BBC NEWS In pictures: Empire State Building

Alaska Railroad Photos

New Amsterdam - a photoset on Flickr

New York at Night

Ice Cave in Alaska

Slot canyon
Slot Canyons of the American Southwest
History of NYC architecture as seen through a lens

Los Angeles Chinatown

Brooklyn Bridge - a photoset on Flickr

Architecture of New York City

Winter in Niagara Falls Photo Gallery

Downtown strips: 6 photos shot in about a two hour time frame

Death Valley National Park

loads more great photos
New York
NYC Photos Gallery

Brooklyn Neighborhood Tours Photo Gallery

** Photographically documenting and archive buildings and sites in Houston and surrounding areas.

Great photo of fog rolling over the Golden Gate Bridge

Morning Light Photography - Rocky Mountain National Park Landscape Photography

Gallery of Lower Manhattan Skylines. Image heavy page.

PhotoVoyage | Pan Am Highway. See Pan-American Highway - Wikipedia.

My Alaska - John Gomes Photography

Great photos
Brad Lewis PhotoTripUSA
Road Trip August 2006. Photographs of a trip to Yosemite and the Californian ghost town of Bodie.

US National Parks pictures

Aftermath: David Burnett -- Photojournalist. Images of post-Katrina, other hurricanes in US south.

Photos from Denali National Park

New York City photography by dave martinidez

zombie. Photographs taken by zombie at events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some strong stuff here so it's NSFW.

Scenic Roads. A website designed to assist visitors in exploring Arizona's 22 officially designated scenic roads and plan road trips throughout the state. This site is loaded with more than 120 vibrant color photographs and has an abundance of information on each drive. The site highlights natural landmarks, points of interest, recreational activities and the history of the area.

ALASKA....Faces of Life in the Far North.
New York Romscapes. A short series of photographs capturing those fleeting moments where New York meets Nintendo.

Climbing in Red Rocks, Nevada. Cool climbing pics.

A lovely picture of New York.

Ruavista - The Streets of Blaxpoitation

Photography - Nature

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013

Wildlife photos shot by avalanche forecasters

Guelta d’Archei: Sahara’s Famous Water Source

The 2014 National Geographic Traveler Contest

Erupting volcanoes

2013 National Geographic Photography Contest Winners

Spring babies 2014

The Ansel Adams Wilderness: A photographic tribute by Peter Essick

African wildlife. Lovely stuff.

Records of the National Park Service - Ansel Adams Photographs

SKYplay depicts a composition dominated by use of the sky & real clouds at that moment with another object.

Marius Sabo Photography. Amazing landscapes.

Patterns in Nature: Water

The Coral Kingdom

Flickr Photo Download: Salt Ponds in San Francisco Bay

An adventure to Trolltunga

Daisetsuzan (Big Snow Mountain) - Photo Gallery - National Geographic Magazine

Earthquake Images

The Might of Mother Nature

100 kilometers above the Earth at the top of the atmosphere

Phillip Colla Natural History Photography. 18,000+ natural history photos.

How To Be An Alaskan Fisherman. Some amazing photos here.

The World's Most Beautiful Beaches

Gallery of Sunrises and Sunets

Enduro Himalaya - the adventure in the sky - Gallery

Landscapes with a soul

Nature's Best 2006: Image Gallery

Nature Photos

Photoseek.Com - Explore Images of Nature and Adventure Travel

Earth Album. Google Maps/Flickr mashup.

The edge fo the world. Great photograph.

Niagara falls seen from air

Photo series: Extreme Things on Earth

Wilderness Exposure - American photography by Andy Giordano

Cave Photography

Photo Contest - National Wildlife Magazine

Wild Things Photography

Southern Arizona Rare Cactus Photos

Phase One

Northern Lights

Red Tide Photos

And you want to hit this with a  bat?
Atacama Photo Gallery. Lovely stuff.

Larry Malvin Photography - Landscape photography, nature photography and digital imaging

Wildlife Photography - Macro Photographyby Boris Krylov

Flickr: Wallpapers (1024x768 minimum)

Steve Kossack Gallery: The Great American Landscape

Absolutely Nothing. Lovely.

Northwest Bird Photography by Ron Green

Morning Glory Images.


Etna hoops it up. Brilliant pictures.

Roberto Brown Photo Gallery

Pictures of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Paris, California, and other locations

Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Beautiful.

EEK! Run away
Alex Bernasconi's (Mostly Wildlife) Photography

Orchid Photo Galleries

Pet Prairiedog slideshow on Flickr

Tagish Lake meteorite/fireball investigation

Natural Phenomenas

African Sunsets - a photoset on Flickr

Australian Antarctic Division - Icebergs. Lovely.

Tim Greyhavens Photography.

Spectacular Photo of Lightning Hitting A Lake

Sunsets & Reflections - a photoset on Flickr

Photos by Giorgio Marinelli

Michael "Nick" Nichols - National Geographic Wildlife Photographer

Nature's Mighty Pictures: Aurora

Nature, macro and still world photography

Mountain Light Photography

The sky in brilliant colours - a photoset on Flickr

Culture Focus: Travel Photos. Pictures from Egypt, Peru, Africa, Syria, Jordan, Nepal, Guatemala and Mexico

West Coast Professional Photography

Landscape and wilderness photography from Australia and New Zealand by Jeremy Turner

Sunsets and Sunrises Across The World Photo Gallery by Nick Vivian at


Naica Crystal Caves
Naica Crystal Caves. More pictures here and here.

Kimberly's Photo Galleries at

Naturephoto by Monique & Luc Bogaerts

Atmospheric Optics

Musarium: Bird Hand Book

-- 10megatons --

Steve Hoffmann's Nature and Landscape Photography

Ice photographs

Leigh Perry Photography

Nature photos. Very nice.

Gary Hebert's Photo Galleries at Beautiful.

1000 Birds

Landscape, Seascape and other Nature Photographs by Dan Baumbach

Taylor Lockwood's beautiful photographs of mushrooms and other fungi

Somewhere that I've always wanted to visit
Todd Adams Photography and Travel

Sunrise Over Kilimanjaro. Amazing picture.

Charles Pfeil Photography

Joseph Holmes Natural Light Photography

Goran Katic photography
Goran Katic photography

Alaska Photo - Northern Lights Photo Gallery

Reint Jacob Schut Photography

Rainbow Gallery

Best Mountain Photographs of 2005 Announced

Images of Volcanoes

Iceberg images

Best gallery ever?
Terra Galleria photography. Thousands & thousands of beautiful photographs.

Steffen Jahn photography. Nice.

National Geographic Pictures of 2004

Ruud Peters Photography

Mark J. Asher Photography - Pet Portraits

Earth Photography

Rainbow and Lightning at Sunset on Flickr

Great Collection of Landscape Photos

Marian Matta Mountain Photographry

Flickr: In the Style of National Geographic

Ice Storm - a photoset on Flickr


September 2005 Aurora Gallery One of most beautiful set of photos that I've ever seen.

E.J. Peiker, Nature Photographer

In the desert :: photographs by Matt Jalbert

Landscape photos

Palin's Travels: Photo Gallery

 Flowers in Ultraviolet
Flowers in Ultra-Violet


Focus Pocus Photography. Fine art, portrait, travel and landscape photography by Irish photographer Albert MacSweeny.

Photo's of an exploding volcano in Iceland. Grímsvatnagos volcano.

Leping Zha Landscape Photography

Australian Photo Library, Australian Wildlife pictures for all commercial uses

Scottish landscapes - Images from Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Central America and Europe

Jesse Speer Photography. A Colorado photographer who specializes in landscape and nature photography of the Rocky Mountains and the West.

The Geo-Images Project Home Page

Frans Lanting Online :: Nature, Wildlife, Landscape, and Stock Photography From Around the World

Jim Zuckerman Photography

Bill Atkinson Nature Photography

Dennis Kunkel Microscopy.

Mountain Photography by Jack Brauer

Darwin Wiggett - Natural Moments Photography

Noctilucent Clouds Over Sweden

Ross Warner Photography. Wildlife, nature, landscape and travel subjects.

Dr. Zoltan Takacs - PhotoWorld - Snakes, Amphibians & Reptiles, Animals of the Tropics, Earth and Natives

Great pictures
Earth Science World ImageBank

Steve Sage's Nature Photography

Bad Weather, Beautiful Pictures

Juza Nature Photography

Russell Croman Astrophotography

Marc Deneyer - Photographs

Guy Edwardes Photography

A few amazing photos A wave, Mt. Rainier and a Horseshoe Shaped River

Hiding in Plain Sight. A veteran photographer shows the extraordinary knack that some animals have for...disappearing.

Deep Green Photography, Costa Rica photos, Rainforest Images, Costa Rica Photography, Tropical nature photography, poison frogs, toucans, tropical birds, orchids, rainforest

Igor Laptev Nature and Landscape Photography

15 Best Skylines in the World

Sunset Photo Gallery by Muriah at

Great stuff
David Troyer Images

Theo Allofs Photography

TrekEarth | Learning about the world through photography


A Stunning Fog Bow Over California

Rian Houston's Photo Galleries at

NORDLYS - Northern Lights

Scientific Stock Photography Through the Microscope

Amazing Photos Of Nature Under A Microscope

Extreme summer weather. An amazing set of photos from Norway.

Martin Dollenkamp Photography. Nature at it's finest.

Karl Baer's Photo Galleries at