Thursday, August 16, 2007


First there was Bloons quickly followed by More Bloons then came Bloons Player Pack 1 and Bloons Player Pack 2 which have 50 of the best boards created at Bloonsworld and a kids version Bloons Junior.

A great addition to the range of Bloons games are Bloons Tower Defense, Bloons Tower Defense 2, Bloons Tower Defense 3 and Bloons Tower Defense 4 and a shoot-em-up version of Bloons at Bloons Super Monkey.

Bloonsworld throws random levels at you from the hundreds of thousands of levels created by users of the site or you can pick from the highest rated, recently added or most played levels.

I signed up a few weeks back and created a few myself....

99 Balloons
How Many
How Many II
How Many III
How Many IV
How Many V
Just The One
The Right Shot
Canny Hard
Boing Boing
Bouncy Bouncy
How Many VI
How Many VII
How Many VIII
How Many IX
How Many X
260 And Out

My wife and son have also created a few as well.

ILuvNUFC Juniors boards
too many bloons
smiley face

Mrs ILuvNUFC's boards
what way
dont ice up
pac pin
use the force


-the real builder- said...

i hate people who build levels that only have spikes op pacmans, maybe you people shoold build difficult levels... those are a lot nicer!! thats what the whole game is about not to make it easy or make as much possible levels!! idiots!!

check my levels because they are good said...

i actually make challenging levels. here is a link to my profile...i have 317 levels and i consistenly make them so dont try to play em all. yes i have a life, but over the break i had nothin to do. the farther down on the list u play the better. i war u though, i have made a few levels that are pointless that i made just to get to a certain amount of levels. but only 5 or something. well here is the link please play and rate

ILuvNUFC said...

I will, thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

can u check mine. i really need some of my levels to be rated. my name on bloonsworld is luverduver. check them out-i mean all of it! i recommend the ones near the bottom but feel free to check all of it out. rate them high. remember i'll be checking. i've made 162- i think?
remember this name: luverduver

ILuvNUFC said...

A link would be helpful! :)