Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Name that Hair-Metal Band

120 Years of Electronic Music - Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990

Spinning Into Oblivion: RIAA is killing the music industry

Charity Songs of the Eighties and Nineties

National Music Museum

Popular musicians who committed suicide

Name that Hair-Metal Band. I got 4.

The Strangest Music Videos Of All Time

My Top Ten Sad Songs @ Blogcritics.org

Lennon's son sells Beatles stake

YouTube - The Zimmers "My Generation"


Anonymous said...

Hair Bands, I got 11 out of 11, thats either really good or really bad, can't decide which. Cheers from Detroit

ILuvNUFC said...

I think it could be really bad! ;)

I'm quite proud of my 4. :)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't keeping count, I thought it would tell me at the end. I started off pretty badly. At the end I think I had five or six. Even though I'm into 60 and 70 rock as a teenager in the 80's it was hard to avoid this crap.

ILuvNUFC said...

Yeh I was a bit disappointed that it did'nt tell you your score at the end.
Maybe I should have mentioned that. :)