Monday, March 05, 2007

Pink Floyd's Lucy Leave

Lucy Leave (Barrett) belongs, together with King Bee, to the first songs ever recorded by Pink Floyd. Both songs were recorded as demo takes. There is some debate about the exact date, with estimates going back as far as mid 1964. Most sources however give October 1965 as the most probable month of recording.

Both songs were never part of an official release, but appeared on a demo acetate which was used as the source for bootleggers several times. It later appeared on a CD accompanying an Italian book about Syd Barrett called "Fish Out Of Water" in outstanding quality; this CD is now the most common source for bootlegs of the song. During the same session two other songs were recorded, titled Double O Bo and Butterfly, which until now have never seen the light of day.

Description harvested from the excellent Neptune Pink Floyd.

Meagupload: Pink Floyd's Lucy Leave MP3

Pink Floyd | Lucy Leave lyrics


John Sposato said...

I wish there were more unreleased early tracks available. Don't you?

ILuvNUFC said...

I've found a whole host of Floyd stuff I never knew about over the years thanks to the internet.