Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cooking with the Cannabis Granny

My heroThe magic ingredient: Hash brownies, dope stir-fry... Cooking with the cannabis granny

Any of you out there that know me will know that I suffer from a number of debilitating health problems (1, 2, 3, 4 to name a few) and prescribed drugs like Methotrexate, Tramadol and Diazepam / Valium (For muscle spasms) and many others do help me cope but the side effects are often horrendous and just as difficult to cope with as the illnesses itself. Try clicking on the Methotrexate link if nothing else.

This is where cannabis comes in to the argument for me. It works and it works well which is why I will sign up at the Legalise Cannabis Alliance. Not only does it help with the pain it also relieves the muscle spasms and helps me cope with the Methotrexate which is basically a lower dose of chemotherapy usually used for treating cancer.

The government have prohibited a free and effective medicine in favour of expensive pharmaceutical drugs with negative side effects. The real crime is for the government to criminalise and jail sick people for healing themselves and others - Shane Collins, Green Party drugs spokesperson.

If only the Green party had a candidate in my area I would break the habit of a lifetime and use my vote. At the age of 34 I have never voted in my life as the available options plainly suck.

Cannabis has been shown to work with illnesses like asthma and glaucoma, it has tumour shrinking capacities and relieves tension and muscle spasms, many cancer sufferers get relief from this still illegal drug. Now is the time for a gradual legalisation, making it able for the NHS to prescribe cannabis as well as morphine, to help people in pain. Cannabis needs research for vital ingredients, but is easy to dose as it is, in its natural form, it has vast potential to bring down exploding drug costs in the NHS and should not be criminalised any longer. There are no victims for no crime - Ingo Wagenknecht, long standing Green Party campaigner and environmental spokesperson for the Legalise Cannabis Alliance


Gary said...

you know my feelings on all of this - I have 3 of the 4 illnesses you describe, but don't have any pain medication - of any description. I look forward to meeting you at a gig.

Johnny Red said...

You know it really boggles my mind that governments fight so hard to keep this drug illegal. I'm fortunate enough to have a clean bill of health at the moment, but sometimes can get extremely stressed which leads to intense chest pains (sometimes resulting in trips to the medical centre).

It's no coincidence that when I smoke marijuana these pains/stresses/worries disappear.

The only downside is I spend more money on pizza deliveries :)

ILuvNUFC said...

Gary: Make sure you let me know when you next do a gig in the east end.

Johnny: Yeh, I know what you mean about the munchies. It's terrible. ;)