Friday, January 12, 2007

The Principality of Sealand For Sale

Sealand FlagThe Principality of Sealand (A brief history) has been put up for sale.
The Principality of Sealand is a man-made off-shore installation named HM Fort Roughs, also called Roughs Tower, a former Maunsell Sea Fort. It is not an island, but a man-made structure, similar to an oil rig. The purpose of HM Fort Roughs was to guard the port of Harwich, Essex during WWII. It was constructed in the United Kingdom, towed into position and deliberately sunk on Rough Sands - a sandbar located approximately six miles from the coast of Suffolk and eight miles from the coast of Essex, England (map).

Since 1967, the population of Sealand has consisted of the associates and family members of Paddy Roy Bates, a former radio broadcaster and former British Army Major. Critics claim that Roughs Tower has always remained the property of the United Kingdom, a view that is disputed by the Bates family. The population of the facility rarely exceeds ten, and its area is 5920 sq. ft.

Sealand Coat of armsSealand's claims to sovereignty and legitimacy are not recognised by any country, yet it is sometimes cited in debates as an interesting case study of how various principles of international law can be applied to a territorial dispute.

The Pirate Bay(The worlds largest BitTorrent tracker) are launching a bid to Buy Sealand. Check their forum and blog for the latest news.


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The Principality of Sealand


muzzle said...

Hi, I started a pledge at
the idea is that you promise to donate 10$ to to if othe 1000 people will do it with you. Are you interested? If you are please sign the pledge asap because pledges with less than 25 subscribers are not even shown on the website!

ILuvNUFC said...

Thanks but no thanks!
I reckon the Pirate bay could do it though.

Anonymous said...

... the Rough Tower Sealand is since 17th January 2009 a U.N registered sovereign state territory of the Monarchystate - State Kingdom of Marduk - this is juridical irrevocable international reality. The bristish government and government of Essex / Suffolk is in this affairs juridical confirmed informed. The 3 + 12 n.m. sea zone around Rough Tower Sealand is state territory of Kingdom of Marduk as the Sea "Pirate Bay" proclaimed.

Anonymous said...

The person who is trying to claim this as "State Kingdom of Marduk" has no legitimate claim, and is not the person who established this structure as Sealand. This person is trying to steal Sealand from the Bates family.

Anonymous said...

sealand forever!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok maybe I just missed it but what do the want to do with Sealand? I mean if they are just buy it and not do anything with it whats so wrong with letting the Bates family own it?If you are going to take it down your getting rid of history.And if you move it well thats just a waste of time.But I guess its not really my business huh?

Anonymous said...

I want to buy one. What is the price? how big? possible to refurbish as I want? Do I belong to a certain nationality, or can I have my own. Will I be sovereign in owning an island?