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Best Of The Year Part 3

Part 3 covers the months of July, August and September.
Scroll down a bit to see the posts for the earlier months of the year.


Swedish Chef TV has collected almost 20 episodes of everyone's favorite Muppet.

Show Me Your Wound

Monkey Heaven is a tribute to the cult classic live action Japanese TV series Monkey.

The 10 Most Awesomely Violent and Dangerous Children's Games

Rude Girlfriend - That B!tch Is Crazy! and Rude Boyfriend - Guys Are @ssholes!

The Lake of what?!

Dogs, Dogs and more Dogs

101 Amazing Earth Facts

175 Uses for Vinegar Around the House

Dr. Dick Chopp the urologist

Dread, beat and blood. Late 1976, and rival political factions are warring on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, with only Bob Marley calling for peace. In an exclusive extract from her major new book, Vivien Goldman remembers life with Marley at his home on Hope Road and reveals exactly what happened when gunmen came to kill him.

Bush quotes
George Bush quotes library

Maps and Battle Plans of World War II

Mechanically Separated Chicken and Other Horrors

Top 10 Rock myths

The 10 least politically correct movies ever

1000s of Famous Locations of movies

The Han Solo Carbonite Case Mod

Animal Babies. Great photos.

If Men Were In Charge of Weddings

Transformer House
Transformer Houses: electrical substations disguised as houses

Scary Bible Quotes, NIV

Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett R.I.P.

World Records. Co-blog with Alex from Neatorama.

Discovery Launch Wallpaper collection

Urban Exploration in the UK. Co-blog post with Hanan from Growabrain.

Awful Plastic Surgery

BBC: Cult Trumps

Star Wars On Earth

Eaten alive by heroin. Disturbing images. Let this be a warning to you kiddies out there! :)

Photos of giant ocean waves crashing over a cargo ship

The Top Seven Signs that Someone is Lying to You

Kitten Born With Two Faces
Kitten Born With Two Faces, One Body. Video and slideshow.

Unintentionally rude adverts, covers etc. Safe for work.

World History : HyperHistory. Over 2000 files covering 3000 years of world history.

Rosemary Jacob's argyria introduction page. She took some medicines and turned silver - this is real. More info and links here Argyria - Wikipedia

Embarrassing Moments - Funny pictures, embarrassing true stories about school, college, office dating, gross and sick true stories NSFW

How to Recycle Practically Anything

Reindeer People of Mongolia

Profanity Adventures. A nostalgic look at what used to happen when you tried typing swear words into text adventures. Takes me back years to the old days! NSFW Text

Dogs and a Dolphin


Bolivian road
Bolivian road: you take the risk?

Unusual pictures

Review of Look At This... from Page Boost

The Men Commandments

Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey on Flickr, Selling Tacos on YouTube and chasing sheep at Vimeo

Online Glacier Photograph Database

Learn to speak Geordie. Just like me. :)

Female Serial Killers

Battle Of The Somme

Graffiti Fonts By Graffiti Writers

Tyne Advantages. Scans of a 100 page promotional booklet published by the Newcastle and Gateshead Chamber of Commerce in about 1908.

Celebrities When They Were Kids

Dick Assman is a Saskatchewan gas station owner whose name propelled him to international celebrity status in 1995.

Toilet-related injury and List of people who died in the bathroom both from Wkipedia.

Graham Barker's Navel Fluff Page and Belly Button Lint - The Hole Story

How to make a Space Cake and Sinsemilla butter for space cake and other recipes.

Images of Fake Pepsi Factory in India

Exploding Whales

Severe Weather Pictures

Frozen Sea Photographs

Atari Game Catalog, 1981 - a photoset on Flickr

Xi Shun - The World's Tallest Man

Buttered cat paradox

Hillman Wonders of the World

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu. A small hill with a big name in New Zealand.

Calculator spelling. 5318008.

First Russian Laptop

How to Make Play Dough

Strange and Funny Signs

Do unborn babies urinate/defecate in the womb?

The top 10 ugliest kittens ever

Return To Scooby Doo Island. A trip to an abandoned pleasure pier.

Magnum Photos - Havana, Cuba

BBC NEWS | Photojournal: El Gusano, a living ghost town

Firefox Crop Circle

Google Games

Peanuts Hey Ya

73 best atheist quotes, ordered by popularity

Funny Kids

11 "Don't-Tell-the-Husband" Secrets All Women Keep and 11 "Don't-Tell-the-Wife" Secrets All Men Keep

Parts of Sweden are overrun by caterpillars. Disturbing.

Top Ten Closet Stoners in TV History question of the week; I hurt my rude bits. The best stories always involve pain, humiliation and rude bits. Last week, we asked how you'd managed to damage your bits.

The Likely Lads
Having all solved all of Newcastle's problems the council have now decided to ban the use of certain Geordie words. Banned! 'Hinny' 'Pet' 'Love'

Dick and Rick Hoyt

Gordo's cloud gallery

Top 10 Accidental discoveries

Tyne & Wear Graffiti (2006), Tyne & Wear Old-Skool Graffiti and Flickr: North East Graffiti photosets from Flickr.

Celebrities Without Makeup

How to add a Google Map to any web page in 30 seconds

Burns Closes Bridge

Animal hair problem

International Urban Glow
International Urban Glow

40 Reasons To Get Drunk Tonight

A Photo Gallery of Meteorwrongs

Benny Hill

Lost City of Chernobyl

Soviet Cars Dump

The Pierrepoint Collection - Albert Pierrepoint Many people are familiar with the names Ruth Ellis, Derek Bentley, Timothy Evans, John Christie and Lord Haw Haw. We know of their trials and their eventual fate at the gallows. What is not so well publicised is that they all met their maker at the hands of the same man. His was the last voice they heard and the last pair of eyes they looked into. That man was Albert Pierrepoint.

The Nostalgic Grass. Photographical explorations of the ruined historical architecture of Russia and elsewhere.

Draw A House Revisited

Unicorn Shark
Amazing Unicorn Shark

List of Strange Things - An American in London

The Great War in a Different Light. Accounts and Galleries from Great War Books and Magazines with more than 7500 Authentic Period Photos, Illustrations and News articles.

Japanese War Tuba and other Acoustic Radars.

Lego Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Rainbow - The Adult Version

Very delicate
Delicate Situation

Japanese Capsule Hotels

Mystery Me. Photos from my little corner of England.

Recover Data Files from Damaged, Scratched or Defective CD Discs

10 Scientific Frauds that Rocked the World

The World's longest Tunnels Page

Religious Tattoos
Religious Tattoos

Top 5 Strangest Japanese Accessories

The Hawai'i Cannabis Ministry - We use Cannabis Religiously and You Can, Too. Was Jesus a pothead?

KLF - How To Have A Number One The Easy Way (The Manual)

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Can you think of anything you know now in your fifties that you wish you'd known in your twenties?

Danvers State Insane Asylum
Abandoned. Danvers State Insane Asylum

50 funniest Homer Simpson Quotes

The Joy Of Sons

Images of Japanese Vending Machines

15 Most Bizarre X-Rays

Christian Guide to Small Arms Online

Julian Beever's pavement drawings
New Pavement Drawings by Julian Beever. All the previous drawings are here... Julian Beever's pavement drawings

Beer: The Midwife of Civilization

What do your pets do while you're at work?

List of faux pas - Wikipedia

You Know You're Getting Older When . . .

Early Names of Music Bands and Rock stars real names you didn't know

Lost Labor Images of Vanished American Workers 1900-1980

Matchbox Cars of the Seventies Collection

Life in the Googleplex Photo Essay

Abandoned Aircraft Gallery

List of Hitchcock cameo appearances

10 reasons why computers and the Internet are out to get us

London during the Blitz
London during the Blitz

112 Gripes About The French - Paris, 1945 - full text. Published in Paris in 1945 by the 'Information & Education Division' of the US Occupation Forces.

How To Eat A Zebra In 40 Minutes Photo Gallery by Chris Hillman at

The Poopie List

'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin Killed

The Big Bang. Loads of great explosion/demolition videos.

10 classic record covers and see where they were photographed as they are now

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