Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sporting Fights, Accidents and Injuries Videos

Todd Bertuzzi's hit on Steve Moore. Bertuzzi sucker-punched Moore from behind, rammed him into the ice, knocked him out and caused serious spinal damage. Thanks Lady Cooper
Worst NHL hits in all times.
Steve Yzerman Fight Against Maguire
Best Hockey Fight Video Ever
Hockey fight (Swedish elite league)
YouTube - Best Ice Hockey fight
Canada vs. Russia: World Junior Hockey Brawl
Boogaard Crushes Fedoruk’s Face!.The instigator of the fight gets man handled and then receives a punch to the face that shatters his orbital bone and causes him to need reconstructive surgery. Thanks Tyler.

Referee K-O by Basket-Ball player, Uruguay
NBA greatest fights
Sports Center- NBA Top 10 Fights
NBA Fight

Bad Drag Racing accident(both survive)
The Darker Side Of Motorsports
Speedway Crashs
Crash at Fuji Speedway (1)

Winter Sports
YouTube - Snowboard Accident
Ski-ing - Daron rahlves accident

Football violence. Football violence on the pitch
Football violence gallery part 1 and part 2
The history of Materazzi
Fight is more important than football (sometimes)
Russian hooligans street fight
Corinthians vs Palmeiras - The Showdown
Hooligans at play
Portugese battle field
Cisse Broken Two Legs Video
Henrik Larssons Broken Leg Video. Ouch!
Navarro Assault on Arango
Alan Smith breaks leg...
Funny Football Moments and Painful Injuries

Other stuff
Bike Crash. One of the most shocking clips I'd ever seen.
Pole Vault Mishap
Gymnast Crash
Cheerleader accidents
Killer Boxing Knockouts
Top 10 baseball fights
Skydiving Accident
YouTube - Luckiest Skydiver in the World
Takayama vs. Frye. I'm not sure what the sport is supposed to be here but it's a great fight.
Horrifying Tennis Accident
Footballs Greatest Injuries- Joe Theismann
Joe Theismann breaks leg
Skater's Twisted Leg
Dumbell. More like dumb.
Trampoline Accident
Tennis accident

Violence in sports
Sports Violence. Montage of sports fights and big hits.
Sports Fights
Sportler Jackass. Funny sport fights, stunts, and accidents.
Extreme sports accidents
Worst Moments in Sports
Football Basketball and Fight highlights
Crash Test Dummies
Sports Injuries

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