Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Best Rugby Tackles

I finally got my appointment to meet the surgeon and discuss my upcoming operation on my back. That is on December the 12th and I suppose the op will be after then so it seems that I may be around here until at least christmas.
I suppose I'd better get started on my usual best of the year post as that may be my parting gift to you all. ;)

Best Rugby Tackles

Jim Carrey (14 videos)

YouTube - Two Guys Jump Out From University Window, 21st Floor

YouTube - Joey Hand's big crash. Ouch!

YouTube - Blender destroys a bag of marbles

YouTube - St. Louis Storm. Woman gets owned by a rubbish bin during a storm.

YouTube - The real Drift-King

YouTube - Stupid Goalkeeper

Soap In Microwave - Google Video

Want more Great YouTube And Google Videos?


BrykMantra said...

Parting gift??? Don't even talk that way!!! Unless of course you mean temporarily, until you recover, in that case it's okay ...

As someone who's been under the knife this year, I can only say Hang in There, and remember The Big Picture, including life after the surgery, which will hopefully make things easier for you.

Bonus points: Maybe you'll get some good drugs, which means you'll have some quality time with your Pink Floyd collection ...

ILuvNUFC said...

Yes I do mean temporary but I may be missing for a considerable amount of time. Sorry to scare you. :)

I'm kind of looking forward to the surgery now as I've been in agony since september. Oh.. and I've already had the Floyd CD's out as the drugs I've already had make it sound even better! :)

Anonymous said...

Just to qualify the first entry... those are all Rugby League tackles, all from the NRL in Australia. Seems churlish to point it out perhaps but the difference is important.

Hope all goes well for you btw, and thanks for the thoroughly entertaining blog.

ILuvNUFC said...

Hello and thanks for your wishes and kind words.

I guessed it was Australian but never having been much of a rugby man I can't tell the difference between the two types of rugby here in England or any where else for that matter. I really hated playing rugby when I did it at school all those years back but I suspect it had something to do with the sadistic teacher we had who always made us play rugby when it was pissing down or we had a foot of snow!

Anonymous said...

The best way to judge is if they actually make tackles rather than pile in a heap of bodies. If the former, it's probably Rugby League. :)

ILuvNUFC said...

Cheers. :) I'll try to remember that.

Rugby League Betting said...

Rugby League or Rugby Union? Which is better?
Personally i think Rugby League Out Classes union by far, though being a Wakefield Trinty Wildcats fans makes me a little biased! However i do admit that internationally rugby league needs some work, so Rugby union has that on its side but what about the game itself?
It seem just like a collection of dog piles most of the time followed by short lived runs which either involve running straight into the other teams players or going straight to the try line!