Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pink Floyd's 1975 Tour Comic Book

When Pink Floyd toured in 1974/75 performing Dark Side of the Moon the official program from the show was done in a comic book style.

On the cover, alien travelers wondered aloud about creative intelligence on Earth. Inside, four short stories depicted the band members in fantasy roles- bassist Roger Waters as a triumphant soccer player overcoming nasty skullduggery, drummer Nick Mason as a ship captain taking on a German U-boat, guitarist David Gilmour as a motorcyclist and keyboardist Richard Wright as a playboy. Also included were a Pink Floyd trivia quiz and a “personal information” chart. Gilmour reported that the color of his eyes was red. Mason noted that he had “muscles of steel beneath slim frame.” Waters listed “human beings” for personal likes and “inhuman beings” for personal dislikes. Wright admitted that his favorite food was boiled eggs, his favorite film was Cool Hand Luke and he wondered “whoever… thought… of… padding… out… this.. programme… with… very… silly… questions.” The program also included lyrics to the new songs “Shine on You Crazy Diamond,” “Raving and Drooling” and “Gotta Be Crazy.” It listed the additional musicians, including vocalists Vanatta Field and Carlena Williams as well as original Dark Side saxophonist Dick Parry. The back cover illustrated how to make the “Pink Floyd Lucky Pyramid sign” but warned that it was “not recommended for people with warts, eczema, psoriasis or athlete’s foot.”

Having a look around the net the cheapest you can get a copy of this for is around £30 but I've got some decent quality scans for you to download. For free! :)
I have previously linked to scans of this comic but these scans are of a higher quality.

Pink Floyd's 1975 Tour Comic Book

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