Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Borat - Deleted Scenes

Deleted scene from Borat's new movie in which he visits a pound, asking if he can train a dog to attack Jews, and how you would cook the dog after you have had sexual relations with it.

Borat - "Puppy" (Deleted Scene)

Borat treats his dinner guests to a very special Kazak dinner prayer song.

Borat - "Dinner Prayer" (Deleted Scene)

Captured by Border patrol in Arizona, Borat is taken to a penitentiary, and acts delighted by the surroundings

YouTube - "Jail" (Deleted Scene)

Pulled over in Dallas in his Ice Cream Truck, Borat warns the police about a cavity search because of all the Cinnabon he had eaten previously

YouTube - "Police" aka "Cinnabon" (Deleted Scene)

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Christian said...

Thanks for this. Did make me laugh for afew minutes!!! Awesome!

I'm going to put the first one on my site too, if you don't mind!

ILuvNUFC said...

Your welcome. :)

No problem about the video as I don't own it. :)