Friday, September 29, 2006

Draw A House Revisited

I first posted this a while back and just found out that it still exists on the inter-webs so I thought I would post it again for the benefit of all you newer readers of this place.

Draw a house and see what it says about you. Draw it here and you can add yourself to my street.
You don't have to colour it in if you don't want to.

My house

Here are a selection of the finest. Click for slightly biggery and mouse over for authors and titles of the pics.

the house of eric by eric strau Villa donna by Donna Quinter wor hoose by Mrs ILuvNUFC

rosebud by Mystic Squirts crib by squirt Red Roof by Mr. Doot

old lady who lives in a boot by Mrs ILuvNUFC Our house by Sass Petunia by lagr01

my house by em Oblique byTokyo Jo Lakeview Drive by Chris

keithie-poo's pad by keithie-poo homestead by dude Home by Erin

Boring by deathburger cozy by ayu Fun House by Mr Jingles

But without a doubt my favourite of the draw a house pictures is Mrs. M. with this sketch called Moes Tavern. . I guess she ran out of room for the e in Moe's tavern. Genius.

Moes Tavern by Mrs M


Parkson said...

Click here to view my house and 'personality traits'

I'm now living on Newcastle street, neighbour. Nip round for a drink sometime. :)

ILuvNUFC said...

Cool. :)
Pretty much the same as mine apart from the last bit.