Saturday, August 26, 2006

Xi Shun - The World's Tallest Man

Xi Shun (China, b. 1951), measured 7 ft 8.95 in (2 m 36.1 cm) as a result of six measurements taken on January 15, 2005, at Chifeng City Hospital, Inner Mongolia, China.

Beating the previous holder Radhouane Charbib (Tunisia) by just 2 mm (0.07 in), Xi Shun claims that his height was normal for his age until he was 16. As a comparison, his father stood at 5 ft 10.8 in (1.8 m) and his mother was 5 ft 2.8 in (1.6 m) tall.

In his late teens, he experienced a growth spurt that, while not normal, was seemingly without any cause. Doctors who examined him in 2005 discovered no evidence of gigantism or acromegaly, and could not explain why he grew so tall so fast (it took him just seven years to reach his record height).

Following a career in the Army – he was recruited for his basketball skills! – he returned to Inner Mongolia and works as a herdsman. He also hires himself out for publicity stunts for a local restaurant and tailor.

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Edit: World’s tallest man gets married

Edit: Worlds Tallest Man Meets the Worlds Shortest.

The world's tallest man, Bao Xishun today shook hands with He Pingping who claims to be Earth's shortest. But these two men actually hail from the same region of Inner Mongolia.

Worlds Tallest Man Meets the Worlds Shortest

Edit: A Ukrainian is New Worlds Tallest Man

Measuring a towering 8 inches taller than the previous record holder, Bao Xishun at seven feet nine inches, Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk has now officially become the world’s tallest man standing at 8 feet 5 inches tall.

New Worlds Tallest Man


Anonymous said...

I hate to state the obvious, but I HAVE to wonder: except for his hands and feet, what ELSE is unusually large???

Anonymous said...

I wish the crowd would stop staring at the first guy - isn't it embarassing?

Marie said...

in reply to the "I wish the crowd would stop staring" comment... I hate to admit this, being someone who hates to be starred at, I don't think it can be helped.. He's a really tall man and if he was standing next to me I sure as hell would be staring in more of an amazement than I would in a grotesque or mean manner. and I'm sure you would be also!

Anonymous said...

lol.........the first guy looks like he is a robot in a few of the pistures........or the matrix inlarged XD