Friday, August 25, 2006

Could You Be A Hero?

Why Every Man Should Lift Weights

Men and Women: Different Brains?

If men wrote advice columns NSFW TEXT

Swedish Stag Night Prank

Could You Be A Hero? An article from 1957 about what gives a man courage and what makes him a hero.

Don't Marry Career Women. Hmm. Edit: Seems the original article has been altered and tagged in with another post about not marrying lazy men since I found it earlier this week. Scaredy cats! Anyhoo if that was the case there would be no marriage as all men are lazy. :)

Heard about the guy who had a sex-change after his girlfriend said she's a lesbian?

Wife needs one-day marriage after drunken divorce. Islamic clerics in eastern India have ruled that a woman divorced by her husband in a fit of drunkenness can remarry him only after she takes another husband for one day, police said Monday.

Men Jokes and Feminist Humour and Women Jokes and Sexist Humour

PlanetMike Jokes A Dictionary for Women

Men Vs. Women Round 1

Men Vs. Women Bathroom Strategies

More Men and Women?

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