Thursday, April 20, 2006

Four Neat Things About Newcastle

I've been tagged(4 neat things about your town/city) by Alex of Neatorama and I've found it very difficult to narrow it down to four things as there are so many good things about the "Toon". I could go on and on but I will try to keep it short. If possible. :)

1 - The People

A common or garden Geordie Geordies, as we are known, are some of the best and friendliest people in the world.
We do have our fair share of idiots here in Newcastle but generally the warmth shown by the people is famous the world over. Don't just take my word for that.
Ask Google if you need any more proof

Some notable born or resident Geordies..

William George ArmstrongWilliam George Armstrong, 1st Baron Armstrong was originally launched on a career in law. However, his major interest was in engineering. In 1840, he invented a hydraulic engine, following it up with other electrical and labour-saving devices, including the hydraulic crane.

George Stephenson was an English mechanical engineer who designed a famous and historically important steam-powered locomotive named Rocket and is known as the "Father of British Steam Railways".

William Hedley was one of the leading industrial engineers of the early 19th century, and was instrumental in several major innovations in early railway development. While working as a 'viewer' or manager at Wylam's Colliery near Newcastle upon Tyne, he built the first practical steam locomotive which relied simply on the adhesion of steel wheels on steel rails.

Cuthbert Collingwood, 1st Baron Collingwood. Better known as Lord Collingwood.

Vilyam Genrikhovich Fisher was a noted Soviet spy. He is generally better known by the alias, Rudolf Abel.

Footballers Peter Beardsley and Alan Shearer amongst others.

Eric Burdon

Ian La Frenais who wrote some of the best comedy ever shown on UK television.

Basil Cardinal Hume

Robert Stephenson. Son of George, locomotive engineer, railway and bridge builder.

Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey

Joseph Swan was an English physicist and chemist, most famous for the development of the light bulb.

The full list.

2 - Bridges

05-07-23 River Tyne 02 - Mrs ILuvNUFC' photos

Most of the river Tyne's Bridges were opened by Royalty and at the time of completion were great World engineering triumphs.

Millenium Bridge
Tyne Bridge
Swing Bridge
High Level Bridge
King Edward Bridge

06-02-15 Millenium Bridge Opening 14

Full list of crossings over the Tyne

3 - Location

05-12-17 Quayside 08

Even though Newcastle just squeezes into the top ten largest cities in England list you are only a 30-60 minutes drive from some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK.
Miles and miles of beautiful beaches, historic castles, unspoilt countryside and much much more.
Here are a few examples.

Newcastle Gateshead - Guide to attractions, entertainment and culture
Visit Northumberland
Northumberland National Park
North Pennines Heritage Trust Online
City of Durham

4 - Jesmond Dene



Jesmond Dene (photos 1 2 3 4) is a unique resource for the people of Newcastle. It is a narrow wooded valley that follows the river Ouseburn between South Gosforth and Jesmond Vale. This provides an important wildlife corridor right into the centre of Newcastle. There is a spectacular mix of native and exotic trees, and the Dene is home to a lot of wildlife, notably the Kingfisher, the Red Squirrel and many woodland birds. The Dene stretches for over three kilometres and has many areas of tranquillity, as well as ‘honey pots’ of activity.
The best thing about it is the fact that it's slap bang in the middle of Newcastle and is by far the largest inner-city woodland/ park area in the UK and it's right on my doorstep. Put together with the adjoining Heaton, Paddy Freemans and Armstrong parks it makes a great day out for the whole family.
More often than not you will find me and my family there in the school holidays and weekends if the weather is OK. Sometimes even when the weather not so good. :)

If you should wish to know more about Newcastle please visit my Newcastle page and my Photographs Of Newcastle.

The 4 people I'm choosing to pass this on to are
Hypersloth, Brykmantra, Thumbrella and Militant Platypus
If you fancy the job that is. :)


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No problem mate. :)
I thought about it for 2-3 days then when I sat down to write it it took 2-3 hours as I kept finding more interesting stuff to read about Newcastle.

D said...

3. The People 2. The History 1. THE CURRY!!!!!!!!

ILuvNUFC said...

:) Thanks.
I did think about making the history one of the four but I could have been there all week doing that.

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