Friday, March 31, 2006

Transport Cars

Convertible Fat Car

75 Tips to Keep Your Car in Top-Notch Condition

Cool Lada Mod

he high-speed sports car that turns into a boat at the touch of a button

1929 Ford Model A - The Deceptive Gentleman

Skoda Limousine

Evolution of Car Logos

Bringing Back The Drive-In

10 Most Unfortunate Car Names

The car you can't crash... because laser sensor will slam on the brakes

21st Century Flintstone Car Finally for Sale

Three-wheeled ZAP Alias can beat a Porsche

The Road Bolt

An underwater car

Woman Strikes and Kills Bicyclist, Moves Bicycle and Drives Away

Street-race crash kills 8 in crowd

James Bond Gadgets for Your Car of the Future

New Device Stops Cars Instantly in their Tracks

The Poor Mans Paint Job; How to paint your car for $75.00

World's Most Expensive Car Accident

The sat-nav vs London cabbie challenge

Honda Puyo concept car

The wooden car with a split personality


33 Cars Named After Animals

Famous Car Salesman Arguments. Why they think its ok to screw you.

Who owns who in the automotive world?

CarPhone Solves Wireless Calling in Car Without the Need for Bluetooth

Top New Cars for 2008

12 secrets your car insurer won't tell you

Look out! on Flickr. For what?!

Fat Porsche Carrera (7 pics)

Stalin Car

Sat nav driver's car hit by train

Midget Ford Escort

Most Stolen Luxury Cars -

Mini features over one-million Swarovski crystals

Japanese Bososoku parade lap [WARNING: Laughter-induced weeping may occur] - Autoblog

Driver thought the puddle was only a few inches deep

World’s longest car

Mini Limousine - Two Headed

Video - Mini Turbo. 220 HP on a classic Mini.

eXasis Transparent Car

Top 10 Copycat cars

Titanic passenger lists go online

Sexiest Luxury Cars

UK Man’s Classic Bristol Towed, Crushed, Despite Being Legally Parked

Panorama Pictures Of Car Interiors

Team Autoblog crashes the BYOBW event in S.F., literally

The World's Cheapest Cars

Monster Roll Royce

Defensive Driving: 70 Rules to Live By

Life-size model car kit
Life-size model car kit

Sheriff gives himself a ticket

10 Coolest Classic Cars

Top Ten Most Unusual Items Shipped with a Car

Pope’s old VW fails to sell on eBay

YouTube - Aquarium Car (via)

Acura Dealer Refuses To Fix Torn Leather Seats Because Driver Wears "Wrong Kind of Pants" - Consumerist

Smart Parking

Ghost Cars of the World

Carjacking thwarted when driver shoots suspect in head

Hummer Totaled by School Bus

'Knight Rider' Trans Am up for sale

The man who turned his Land Rover into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The Sun Online - Mechanic: I have sex with cars

Weird looking cars

Wire Frame Subaru Sculpture

'World's most valuable car' fails to sell

MINI S Cooper Truck

Top Ten Most Expensive Cars of the world

San Diego Automobiles

Will it run? Tulsa to dig up car buried for 50 years

No link. Just a cool pic

Terrible F1 accident

Seattle dealership rips off disabled man

eBay Watch: K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider

Robot Parking Garage to Open in New York

Original Batmobile Up For Sale

Portuguese vault opened, reveals forgotten collection of 180 classic cars

Maserati head over wheels about forklift

BBC NEWS - Lady driver who had 'L' of a wait. Woman finally passes driving test after 23 years and 250 lessons.

Ugliest car ever: Hummer H3 Country Squire Edition?!

2007: Year of the Concept Car

Wooden VW Beetle Car

German Company Engineers Driverless Taxi

Obedient German motorist crashes on satnav command

Darth Vader CitroƩn

Got a Mazda 3? It can be broken into by just punching the passenger door

The Ultimus - A customized 1959 Chevy

Interesting Car Plates from Latvia

SUV owners need a hand to drive better

Art Cars

YouTube - Police OOPS!!!

YouTube - Enzo Ferrari Factory Tour

Ferrari Enzo crashed by Russian billionaire

A Hummer with a Fireplace

Pimped Classic Cars

Snapper's car park calender

Pink Hummer, How Discreet

Gold cars at Bucharest Luxury Show 2006

Cadillac Michigan Postcards

Cool Amphibious Cars

New Metro affords a glimpse of a possible India

No more Audi. Oh dear.

Drivers on edge over cliff route. Drivers following satellite navigation systems through a village called Crackpot have been directed along a track at the edge of a 100ft cliff.

Gadget will stop drivers falling asleep at the wheel

Optical illusion :: Just a painting. Thanks to Dilara for that link.

Jets transformed into limos to prowl Chicago streets

Wooden Cadillac of Jerry Nickel

Car covered in computer keys on Flickr. More here.


Photos of American Roundabouts.

You know what they say - one man's meat is another man's floppy fibreglass spoiler. But thankfully Top Gear is here to ridicule the clueless by bringing you the best chavved-up motors and tasteless tat. Welcome, then, to Carbage.

Crashed cars of Kuwait - a photoset on Flickr

Art Cars in Cyberspace

Car Crash Pictures.

That's some motor. Cool pictures.

EphemeraNow - The Retro Image Archive. Glamour cars from the old days.

The worlds ugliest car is restored by a mechanic in Dorset.

How to safely and easily use an iPod in the car.

Hulk Car
The Incredible Hulk ... Car.

Confessions of a Car Salesman

Wrecked Exotics. Car crash pictures.

The Old Car Manual Project

101 Car Travel Games and Road Trip Games for Kids

Taxi Tales

The Coolest Car in the World

The car that makes its own fuel

Kenguru: Unique Electric Car for Disabled Drivers

6 Ways to Link iPods and Car Radios

Serious Wheels. High-quality classic car pictures, wallpapers, and information.

Reconditioning a Vintage Chevrolet Car. Great pictures.

The Ugliest Cars You'll Ever See

100 Coolest Cars

Anything but super
Bad Paint Jobs from Molested

How to hotwire a car

How to turn your dodge status into a lamborghini gallardo

Owned Limo

Flying cars
Flying Cars Roadable Aircraft Roadable Times Internet Magazine.

ParkingLessons.Com. The Idiots Guide To Proper Parking.

The Coolest Cars in Fantasy Entertainment. Click on Film/TV, Games, Comics and Music. What about the HomerMobile?

I Park Like An Idiot

Some interesting stuff about John Lennon's Rolls Royce

Poo Covered Car

Commuter Tilting Vehicle Concept - Car Body Design

German Parking
A gallery demonstrating the parking skills of the Germans.

I love cats...honest!
Ricecop. Funny looking cars. Thanks Deity42.

Pictures of car crashes

The History of Car Company Logos

The history of the Mini Cooper.

A mini sculpted from sand. Clever.

Crazy Limos
Crazy Limos.

The Houston Art Car Parade

Ghana's Car Hackers

The World's First Million Dollar Car

Street-legal jet powered VW Beetle

Next 911 Turbo to feature Variable Turbine Geometry

Turn left in 500 feet... fool!

How to kill a Porsche 911 - Google Video

Tango Electric Car - Random Pictures

Impaled corsa pictures.

Turkey cars: Great pictures of un-great cars.

Girl, 7, Saves Dad Pinned Under Car

Mercedes pile-up at safety demonstration

Toyota to roll out cheaper hybrid system

1966 Batmobile Paper Model

GM slashing 30,000 jobs, closing plants

Motor Trend Announces 2006 Car of the Year

Lexus peel out cheat code

Autopia - Driving While Stupid

Writing off a Lambo: the complete how-to guide (no 56k)

Functional Paper V8 Engine

Very Weird Car Crash Pictures

Rover Factory, Birmingham

Want one
CARVER - The most athletic car in the world.

Pathetic Motorways

Million Dollar Set of Rims by Asanti Electric Lithium-Ion Battery Car.

CarDomain - The place to show off your car pictures and photos

Volkswagen’s production history

Car vs. Telephone Wires in Texas.

Cars to get USB ports soon

ZAP buys into Obvio! – the little cars are coming

Dazzle painted cars

Car Designers survey of favourite cars

Cars of the Classic 30’s

The Rolls-Royce Photo Archive

Popular Cars Over $100,000

Trashed M3 pictures. Apparently M3 dude was sleeping with ex-wife of psycho dude. Psycho dude goes to ex's house and takes out aggression on M3 dude's new M3.

Poor Mans Junk Limo

Armless man caught steering car with foot at 121km/h

6-wheel Hummer

YouTube - Self parking car

Vintage Car Commercials

Balconies for cars

The accelerator has jammed, the brakes have burned out and I'm trapped in my BMW doing 130mph

Inside Line tests a Mini Convertible on the world's greatest driving road

Dude, what happened to your car?

Chinese rip-offs of cars by popular manufacturers

Pics of Nissan Terranaut reveal vehicle perfect for Picard and his crew

Rubiks Car

Speed Bump in Dubai sends Lamborghini Airborne QT video. Story here.

MAKE: Blog: Car tossing robot...

Dan Heller's Photos/Pictures of 1950s American Classic Cars (Cuba)

Jag-lovers. Reference collection of Jaguar advertising brochure scans and related pages for Jaguar automobilia.

German BMW Banned From Google

How to turn your car into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

LA Cops Fight Car Chases With GPS Devices

Treehugger: Hack Your Hybrid—Activate EV Stealth Mode, Get Rid of the BEEP, and More!


Mini modded into desk

Paper Car Models

Hybrid cars to run on two engines, start faster

Vintage Race Cars at Latimore Valley 2001 Photo Gallery

Welcome to Rad Rides by Troy

Don't park here

Car Crash videos

The Ferrari 599 GTB

Which Sports Car Are You?

The UNOFFICIAL Austin-Rover Web Resource

The Unusual Cars Page

The Straight Dope: What exactly causes "new car smell"?

Motor Race Crash Videos

Cool pictures - BMW Classics

London to Brighton Veteran Car Run 2005

Paris - Madrid - 1903 - The Race To Death

Ramp generates power as cars pass

Cool Pictures of Mini Limousine

A photo tour of the Transparent Factory in Dresden

Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey

Inside Columbo's Car

60 different Fiat 500's

RIAT 2002 F117 display

1990 Lexus : LS - Bill Gates

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