Friday, March 31, 2006

Photography - Cemeteries

My photographs of cemeteries in Newcastle All Saints Cemetery, Byker/Heaton Cemetery, Elswick / St. John's Cemetery, St Andrews Cemetery, St. Nicholas Cemetery and the West Road Crematorium.

Monumental Images - Burial grounds of Edinburgh, Glasgow and elsewhere - Graveyards of Illinois - Graveyards of Chicago

London Cemeteries

Cemeteries - a photoset on Flickr

Cemetery Photography

Graveyards of Chicago A photographic tour of the South of England's graveyards, cemeteries and other places of burial.

Cemetery art and photography

Virtual Tour of Texas State Cemetery

St. Louis Cemetery Number One

Dead Blues Guys. A Virtual Tour of the Final Resting Places (FRP) of Blues Musicians and Significant People who have contributed to the development and growth of the Blues.

Photos of bone-chapel in Czech Republic. Amazing.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. An excellent site on what is called Chicago's most haunted cemetery.

Dust To Dust - Cemetery Images And Graveyard Photography

Eastern Kentucky Grave House
Eastern Kentucky Grave House. As a hobby, I roam the hills of Eastern Kentucky in search of Waterfalls, local legends, interesting things, and to meet new people. On one of my backroads treks, I found an old abandoned cemetery on the Wolfe and Lee County line ... with the last known burial being that of a Union Civil War Veteran. (through the Kentucky History Center, I was able to get copies of his War Record) Behind this fellows grave were two “gravehouses” made of four large cut stone slabs, which had wooden roofs covered with tin. One of these had lost it’s roof. Behind these were what looked like the foundations for a couple of more gravehouses.

Marble Orchard. Cemetery Photography by Louise Myers.

Cemetery Photography from around the world

Grave Addiction. This site contains photos I have taken at all of the cemeteries, haunted places, abandoned buildings, and historical parks that I have visited.

New Orleans' cemeteries have long fascinated locals and visitors alike. With Spanish, French, African, and American influences, the cities of the dead reflect the architectural tastes of New Orleans.

London Cemeteries

Photographs Of Highgate Cemetery, London - Gravesites. Loads of images and maps for gravesites of outlaws, lawmen, and more.

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