Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ali G / Borat Special

Borat Videos
kazakhstan flagYouTube - Borat - The first 4 minutes of his Movie
Borat opens for Saturday Night Live
Today Show: Borat
The Real Sacha Baron Cohen. A very rare interview with Sacha Baron Cohen out of character
Early Show: Borat Wrestles Harry Smith
Conan O'Brien interviews Borat
Borat the Movie (Trailer #1)
Borat the Movie (Trailer #2)
Borat in the red light district in Amsterdam
Borat chats with Jon Stewart
The Best Of Borat. 24 Minutes long channel 4 TV show
Borat - Deleted scenes from the movie
Borat - Republican
Borat Goes to Washington
Borat Argument
Borat Guide To Patriotism
Borat - Season 1 Extras - Method Acting
Borat - MTV - Singing about Young Girls
Borat-Guide to Baseball
Borat in the Netherlands
Borat - On Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Borat - Guide to Buying a House
Borat - Horses
Borat at the Toronto film festival.
Borat - Feminism Movie Scene
Borat - American Guide to Etiquette
Borat - On Canada's CBC News
Borat - MTV - Traditional Kazakh Dance
Borat - MTV Clip 1-9
Borat - British Guide to Etiquette
Borat - Guide to English Gentleman
Borat - British Guide to Sport
Borat - British Guide to Hunting
All of Borats Wifes
Chuck the Movieguy interviews Borat
Borat - Guide to Animals
Borat - Guide to Cambridge
Borat - Guide to Edinburgh
Borat - Guide to Henley
Borat - At the Whitehouse
Borat Nightline
Borat in DC
Borat learns american football
Borat - Guide to Dog Shows
Borat - Guide to Country Music
Borat - Guide to Wine Tasting
Borat - At Commicon

Throw the Jew down the well

Borat - Guide to Britain
Borat - Interview part 1 and part 2
Borat - Guide to Politics
Borat - Republican Committee Meeting
Borat MTV
Borat on MySpace
Borat - Guide to Baseball
Borat - Guide to Hobbies
Borat - Guide to Jobs
Borat - Guide to Acting
Borat - Guide to Men
Borat - Patriot Rally
Borat Dating Service
Borat in the South
Borat - Locust
Borat Goes Hunting
Borats response to Kazakhstan
Borat Plays Cricket
Borat - Politics. Borat helps Republican candidate James Broadwater who is running for Congress by conducting door to door interviews.
Borat - James Broadwater Interview. A very funny interview, an american politician ends up admitting he believes jews will go to hell, incredible!
Borat Cartoon
Borat Goes Wine Tasting
Borat arrived at the Toronto Film Festival in a cart being towed by fat women
Exclusive Video Q&A With Borat

Borat Soundboards
kazakhstan flagBorat Soundboard 1
Borat Soundboard 2
Borat Soundboards
Borat's Jagshemasher Soundboard
Borat sound files

Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
kazakhstan flagIMDb: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006)
Borat Movie Review at
Borat Movie at Rotten Tomatoes
Borat Getting Amazing Reviews - 96% Positive
How'd they get people to be in the Borat movie?

Borat Websites
kazakhstan flagOfficial Borat Homesite
Borat's Myspace page
The Unofficial Borat Homepage Borat movie and TV info
In My Country There Is Problem Chords by Borat
Kazakhstanis Against Borat
Photo gallery for Borat
Borat Home Page
Classic Ali G and Borat material for you to download
New Borat Book Contains 100 Photos of Naked Kazakhstan Women
Stop Borat. Kazakhstanis against Borat.
Unofficial Borat Wars
The Unofficial Borat Homepage
Borat's Car
Picture: Stalin (1915) looks like Borat (2006)


Borat In The News
kazakhstan flagKazakh president laughs off Borat
Borat spanked by angry Yank
Bush to hold talks on Ali G creator after diplomatic row
Borat was right - Kazakhstan misspells 'bank' on money
When CNN's Becky met Borat -
Borat Banned From Russian Movie Theaters
The real stories behind 'Borat'
Borat and the anti-Semitism question
Did Ali G Go Too Far? - August 13, 2004 in The Jewish Week
Taking stupid seriously - Los Angeles Times
'Ali G' Comedian Riles Rodeo Crowd, Sacha Baron Cohen Poses As Patriot, Then Mocks U.S. War In Iraq
# "Offensive and unfair, Borat's antics leave a nasty aftertaste" by Kazakhstan Ambassador Erlan Idrissov - October 4, 2006 in The Guardian
Borat vs. Kazakhstan, October 30, 2006 (discusses Borat's affect on Westerners' perception of Kazakhstan)
How Borat conquered America
Borat satire turns to farce at Toronto festival
Toronto Brings Cheers for Zombie Flick, Bad News for Borat
How Borat hoaxed America
Borat’s Babe
Meet the Real People in Borat
Kazakhs shut Ali G star's website
Kazakh 'challenge' to Ali G star
Reporters Without Borders raps censorship of UK comedian’s "Borat" website
Rodeo in Salem gets unexpected song rendition
Borat rugby tackles Pamela Anderson
The Borat Doctrine
Daughter of Kazakhstan's president defends Borat
Dharma and … Borat? A 'Victim' Complains
Borat Speaks
Now Gypsies want Borat banned
What Borat gets right and wrong about Kazakhstan
Mahir to Borat: I Sue You! If you did'nt know this is Mahir
You dirty Borat!
L.A. judge sides with "Borat" against frat boys

Borat Pictures







Borat's Words Taken from Wikipedia
  • Barbara bush - literally "to eat the hair from the testes satchel"; (Barbara-To eat, Bush-The hair around the testes satchel)
  • Hram - genitals (from the Russian word for "temple")
  • Dzienkuje - "thank you" Sometimes used as a greeting in the opening of the Borat segments of Da Ali G Show. from the Polish Dziękuję), Also spelled as "Chenquieh" when written by Borat, e.g., his speech on the Kazakh embassy.
  • Football - disease where a man grows a foot out of the testes satchel
  • Hand relief - masturbation or sexual contact involving the hand
  • Jagshemash - "how are you?" (from the Polish "Jak się masz?", the Czech "Jak se máš?", the Slovak "Ako sa máš?" or from "Yakshimusiz"). Returning to Central Asia, the Uyghur greeting "yahşimusiz" means "are you well?", and in Uzbek it's "yaxshimisiz". Perhaps ironically, "yaxshi emas" means "not good/well" in Uzbek.
  • Krutzouli - small or insignificant animal of ambiguous identity, placed above women in the fictional Kazakh caste system.
  • Liquid explosion (sexy time explosion) - ejaculation
  • Sexy time (sexy intercourse) - sexual intercourse
  • Testes satchel - scrotum
  • Vazhïn - vagina (once referred to as Shakira)
  • Mouth party (sex in mouth) - oral sex
  • Moviefilm - movies.
  • Making a dirt - to defecate
  • Making brown - to defecate
  • Making romance inside - to have sexual intercourse
  • Man with chocolate face - a black person
  • She is tight like man's anus - description of sister's vagina
  • Loose like sleeve of wizard - description of wife's vagina
  • Transibiersky express - children's porno with Johnny the Monkey

Borat Prank Calls MP3 Hosted at Rapidshare
kazakhstan flagAmerican Life
Borat Calls Southern Electric
Borat Called by Baltic Pine
Borat Calls London Energy
Borat Calls VIP Holidays
Borat Called by Populus

Ali G Videos
Ali G and Fashion
Ali G's vs Posh and Beckham
Ali G: Dangerous Weapons
Ali G Talks About Drugs
Ali G Interviews a Doctor
HBO: Ali G - Video Clips
Ali G Interviews a Feminist
Ali G Pisses off Andy Rooney
Ali G: Cannes Pr0n Festival
Ali G - Who Wants To Win An Ounce Video. Millionaire spoof.

Ali G Links
Ali GBorat: Download every Ali G show ever
Radio 1 apologises for Ali G outburst
Ali G - Wikipedia
The ultimate Ali G website -
Channel 4: Ali G in da USA
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Ali G's Stateside flop
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Max Johnson said...

What's particularly funny about the embedded Throw The Jew Down The Well clip is that it seems to be provided by an anti-semitism awareness program. Never mind the fact that Sacha Baron Cohen is Jewish.

ILuvNUFC said...

It's one of the funniest scenes from any show ever. It's class.

Borat said...

Borat's comments outside the Kazakh embassy in Washington have started an international incident! Go to to help Borat wage war with Uzbekistan!

Igor said...
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