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Abandoned 3

This category will cover Urban Exploration, abandoned places and similar kinds of things.

Abandoned cities of Kola Peninsula

Where Automobiles Went to Die

Abandoned Subway Stations Around The World

Shadows and Rust

Eric Lusito - After the Wall : Traces of the Soviet Empire

15 abandoned theaters

Another Trip to Kadikchan

12 Abandoned Fireplaces

10 Amazing Abandoned Bank Vaults

Detroit’s Beautiful Yet Abandoned Art Deco Skyscrapers

Artificial Owl

Houses Gone Wild: Haunting Photos of Abandoned Homes

The Last Best Ghost Town: Bodie, California

Urban Exploration - Irelands largest Urbex Community

Tunnels under Moscow [HDR]

Remarkable Religious Structures Reclaimed by Nature

An old Soviet Russian nuclear missile launching silo in Ukraine, now turned into museum

Abandoned Soviet Trains In Belarus

Abandoned motels in USA

Abandoned Places In The World

Abandoned House in Iran

Beneath the Neon: Life and death in the storm drains of Las Vegas

Abandoned swimming pools from America’s forgotten roadside motels.

St. Luke's Hospital, Shaker Heights, OH

Roads to Nowhere: Abandoned, Ruined and Unfinished Bridges

Chernobyl offers a holiday in hell

Detroit's Beautiful, Horrible Decline


Decadence of Decay

Forgotten Buildings in central and southern New Brunswick, Canada , Expect the Unexpected

Flickr: nikant's stuff tagged with abandoned

The Abandoned

Ohio Lost - The ultimate resource on Ohio`s haunted, historic and abandoned places

Midwest Lost

U E L(Ontario)

Illicit Ohio

INFILTRATERZ..Abandoned places in and around Wisconsin

The Wanderer

Recreational Trespasser

The State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers

Abandoned NC

Abandoned Prime Minister's mansion in Beirut

Industrial Decay

Lost Destinations::Abandoned, Unusual, Wild & Weird NJ, TX, NM Road Trip Photography, & Beyond

Abandoned Orphanage, Buffalo, NY, USA

Historic Decay

The Ghosts of Antarctica: Abandoned Stations and Huts

5 Modern Abandoned Cities

The Ruins Of Detroit Industry: Five Former Factories

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, Laurens SC

Abandoned Russian Village

Buzludzha the abandoned communist concrete flying saucer from Bulgaria. One of many great posts at Thanks Phil.

Troy Paiva Photography - Urban Exploration

Nitchitsu mining town haikyo

Forgotten cradle of the space age

Wiltshire's Secret Underground City

Abandoned police station

Flickr sets of abandoned places

The Remains of Detroit

Old Abandoned Buildings of Northern New York

Ontario Abandoned Places

Abandoned Building Photos

Lost Least

Abandoned paper mill
Abandoned Supercars

Cane Hill, Insane Asylum

Exploring an abandoned island castle

Abandoned Pabst Brewery - Milwaukee, WI

Elizabethtown - Gone But Not Forgotten

Bodie... A town frozen in time.

Forgotten Ohio

7 Abandoned Architectural Wonders of Modern Asia

6 Abandoned Railroads, Subways, and Train Stations W

7 Scary Ghost Towns: Eternal Remnants From Abandonment, Death and Destruction

Beauty in Decay: Photography of Urban Exploration

The Closed Door

atoposes, poetic spaces, and modern ruins: surrealist urban exploration, industrial archaeology

Associated Urban Management Consultants

Deserted places: photo galleries

Abandoned in PA | Beauty can be found in the decay

Pennsylvania Turnpike's Abandoned Sections

Abandoned Australia: Exploring abandoned Dwellings & Cemeteries throughout Australia

Buffalo Central Terminal, New York Central Railroad Terminal, Buffalo New York and Central Terminal. 3 sites on the same place.

Photo page. Mainly focused on Plymouth and Exeter in the UK.

Flickr - Asylums for the Insane

Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre Photography - Eastern Germany industrial vestiges

Another View on St.Petersburg

Lost places, once inhabited towns and forgotten futures of the American Old West

Abandoned Detroit

Abandoned Dinosaur World

Lost Chicagoland

Flickr - Decayed is a german project to show images form lost places and abandoned architecture.

10 Most Amazing Ghost Towns

Urban Exploration uk

Urban Decay in St. Louis

Burlington Cold War City

A detailed tour of Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion

27th May 2007, the second trip to the Zone of the Chernobyl atomic power stations

KGB Nuclear Bunker under Moscow

Abandoned Castles of Russian Countryside

Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre Photography - The ruins of Detroit

Beautiful photos of bankrupt offices

Abandoned Railroads of the US

1936 Olympic Village

Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike

Long Island's Gold Coast Ruins

The Iron Miners are a group of mine researchers dedicated toward capturing and preserving the historic mining industry of the northeastern United States

16 Abandoned & Decaying Hotels From Around The World

Underground War Bunker in Newcastle

Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway

Extreme Exploration: Russian Nuclear Research Facilities

The Neutrino Lab

Chernobyl photoreportage

Lost City in the Woods

The concrete skeletons of five-star hotel complexes abandoned on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula

The Abandoned City San Zhi

Doomed Chernobyl reactor to be buried in giant steel coffin

Jet Set Ruins. Aircraft scrapyards and storage facilities in Arizona and California.


The Underground Tunnel Beneath Niagara Falls

Abandoned Wooden Miracles

Top 10 Interesting Abandoned Places. Most, if not all, have already been featured here.

Post Office Railway Between Paddington & Whitechapel London

An Abandoned Library

Forsaken Places

Chewbacca's Nightlife: Adventures in Urban Exploration

Urban Travel

Ontario Rural Ruins

Scott and Shackleton's abandoned huts in Antarctica

4 Awesome Unfinished or Abandoned Structures in Florida

Russias Radioactive Mines

7 (More) Abandoned Wonders of America: From Deserted Breweries to Famous Auto Factories

Beautifully Ruined


Abandoned NC

Abandoned Subway Tunnels

The Bone Yard - abandoned tug boats and ships NYC

Entropy - Industrial Ruins

Abandoned factory - Polam 15-9-2007

Overgivna platser. Click on any of the pictures to open a gallery.

Chippewa Lake Park

Abandoned Abhazia

Ellis Island

Kennedy Space Center Photographs by Shaun O'Boyle 2008

Interactive Ghost Town Map

East LA’s Linda Vista Hospital

Current State of Chernobyl: house-by-house

Abandoned mines in Russia

New York State Asylum

An Abandoned Village in Italy

Abandoned Frozen Ships

Soviet Underground Submarine Base

Kadykchan. The City of Broken Dreams

Abandoned places - bulidings, factories, churches, industrial objects

The Salton Sea disaster

The Story of Byberry

The forgotten sound mirrors. These were featured in a DVD (BBC's Coast) I just watched the other day.

The Castle of Miranda

7 (More) Abandoned Wonders of America

Craig Thom's Decay Gallery

ReichsAutobahn. Abandoned WWII freeways in Poland.

Hawthorne & Leslie, Ship Builders, South Tyneside

Pretty Vacant

Jonesyb - Urban Exploration in the UK : : UK Urban Exploration

Forgotten Places - Urban Exploration UE Urbex in Essex and Suffolk

Urban Exploration in East Anglia - derelicte UrbEx

Azubi's Adventures in Abandonment

Hashima Island. 56K nay!

U.K. Mine and Quarry Information and Exploration

Ramsgate Tunnel is a disused train tunnel which is about 2 miles long. It was used in world war 2 for air raid shelters.

Abandoned Past | West Middlesex University Hospital. A few more pics here West Middlesex - a photoset on Flickr.

Lighting the Darkness

Mystery Place

Welcome to Photo

Under Albert. The famous Albert Memorial in London’s Hyde Park.

NYC Subway Abandoned Stations

Abandoned Factory

Abandoned Stations of New York City.

The Art of Waylon Brinck

Flickr: Abandoned

London Destruction

Sea Forts in the North Sea. Amazing relics of WWII.

Modern Swedish Ruins

London's Abandoned Tube Stations

Docent's gallery. A site with a gallery of abandoned areas.

Promzona. A Russian industrial photo album.

Hryundels photos . Industrial, abandoned, underground, military and other similar things.

Chippewa Lake amusement park Simon Cornwell's site features lots of asylums with lots of information. Also home to the asylums list.

Galleries. Each gallery below contains a series of photos presented as photo essays in an attempt to document these locations which may not be around much longer. Typically these are abandoned buildings, industrial sites, derelict structures and other places we've forgotten or ignored over time.

Bodie. A ghost town in California.

Abandoned Places. Krepost Sveaborg and other abandoned places.

Abandoned Britain

Buffalo Exploration. Buffalo based urban exploration group, very well designed site.

Allied Paper Mill. Photographic tours of abandoned mills in Michigan.

Kitty Empire. Galleries of abandoned locations.

Lab-Wan. Great Belgian exploration site with a military school, coal plant other locations.

Lost Indiana. Discarded vacant buildings of Indiana.

Dead Ohio. Ohio cemeteries and other ghostly haunted places.

Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway

Dead Malls

Forgotten Michigan

Underground Tunnels Found in Israel Used In Ancient Jewish Revolt

Locus Incompertus. Locus Incompertus; latin for 'places unknown'. This website is a collection of photographs of a Toronto-based explorer who looks for these unknown places to document them for others to see.

The Urban Landscape. Based in Ottawa/Gatineau and Montreal, Canada, The Urban Landscape explores the urban world around us through photography. Everything from derelict structures to bridges and urban greenery can be found on T.U.L. . Photos taken in unusual and dangerous places, mostly abandoned factories, in Poland.

Exposed Decay . A project about exploring abandoned and decadence places, with a forgotten history.


The Idria Pages. New Idria is a ghosttown and deserted quicksilver (mercury) mine. Mining activities in the area started in 1851 and ended in 1972.

Abandoned Mines of NJ


Farmadeliphication . The process of turning all of Philadelphia's vacant and abandoned lots into urban farms.

Ryugyong Hotel. Officially the world’s Tallest Unoccupied Building.

A huge pile of photos of an abandoned Russian city. NSFW ADS (via)

EUTHANASIA. Beautiful decay pictures of Russia in decline. (via)

Fairfield Hills photos

Byberry some info from Weird USA.

The 4th Dimension, a movie was recently shot at Byberry.

Hudson Valley Day TripsExcellent site featuring nearly 200 sites worth visiting within the south eastern portion of New York and south western Connecticut.

Modern Ruins A compelling collection of photo-essays on abandoned places.

NobodyThere.Co.UK A very nice British urban exploration website.

Tim Edensor - British Industrial Ruins. Also another site here.

Lost America. Photographs of various ruins in the desert at night.

Zone-Tour. Database and resource for urban exploration.

Phillip Buehler's Modern Ruins

Rash Reflections Photography. Abandoned buildings in New York and New Jersey (click on Acid Kittie)

Roadside Art Online: Ruins

West Virginia Penitentiary. Photos and info about the vacant prison in Moundsville, WV. Annoying music warning.

Ohio Preservation Alliance. Dedicated to preserving unique historic architecture.

Stahl Art. Black and white photos of industrial sites around the world available in German or English language. Features an amazing amount of photographs of mines, steel mills, factories, bridges and more. Stunning. Photographic essays through urban and industrial sites, mostly abandoned.

Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium

Side O' Lamb. Asbury Park in New Jersey.

Blackshock photos of industrial, gothic and other dark scenes (Czech Republic and Slovakia)

Dead Malls

Desolation. Photos of abandoned buildings in Italy

SBNO. Abandoned amusement parks.

Subterranea Britannica. UK Cold War defenses.

Tim Feresten - Photographs. Michigan Central Railroad Station, industrial interiors, and an abandoned house.

Underground Kent

Buffalo Psychiatric Center. Photographs by Joe Hayden depict this former asylum in the United States designed by H.H. Richardson.

Abandoned brussels

Deserted places. Sweden.

Zedou Connection. Catacombs and quarries under Paris.

Metro-Detroit Urban Exploration

De Onderwereld - Urban Exploration & Electro-Disco-Breakcore-Booty Mixes

SNWEB.ORG, A Detroit Information Database

Out of site. Great site packed with photographs.

Institutional green ..//.. an urbex website

Exposed Photography

Spivey Point. Finland.

Abandoned Forever

Abandoned Places

Industrial New York :: Urban Exploration

Urban Exploration Resource

Abandoned Subway Tunnels in Boston and Other Industrial Settings: Black and White Photography by Shawn Dufour

Abandoned Britain

Byberry Mental Hospital

U E M :: Come For The Adventure, Stay Because Your Flashlight Went Dead Description about Philadelphia State Hospital aka Byberry, Kirkbrides, and photographs of various abandoned places.

Modern Ruins Photographic Essays

Metro Detroit Urbex

The Suitcase Exhibit

Chuck's Photo Spot

Forgotten Places

Hudson Valley Ruins

South East Michigan Urban Exploration

Abandoned But Not Forgotten

White Cliffs Underground

Long Island Oddities


Forgotten Photography

Motorcycle Ride Through Chernobyl

Urban Adventure.Org

Urban Exploration Resource


Urban Exploration - France

Great Lakes Urban-Ex - Urban Exploration team from Cleveland, Ohio

Subway Erie Canal Revitalization. Website for the group dedicated to preserving the Rochester Subway System.

Urban Exploration Resource - Canada

Urban Lens. Loads of content.

Urban Speleology. Minneapolis based.

Zone-Tour. Database of Urban Exploration.

Columbus Underground. Urban exploration in Ohio.

pdXplore. UE in Portland, Oregon.

North Street Mental Hospital Ian Herrick's photos of an abandoned asylum in Northhampton, MA.

Buffalo Psychiatric Center Photographs by Joe Hayden depict this former asylum in the United States designed by H.H. Richardson.

The Castle on the Hill Danvers State Hospital.

Danvers photos from Jeremy Barnard photography.

Historic Asylums

King's Park Psychiatric Center - A Documentation

Noho's Abandoned Asylum More pictures of North Street Mental Hospital in Northhampton, MA. Possibly a re-post. Always worth another look anyway.

Industrial Archeology in California

Photographing Ruins

Mansfield Reformatory

Atoposes, poetic spaces, and modern ruins: surrealist urban exploration, industrial archaeology

Mudhouse Mansion


The Northampton State Hospital
The Northampton State Hospital

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Deserted Farms in Iceland

Pearce, Arizona
Pearce, Arizona

The Legend of Dudleytown, Connecticut

Balaclava - Ontario

Bannerman Island History -- A Hudson River Jewel and Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc.

Vintage Postcards of Hospitals in Worcester, Massachusetts

Defunct Amusement Parks

NJ Pine Barrens exploring the ghost towns of southern New Jersey.

Desolation photos of abandoned buildings in Italy.

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

A Record of Excursions and Adventures in Massachusetts. Stone Circles, Dolmen, Chambers, Caves, and other oddities.

Closed stations in Paris' Subway

Dezafekt. Underground quarries of Paris, tunnels, subway,catacombs, pictures of the urban underground.

Urban Exploration Australia

Japanese Ruins

Abandoned Subway Stations in NYC

Abandoned Tube Stations in London

Exploring the Twin Cities

Iowa State Steam Tunnels

Minneapolis Drains

Mysteries under Moscow. Article on a group called "Diggers of the Underground Planet"

New York City Underground from

Bangor Explorer's Guild Bangor, Maine that is. So much stuff it could keep you for ages.

Boston Urban Exploration LiveJournal community. Photographs of Ruins in France.

Friends of Williamson's Tunnels


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