Friday, September 30, 2005

Charvers or Chavs

Your guide to the UK culture of Charvers/Chavs.

Charver Central

BBC Inside Out - Charvers

Scally Central

Chav Top Trumps

The Charva Guide


Charver boys

ChavScum. Different site from the one above.


Topical Words: Chav

Chav on Wikipedia

chav: Information From


So true

Urban Dictionary: chav

Chav Olympics

Chav World - Enter the world of the Chav!

Chav Mum - A Chavs Diary By The Most Desirable And Fashionable Single Mother On The Estate, Cardiff, Wales

Take the The Chav Test

Auchinairn Young Team

Chav girls

Chav Aid 2004. Needs sound.

Chav Cars

Britain's Favourite Celebrity Chav

Chav Scum and the Burbery Massive

Chav Drinks

Adopt a Chav

Metro charvers

Chav - Uncyclopedia

How to spot a chav car

Top 20 Chav Baby Names

Chav jokes

Gangs who fail exams on purpose

Official Devvo Site. Devvo is Darren Devonshire, a "chav" from the Doncaster/Hull area.
Devvo lets me follow him around and film his life in exchange for cigarettes, alcohol and small change. I suppose the following films are just documentaries about the "chav" scene/problem in Northern England.
The following videos contain offensive language, drug consumption, violence and generally shocking scenes of chav life...and remember; all I do is film him, I am not responsible for what he does.

Leith Chav

Chav mobile

Chav Lav

Glasgow Survival

Parterre Young Team

Wifty Home Page

2004 Glasgow Pride World Wide

Chav Monopoly. Click for biggery


Mark said...

This is pretty educational for me -- I'm glad to know that the U.S. doesn't have the monopoly on white-trash ...

ILuvNUFC said...

:) LOL!

Deity42 said...

The Chav cars were incredibly humorous!

The American equivalent ("Rice Rocket") can be found at

ILuvNUFC said...

:) It's a great site that one, thanks deity42.
I'll stick it up on the front page sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

NOOOO the American Equivalent is a Bro.

Jordz NUFC said...

its charver u southern fairies