Sunday, May 29, 2005

Newcastle Tall Ships Race 2005

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Newcastle Tall Ships Race 2005

With visitors and crew travelling from all over the world to experience the famous Geordie welcome, The Tall Ships' Races 2005, organised by Sail Training International, at NewcastleGateshead is set to be the biggest and best ever. And we want you on board!

NewcastleGateshead hosted the largest ever of The Tall Ships' Races in 1993 - but expectations are higher still for 2005. A magnificent fleet of over 100 tall ships will drop anchor against one of the finest waterfronts in Europe to be greeted by a city transformed, a vibrant kaleidoscope of culture and leisure surrounded by breathtaking unspoilt countryside and beaches. The Races are expected to attract more than 3000 young people from more than 20 countries to participate as crew.

The whole event is free of charge, culminating in a dazzling music and entertainment extravaganza on the evening of Wednesday 27th July and unforgettable Parade of Sail next day, with over one million people expected to wish a fond farewell to the ships and their crews. Start planning to be there now and bring your friends and family. Make sure you don't miss out.

Just 2 months to go until the Tall Ships Race 2005 arrives in Newcastle. This will be the third visit to Newcastle and it's always a fantastic time particularly The parade of sail as they set off for Norway on the last leg of the race.

Tall Ships' Programme of Events

BBC Tyne - The James Cook log. The North East's own "James Cook" has one sailor on board who will share his diary here.

Tall ship sailing into Toon!. Laura Gardiner explains what life is like to be on board a tall ship youth voyage from Great Yarmouth to Newcastle.

Some lovely Photos from the 1993 visit.

The 2005 Tall Ships' Race - Waterford, Ireland.
From 6.45am on the 9th of July, around 70 of the world's most beautiful Tall Ships began their journey down the River Suir, making their way to Dunmore East and the start of the 2005 Tall Ships' Races.

The journey followed a night of incredible spectacle, street parties, music, fanfare and the busiest night ever seen in the City of Waterford.
Gardai estimate that around 380,000 visitors attended the Tall Ships'
Festival and thousands more are lining the departure route to wave goodbye to the Irish and international crews, many of whom will sail for the first time ever.

A Ghost Ship is heading for Newcastle as part of the Tall Ships Race. Pics and Video here.

Update 2:
The Tall Ship Racers. A re-writing of the famous Blaydon Races song. The original Blaydon Races can be heard here.

Update 3:
The Tall Ships People.We are crew co-ordinators providing a ship information and booking service for vessels, trainees and organisations participating in Tall Ships Races and sailing holidays. We also arrange permanent crew positions.

Newcastle Geordie Tall ships race. A poem about the Tall Ships.

If you are new to the region for the Tall Ships then you might need this...English to Geordie Translator.

Update 4:
Tall Ships 2005: Newcastle-Gateshead weblog.
Way Out In Gateshead (WING) are providing 2 crews of young people to take part in this year's Tall Ships' Race. The young people will be aboard the Christian Radich and the Queen Galadriel and will be involved in everything from climbing the rigging to swabbing the decks!

This weblog is a diary of their journey - updated on a daily basis. Find out what life is like on the ships and feedback your questions and comments to the crew on board via the comments feature below most postings. Trevor Coulson and Joanne Jopling, both from Gateshead Council will be working with the young people on board and helping them update the blog with news, photos and videos.

Queen Galadriel

A friend of mine, hello Scooby, is sailing on the Queen Galadriel and he's just sent me an email saying he is now at Lowestoft and he is setting off for Hartlepool tonight and he is expecting to be in Newcastle about sunday or monday. He is finding it very tiring being on watch but he's loving the adventure. I'm kind of jealous.

These pictures are fresh in from Scooby of the Queen Galadriel in Lowestoft. Click for biggery.

Update 5:
Click here to download a PDF of the Tall Ships festival map courtesy of icNewcastle.

icNewcastle - Tall Ships' Events Programme

Update 6:
The first of my Tall Ships photos from the River Tyne are now up at Flickr including the picture below.

Autostitch 05-07-21 Tall Ships 04

Update 7: 22nd July
The Kruzenshtern, possibly the biggest Tall Ship, arrived through the night. I remember this ship from the 1985 Tall Ships as I boarded it and had a look around it. It was another very grey start to the day here in Newcastle and the sun came out as I left, just my luck.

05-07-22 Tall Ships 01

Click for biggery.
My Flickr page here with all the rest of this mornings photos.

Update 8: 22nd July
Another couple of pictures from Scooby on the Queen Galadriel. This time it's the captain's cab and a view from the bough. Cheers Scooby.

Update 9: 22nd July Tall Ships news
Royal Navy starts Tall Ships Week with an invite to come on-board.

An update from The Queen Galadriel Crew.

BBC/Tyne Tall Ships 2005. Throughout the Tall Ships' visit BBC Tyne, Radio Newcastle and Look North will be bringing you the best coverage on TV, on radio and online. Discover what treats are in store.

BBC/Tyne Tall Ships picture gallery. The pictures are starting to come in on the BBC Website.

Photo Gallery from icNewcastle

Update 10: 22nd July
Another couple of my pictures of The Kruzenshtern. Click for biggery.

05-07-22 Tall Ships 35

05-07-22 Tall Ships 11

Update 11: 23rd July
Another picture from Scooby on The Queen Galadriel. Click for biggery. Thanks Scooby.

Update 12: 23rd July
Just the one new ship in today that makes a total of 4 with 100 still to come in the next 2-3 days. The new ship today was The Dewarugi from Bulgaria. More older pictures here on a MSN site.

05-07-23 Tall Ships 01

Tall Ships - travel info.

Tall Ships Adventures.

The refreshment tent was set up today.
Copy of 05-07-23 Tall Ships 04 Guinness Bar

Update 13: 24th July
Two more pictures From Scooby on The Queen Galadriel. They have just left Hartlepool for the final leg of his journey. He should be due in Newcastle at about 3 this afternoon.

I expect a lot more ships to arrive today so I will see if I can get down there tonight to get some more pictures.

Update 14: 24th July
Quite a few new arrivals today and I've put a load of pictures up here. Newcastle Tall Ships 2005 - a photoset on Flickr. Here a couple of them.

05-07-24 Tall Ships 088

05-07-24 Tall Ships 013

05-07-24 Tall Ships 003

Update 15: 25th July
It seems like most of the rest of the ships appeared today. It's a fantastic sight.

BBC Tyne Tall Ships webcam

Tyne Bridge North Tower

Tyne Bridge South Tower

BBC Tyne River Tyne Webcam

Update 16: 26th July
The carnival atmosphere will be in full swing as the crews join together in a celebratory procession through the city streets.

Helpful links:
Traffic Restrictions. .doc file

Leave the car at home and get the Metro

Newcastle - FREE QuayLink buses during Tall Ships' Races

Park and ride details

Gateshead Millennium Bridge Tilting Times

Update 17: 27th July
Some pictures of the Tall Ships are now up on Flickr. Today is the final day of events here in Newcastle and I will be back down tonight for the fireworks and light show.

05-07-27 Tall Ships 07   05-07-27 Tall Ships 06

05-07-27 Tall Ships 05   05-07-27 Tall Ships 01

Update 18: 27th July
A North Shields Webcam. Expect to see the ships pass between 8am until 3 in the afternoon when they leave the area.

Update 19: 27th July
Some pictures from tonights firework display.

Update 20: 28th July
Crew parade picture gallery

Tall Ships picture gallery 1

Tall ships picture gallery 2

Tall Ships 360s

BBC Tyne Tall Ships webcam

Tyne Bridge North Tower

Tyne Bridge South Tower

BBC Tyne River Tyne Webcam

A North Shields Webcam. Expect to see the ships pass between 8am until 3 in the afternoon when they leave the area.

Parade of sail information

More parade of sail info. Scroll down to the bottom.

Update 21: 28th July
Parade of sail photos shot from a very wet Tynemouth and North Shields Fish Quay this morning.

05-07-28 Tall Ships 149  05-07-28 Tall Ships 134  05-07-28 Tall Ships 134  05-07-28 Tall Ships 121

05-07-28 Tall Ships 109  05-07-28 Tall Ships 091  05-07-28 Tall Ships 080  05-07-28 Tall Ships 072

05-07-28 Tall Ships 046  05-07-28 Tall Ships 041  05-07-28 Tall Ships 031  05-07-28 Tall Ships 017

05-07-28 Tall Ships 157  05-07-28 Tall Ships 117  05-07-28 Tall Ships 068  05-07-28 Tall Ships 015

Newcastle Tall Ships 2005 - a photoset on Flickr for all the rest of my Tall Ships photos.

That's it folks the show is now over as far as I'm concerned unless anybody else wants to submit any photos for me to put up here. I've had a lot of fun covering the Tall Ships Race 2005 here in Newcastle and with it being the school holidays as well I've had ILuvNUFC Junior along for the ride most of the time and now I'm completely exhausted. Goodnight, I'm now off to bed. Thanks for visiting this page and for making me number 2 in Google, number 1 in Yahoo and number 1 in Blueyonder search engines for the Tall Ships Race in Newcastle 2005. Thank you and goodnight. Will the last one out please shut the door.


Anonymous said...

my family and i enjoed the tall ships race back in 1986 we loved it the newcastle quay side should be shown off with more events north tyneside council have something to be proud of why not hold other large events liverpool does why cant we .

Anonymous said...

my family and i enjoyed the tall ships race back in 1986 we loved it the newcastle quay side should be shown off with more events north tyneside council have something to be proud so why not hold other large events liverpool does why cant we

Anonymous said...

the tall ships race are brilliant it will be the first time my kids have seen a reel sailing ship well done north tyneside . at least it will hide that ugly thing for a while the slug whoops i mean the sage sorry gateshead but it is ugly.

ILuvNUFC said...

Thanks for the comments.
Check back from time to time as I will be adding links about the tall ships on this page as and when I find them. Unless you know any that you can send me and I will put them up on here. I also have a friend who will be sailing on one of the ships and I've asked him too take some pictures for me.

Anonymous said...

i will be sailing in the leg from cherbourg to newcastle, it will be brilliant the "john liang" look out!!!

ILuvNUFC said...

Thanks for the comment, I will keep my eye out for it.
If you manage to get any pictures that I could use on this site please mail them to me at
Thanks again.

Georgia Stewart age 9 said...

The tall ships are fab i've just been down there with my aunty and cousins, Tyne and Drew, we went onto Scooby's ship "Queen Galadriel" for coffee and juice, it was excellent

ILuvNUFC said...

I could'nt get down for Scooby coming in today but I've just been down and got a load of great photos. I will stick some of them up on here later.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time, I have been to UK and just look at my luck. I have been able to view one of the fantastic events ever.

The fireworks were amazing, brilliant. Too bad, I could not get a camera.

Well next time, I need to schedule my business trips looking at events.

ILuvNUFC said...

If you want any phots give me a shout. I've got hundreds if not a thousand or so. Although I did'nt get too many of the fireworks.

Nico said...

I am heading off to Fredrikstad to check out these tall sailers myself this afternoon!

ILuvNUFC said...

Cool. I will look forward to the pictures. Send some to me if you want and i will stick some up here and link to your Flickr page too.

Shame your only getting less than half of the ships that set off from here though.