Sunday, May 01, 2005

Lego Links 2

33 Of The Most Intricate & Realistic Lego Creations

Lego Toy Fair 2008

World’s tallest Lego tower built in England

How to Love a Lego Lunatic

5 Million-Piece Lego Boulder Chases Indy, Crashes Into Car

Stunning Lego Art

Artist Repairs Walls In Italy With Lego Bricks

Flickr - Lego'd Video Games

Couple win right to name son Lego

Amy Winehouse in Lego

Awesome Lego art

Build a Lego Flash Drive in Four Simple Steps

YouTube - The Thing (Lego version)

YouTube - Twin Peaks Lego video

The Simpsons intro Lego style

Video Games Scenes in Lego

Indiana Jones Lego Sets

Lego Skull

Astonishing Lego Art of Nathan Sawaya

Melted Lego Lamp

Lego barcode reader.

Hard drive as Lego block.

Loads of great pictures of Legoland.

Lego robot winds yarn.

The Art of the Brick. Excellent Lego models.

Batman: Revenge. Lego movie.

The Ultra Rabbit. The set is all created in Lego and the storyline is basically a gigantic rabbit that invades a Lego spacebase. 38MB Download.

Lego Pinhole Camera.

Bricksmith. Virtual Lego modeling for your Macintosh.

How to make a Lego Minifig costume. More photos here.

Lego Delorean.

Halo 2 LEGO Customs.

Cthulu in Lego.

LEGO Gets Fussy About Brand Name. As he mentions, us British have always said Lego anyway not LEGOS.

ONYX Lego Beretta 9mm Series 92. Factory Homepage. LEGO is starting a new program called LEGO Factory where you can download a desktop application that allows you to create a custom brick design. You can take the designs you create using the LEGO Digital Designer software, upload them to the LEGO website, and actually order a kit of LEGO bricks that will make the design you specified.

The Lego Clan.

5" floppy discs + Lego = A Cool CD Holder.

Lego Mindstorms. Amazing stuff.

3D chocolate printer made from Lego.

Lego Moon Landings - a photoset on Flickr.

How to make a Lego Rubik's Cube.

BrickFest 2005. Wired article with more pictures and BrickFest on Flickr.

HoMa's world of bricks. Amazing Lego buildings.

Legotic Self-Adaptative Hand. A real-size robotic hand that can detect and catch objects made of LEGO bricks.

Winston's Lego Case Mod.

Lego Turing machine.

Lego Works. Cool stuff made from Lego.

I love Lego
Lego Clock Guide.

Lego video game characters.

Lego Bin Laden on eBay.

Lego Star Destroyer Built Before Your Eyes.

I love Lego
Oblong Pictures. Welcome to the online home of Oblong Pictures, an imaginary film company which specialises in making short stop-motion films using the popular children's toy, LEGO. (via)

Video - Lego Numa Numa.

Lego Mosaics.


Lego Tux.

Lego Harry Potter.

Lego Spaceship.

Flickr photostream from a Lego Fair.

Warplanes of the World. Yes, you guessed it, in Lego.

Darth Maul Bust made from 1860 pieces on eBay.

The Magic Portal is a short stop motion film that uses LEGO®, plasticene, cardboard and pixellated live action, made between the years of 1985 and 1989 on good ol' fashioned 16mm film.

I love Lego
Lego Volvo.

Game on. Lego Treasure Hunt.

Nuffin Zon. A cool Lego movie.

Lego Wedding Cake.

Lego Bart Simpson.

Lego concentration camp
From a series of LEGO sets designed by Polish artist Zbigniew Libera. Each box contains the blocks necessary to build the figures and structures on its lid. When Libera requested the LEGOs from the company's Warsaw representative, he planned to create sets for a prison and a hospital, but the project evolved into a concentration camp. According to a press release issued by the LEGO Group, "If the had described his ultimate project to us in advance, he naturally would not have received a single LEGO element from us!" The sets were on display in March at the Galleri Faurschou in Copenhagen.

LEGO at Wikipedia.

Lego last supper
A collection of Last Supper pictures.

Handy for drawing on the ceiling
Big Lego Pencil.

Lego Guitar.

Musical instruments made of Lego and a Lego VR-object turntable.

How Lego is made.

Remember the fake pics a while back showing a crane lifting a car out of the water and the crane fell in and so on. Here is a Lego version. Brilliant.

The final chapter of Star Wars is almost here, and Lucasfilm and The LEGO Company have jointly produced an animated Star Wars short film set in the LEGO universe. Right click/save target as. QT needed.
A lesser quality WMV link

I'm sure that I've posted this before. Can't be @rsed to check.
Project Cryo. Fun with a mouse and Lego.

What is it about he internet with Lego? Not that I'm complaining like as I love Lego
Star Wars Line in Lego!

Spike Seigel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine and Edward Wong Hau Pepulu Tivrusky the fourth as lego.

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