Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Good Morning

The 10 greatest rock'n'roll myths. (via)

Build your own Gas Mask from computer parts.

Everyone Poops. (via)

Vertical Visions. Video library of skydiving, BASE jumping and other aerial sports. (via)

Elite Bar Adventures. A warning about clicking the "next blog button". (via)

Movie monster
Retrocrush - Top 100 Movie Monsters.

A gallery of walls with stuff written on. (via)

Tasmanian paper made from 'roo poo.

Shrek character is target of traditional values religious group.

Toilet paper fashion.

Robert Pershing Wadlow. Tallest man. Ever. (via)

Finding The A-team: A Stuffo Experiment. (via)

Wikipedia's list of fictional curse words.

Smarties set to lose their tube. They just can't leave anything alone can they?

Asshat. Words of wisdom from George W. Click the pic for another.

Fixtures man
Soccer AM Fixtures Man Website. EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to mention that the first page on this site has some NSFW images of Helen Chamberlain's Penthouse photo shoot. I bet that makes you want to click it now. :)

Am I Right - Misheard Lyrics. (via)

Index for A Zippo Gallery. (via)

Nokia dumps IE for Firefox: 55,000 times. (via)

Sod Couch
Sprout a Couch. Lawn Furniture for Literalists.

Stud underpants.

Don't you just hate Patrick Vieira? Cheat.

The Parents Television Council's Worst TV Clips of the Week. NSFW. (via)

Horror images
Morticia's Morgue - Horror Movie Images. via

Spider Myths. (via)

Welcome to TV ARK The British Television Museum. (via)

mermaid baby
Mermaid' baby facing surgery.

Windows EX-Pee. Cool. (via)

Looking for unique Tattoos? (via)

Starsky & Hutch Pinball.

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