Friday, January 21, 2005

YAY! It's Friday

I forget to mention that the icons are now Technorati tags, thanks to mmChronic@New Links, and you can click on them to find similar posts on other Blogs. Thanks goes out to Attu sees all and J-Walk Blog for linking to this site yesterday and I topped 1000 visitors for the first time. w00+!

Gmail Tips - The Complete Collection. via

How To Build A Lightsaber In 20 Minutes. via

Spider-man comic cover
retroCRUSH: Spider-man cover gallery.

Walt Disney biography from via

Natural Phenomena Named After Frank Zappa. via
This series of articles describes a variety of Natural Phenomena - marine, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial - which have been named in honour of Frank Zappa, the smallest being a gene belonging to a bacterium, the largest being an entire planet.Many people are unaware that not one, but two extant marine creatures are named after FZ: one is a regular fish, the other a jellyfish.

Another Michael Jackson soundboard with some brilliant lines. via

Would anyone like to guess what exactly is going on in this picture? via

Humpback Angler
Creature Feature. Lots of pictures of strange sea creatures.

Yuk!. A restaurant in Ukraine has unveiled what could be the unhealthiest snack in the world - chocolate-covered pork fat. via

Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys. Strange. via

Sweary Geezer MAX!. Brilliant soundboard. via

The Stupid Store: Mr. T In Your Pocket. via

Turd bird
Turd Birds.

Guess the Beer Label.

Hubble Wallpaper. via

An area the size of Wales. via

Giant Baby
Brazillian woman gives birth to 16.7 pound baby. via

FREE one-year magazine subscriptions: computers, business and engineering trade publications. They are all trade magazines so one or two may interest you. via

Photo's of the Hotel de Glace in Quebec. A.K.A The Ice Hotel. via

The Good Wife's Guide. Better not show this to Mrs ILuvNUFC. via

Bitten Nails
My Nail Biting Message Board!.

A Song For Baldy Women. Flash goodness. via - The Singing Dictionary. Definition: This site features parodies of popular songs using karaoke-style backing music with vocals provided by audio pronunciation samples from online dictionaries. via

Gonzo Stunt Game. Perfect for a friday at work. via

That's all folks. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you again soon.

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